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SiteUrl.Org - "site url library" and other products only provide search and link service, any attribute does not change the original works. For the sites provide search and link service link to the work itself, the original obligee work for tort liability; The website for users to search and link provided technical help and the form of review, not the work itself whether tort substantive examination.

SiteUrl.Org that display of online service of information or data content, accuracy, integrity, validity, reliability, operability or availability does not bear any responsibility. All other uses the site and any accident caused by negligence, contracts, destruction, libel, copyright or other intellectual property infringement and the losses caused by, The website is not responsible for, nor assume any legal liability. In web applications, the user comments only on behalf of the views of the author, has nothing to do with the site position. Membership site between the sites in the acquaintance, communication occurs or may occur any psychological, physiological damage and economic losses, the SiteUrl.Org do not bear any responsibility.

Any organizations and individuals such as the discovery of the site to search or link to the content of the rights of others, please notify us immediately, we will be the first time to change or delete.

The main site in any way on the sites or direct, indirect use the website data, restriction as the voluntary acceptance of the website statement. Not involved in the statement of the problem according to relevant laws and regulations of the state, when this statement with the country laws and regulations conflict, with the national laws and regulations shall prevail.

SiteUrl.Org is a website that global users can share the sites freely, site classification up to thousands of, is the collection of the most world class website catalog complete website.





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