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This latest report: Mystifly website is the Brussels tourist agency. Its mission is to bolster and spread the image of the Brussels-Capital Region. wishes to put Brussels on the local and international map as the capital of 500 million Europeans, the "world city" where 180 different nationalities mingle, making Brussels a cosmopolitan place with permanent links to the rest of the world.

The agency is organized around five themes, each with its own specific mission:

Culture & City Life
To promote and celebrate the cultural riches and heritage of the region, and the Brussels way of life. To show off Brussels's many identities and reach out to potential visitors through their affinities. To bring together and consolidate the range of guided tours to suit different interests. And, lastly, to facilitate filming in the city.

Convention & Association
To develop the range of choices and opportunities in Brussels for conferences, trade shows, meetings and events. And furthermore to support the professionals and bring together the stakeholders fro m the Brussels "meetings industry" as well as international associations in order to develop a strong, coherent offering.
Sales & Marketing
To build and disseminate an attractive image of Brussels and develop a unique experience for visitors, fro m advertising abroad to welcoming them to Brussels.
To organize and sponsor big events and festive, cultural and sporting occasions that make Brussels an attractive city for both visitors and its inhabitants.
Operations & Finance:
To promote the cultural offerings of Brussels through an online ticket service open to all (Box Office and Arsène 50). To build on the image of Brussels's high-quality cuisine and welcoming nature by taking advantage of the Tram Experience and the BIP building as a place for meetings.
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Welcome you to visit our website! is the Brussels tourist agency. Its mission is to bolster and spread the image of the Brussels-Capital Region.

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