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In a surprisingly large part, our reality consists of calculable problems. Should I buy or rent? What's my ideal calorie intake? Can I afford to take this loan? How many lemonades do I need to sell in order to break even? Often times we don't solve these problems, because we lack knowledge, skills, time or willingness to calculate. And then we make bad, uninformed decisions.

Omni Calculator is here to change all that - we are working on a technology that will turn every* calculation-based problem trivial to solve for anyone.


Omni Calculator exists to help you make better, informed decisions. We’re doing it by providing the numbers you need to avoid guessing in the dark.

A world driven by rational decisions would be a better place. Rational, smart, informed, less stupid - pick your favorite, it’s up to you. A world where we don’t waste resources as much, believe BS a bit less and act based on facts rather than emotions.

That’s the world we want to live in. Removing barriers that prevent us fro m making more informed decisions is a step in that direction. These barriers are common. We don’t know the formula, we don’t have the time, or we’re too lazy. These are all convenient excuses, and it’s our job to crush them. We’ll make getting fro m “I have no idea how many” to “I need 42 of those” easy, fast and accessible.


Calculators! We’ll let your grandma know how much knitting wool she needs for that Christmas sweater 30 seconds after the problem popped into her mind. We’re called Omni Calculator for a single reason - eventually, we’ll solve all (within reason) small math problems that people deal with every day.


As a deliberately bootstrapping startup, we’re a small, but tightly-knit team set to realize our vision. We’re building Omni both to make your lives better and to make something we’re proud of.

We’re determined to build a team of people who share our passion and want to work on something worth spending their time on.

Calculators? Really?

When people hear that “our startup does calculators,” their reaction is mixed at best. **y startups should work on machine learning, augmented reality, self-driving or flying cars. Omni, on the other hand, is in the business of helping people.

What we tell skeptics is "take a look at our growth chart." It shows the number of people we help each month. Every single one of them is living proof that what we do matters. We always go the extra mile to help you solve problems that, while tiny, are shared by millions of people across the globe. Whether it's maths, finance, or health, our silly calculator widgets simplify the decision process to answer any question that troubles you.

We don't invent problems - we solve them.

This is the moment when our skeptics get excited. Still, we know we’ve barely scratched the surface. There are a thousand times more people to help, and we can get even better at doing it.

Far too often, we perceive the world through the lens of our emotions, feelings, and intuition. We ignore the way it can be measured, converted to numbers and - ultimately - understood. Omni’s here to math it up!

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Omni Calculator:In a surprisingly large part, our reality consists of calculable problems. Should I buy or rent? What's my ideal calorie intake? Can I afford to take this loan?

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