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Novice village games network

A village game, and on-line network on March 15, 2010, operating on October 1, 2010. On-line quickly after the developing market, within a year because of ongoing efforts by the founding team and almost all game manufacturers to establish relations of cooperation, and supported by many exhibition invitation, many of the industry's top event, such as a fair, chinajoy.

Second, finally, Guilin novice network technology company limited was established in the village in 2012, the village game company mainly operating network.

Third, we firmly believe that online gaming novice who know! In the online gaming world, and novice village is always the beginning of the story, is a player with the game "first love". New village media reports as a game, adhering to the "new village" meaning effort to build new to games outside the games village. New village, the guidelines will be based on mutual benefit and win-win to step up their cooperation in order to achieve a win-win situation.

Four, and currently main build to game question-and-answer, game reviews, game information Wikipedia for core of three large plate, on each paragraph game for professional **ual of interpretation, hope can established a players real needs of huge game database, we also will from game around departure, provides game information, game test timetable, game card,, game pictures, game video, game download, multifaceted more angle to reported game, publicity game.

Friday, we will be three segments centering around of establishing each game broadcast as a secondary "new villages", each game will be the mutual exchange of information on all aspects of the tie and the player, to promote harmony and progress of the game.

Six, we plan, we plan, we plan, we still have a lot of plans, but right now we can't do that, we go forward and we have a lot of passion, our young, our efforts, our hard work, we are still young, we grow!

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1 floor Novice village games network [*.*.*.*] published in 2013/05/23/ 11:31:00
Welcome you to visit our website!
Novice village games network:Novice village on-line gaming network on March 15, 2010, operating on October 1, 2010.

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