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BabaBian was founded in 2005, dedicated to one of China's best web photo album. Divided into shop picture space and personal album two sub-stations. Is the best in the field of Chinese personal photo albums, imitating the famous Flickr. Difference is that Flickr support free links, BabaBian become free users outside the chain function has been canceled.

BabaBian shop picture space, is BabaBian changed shops category a has launched a Web site outside the chain of high speed stability characteristics of accounts, businesses use supplied to the online shop.

BabaBian change what services are provided?

Photos: monthly 50M free space, retain original; management photos: photo organization and management tools for easy sharing photos: several personalized templates to choose fro m, a variety of photo identification that can be posted on the blog, cool enough!

Support for external links: supports multiple formats, multiple options, individual domain name: your own unique photo album Web site; mobile: mobile upload, browse, comment, cool hentai!

BabaBian what can you do?

Personal photo albums: an invitation to family and friends, forms its own small circle, see your photos, talk about your topic created online film festival: classification and organization and present your work, with the exchange of experience with other photographers, sharing experiences; open picture blog: photos, tell your story.

BabaBian could not do?

BabaBian is not a forum, don't expect your photos is sought after by many but BabaBian is indeed a community, at your circle of friends will make you more welcome.

BabaBian is not a texture, you upload a picture is expected to be original works, r-rated picture here is not popular. Contact us customer service support Amy Email:support[aa] QQ:615174700 MSN:support[aa] working hours: day 8:30~17:30 market cooperation and advertising contact: Alex Email:LLAU[aa] QQ:9239426 MSN:lcgqd[aa]

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1 floor BabaBian [*.*.*.*] published in 2014/09/20/ 10:03:00
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BabaBian:Baba was founded in 2005, dedicated to one of China's best web photo album. Divided into shop picture space and personal album two sub-stations.

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