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History: the Shanghai Institute was in April 2000, approved by the Ministry of education, by the nearly 50-year history of running Shanghai, Shanghai metallurgy College of light industry College, Shanghai chemical industry College merged to form formed. In February 2006, the Shanghai Institute of spices Research Institute, Shanghai daily chemical into the school. Is the construction of a high-level, application-oriented, work-oriented, with distinctive multidisciplinary undergraduate colleges for College the goal of running. After 11 years of rapid development, strength greatly enhanced the Shanghai applied technology College, social reputation growing, has obtained a Bachelor's degree, master's degree, as well as the right to grant master of engineering qualifications, and with good results by the Ministry of education in undergraduate teaching level evaluation.

School is a six-time in Shanghai "civilized unit". School size: school currently has two campuses, covers a total area of more than 1700 acres, xuhui campus of Shanghai caohejing new Zhang Jianggao area Park, Fengxian campus is located in Fengxian Gulf. In August 2010, the school relocated to Fengxian campus. Schools schools-College management system, now has a Faculty of materials science and engineering, school of mechanical engineering, school of electrical and electronic engineering, Faculty of computer science and information engineering, city building and safety engineering, College of chemistry and environmental engineering, spice flavors and techniques with 19 secondary colleges such as College of Engineering (Department of).

Schools with full-time undergraduate education, active development of the technology, engineering graduate education and students ' education, higher vocational education in the appropriate, existing full-time students, more than 18,000 people, including undergraduates, 15,828, master 111 people. Disciplines: schools insist on taking the construction of disciplines as a leader, actively adapt to social and economic development needs, constructing discipline system, 44 existing undergraduate, covering engineering, science, humanities, law, economics, and tubes, 7 disciplines. Featuring application-oriented talents cultivation of ten subject group building is steady and healthy development, forming the "Shanghai, municipal, school" pattern of three-level key disciplines. School now has 5 Shanghai (Board) key disciplines; one University Engineering Center in Shanghai, the Shanghai special development of University high level 2, city-level experimental teaching demonstration Center 2; Professional one with State-level and city-level characteristics, national-level excellent courses, 1 municipal 10 excellent courses, undergraduate educational Highland 7 in Shanghai. In 2011, the school declared, "industrial discipline-building modern city planning" project regional colleges in Shanghai "Twelve-Five" connotation construction ("085" project) planned project funding.

In 2008, the school master's degree-granting units in 2010, the school obtained a master's degree in chemical engineering and technology degree graduate qualifications February 2011 school two discipline (chemical engineering, mechanical engineering and technology) master's degree-awarding authority. Talent: the school is committed to developing innovative and practical ability, international perspective of excellent engineers, forming a "relying on trade, services, culture front-line engineers of high-level technical talents" features. In recent years, the school actively implement the "foreign language ability, competency, comprehensive quality training of engineering practical ability and capacity" of four "four-year line" teaching reform, relying on College of engineering innovation, and actively explore and advance with the objective of cultivating excellent engineers training for a wide range of applied talents cultivation mode of innovation experimental zone, the quality of personnel training are generally recognized in the community. Year eight University graduates with an average 97.19%, higher than the Shanghai Municipal University average.

In 2011, the school elected to the Ministry of education "excellent engineer education program" pilot schools. Teacher: teaching and administrative staff in schools more than 1700 employees, full-time teachers of which 1055, double-engaged academician of 1, 100 professors, 327 associate professors, senior title teachers accounted for 42% of the total number of teachers, teachers who have a master's degree of 80% per cent of the total number of teachers, teachers with experience in engineering practice about 40%.

School teachers are more abundant, Faculty structure, has established a high level of teaching and research team, has a number of excellent subject leaders and teachers. Science: adherence to the scientific research on application-oriented, technology-oriented, actively promoting technology transfer and research cooperation. 2011 research funding for 130 million Yuan, of which: key technology innovation fund of national natural science foundation of Shanghai accounted for more than 30%, annual research funding an average growth rate of 41%. Last five years, winning the provincial more than more than more than 100 research projects, including 54 national natural science Fund projects, national social science Fund item 3, national planning project of educational sciences 1, 6 provincial awards. 2011 National Natural Science Foundation projects 20. School cooperative at "services in Yangtze River Delta, middle and small cities in East China, to serve the SME initiative", providing technical services for enterprises and technological transformation.

In recent years, added over more than 150 projects in cooperation with enterprises, school service social capabilities improve year by year. External communication: the school's extensive foreign cooperation and exchanges, has with the United States, and Canada, and Australia, and New Zealand, and Germany and the United Kingdom and other countries and Hong Kong and Macao regions more than more than 20 universities were established partnerships of academic exchanges and personnel training, launched a double degree education, graduate education, student exchange, teacher exchange and other cooperative projects. In 2007, student enrollment eligibility to schools.

There are students and 37. School address: 100th Ocean Springs Road, Fengxian district, Shanghai, China zip code: 201,418Please attention siteurl: the excellent global sites

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History: the Shanghai Institute was in April 2000, approved by the Ministry of education, by the nearly 50-year history of running Shanghai, Shanghai metallurgy College of light industry College, Shanghai chemical industry College merged to form formed. In February 2006, the Shanghai Institute of spices Research Inst..

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