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Shanglu website

Shanglu, by definition, business directory. Is the B2B e-Commerce's early days, first using Web2.0 technology to build large enterprise online directory.
What can we see? Search top reference, not commercial enterprise has ranked among the first recorded included, references of the time factor is also ranked one of the.
But this does not mean we are most concerned about the issue, I wonder whether truly effective assistance to enterprises is of concern to many friends.
In addition to enterprises included, shangbao also provides enterprise site analysis and diagnosis capabilities, this feature is for the special user, believed to be an effective means of helping enterprises to promote, believe that more companies will benefit from this feature in the future.
Shanglu is an open business yellow pages. Currently, it has formed a certain scale of free editing stuff. Editing reviewers of his Office, and did so much for us, and to offer them the highest respect!
In addition, shanglu seems to occupy a lot of China first, but the one and true is not the same, a good concept can be translated into actual production capacity is to be time, technology is difficult to change the market, but the limit is to subvert the market.

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1 floor Shanglu website [*.*.*.*] published in 2013/05/23/ 11:02:00
Welcome you to visit our website!
Shanglu website:Shanglu, by definition, business directory. Is the early stage of B2B e-commerce development, Web2.0 technologies to build the first domestic enterprise online directory.

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