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Beijing Fangyuan Notary Office, formerly known as "Beijing notary office", founded in 1950, was set up in Beijing's first and largest national certification bodies of the judiciary, with the international civil community and Hong Kong, the notarial profession has a wide range of contacts in various areas of finance, real estate and overseas intermediary with numerous business partners, enjoy widespread prestige inside and outside the industry.
Beijing RADIUS notary is located in Beijing city towards outside Street auspicious in No. 206,, has first-class of Office environment and modern of office facilities, high quality of professionals team, existing staff more than 130 more people, which practice industry notary Member more than 40 over people, notary secondary business personnel 44 people, notary Member accounted for whole Beijing notary Member total of one-fifth, which 90% was legal undergraduate above qualifications, made legal master above degree of has 14 people. Beijing Fangyuan Notary Office for citizens, legal persons and other social organizations in the areas of international and domestic economic and civil offers a number of excellent and efficient civil legal services. As a matter of foreign-related notary in Beijing's largest contractors, issued by the Beijing Municipal Notary Office notarized sent to more than 150 countries and regions in the world.
In order to meet the increasing inheritance, wills, principal, Division of notarized documents on civil registration needs, Beijing Fangyuan notary offices have again opened up consultation, notary office notarized documents on Internet and telephone card reservation service. Under the new circumstances of the Socialist market economy, Beijing Fangyuan notary offices continuously open up new service areas, creating multiple "host for the first time", such as hosted the country's first BOT bid listed on the notary, first in Beijing, the first joint-stock company establishment, first open Fund, the General Assembly, Beijing's first online preservation of notarial evidence; handling civil matters to a number of significant social impact, such as the "Shenzhou v" 1-6 spacecraft powered by preservation of notarial, Olympic stadium design competition site supervision and legalization, notarization of CCTV prime-time advertising bids; notarization of joint-stock system reform of Huaxia Bank, the Beijing municipal construction project planning, design changes, publicity of evidence preservation of notarial notary matters, enforcement of debts project, have made important contributions to Beijing's economic development.
Hosted by the us, "Qian village department store to enforce civil" was published in 1999, the court case on the issue of the Bulletin of the Supreme People's Court, become a famous case of civil enforcement.

Built more than 50 years, the Beijing notary public at home and abroad, won the trust of a wide range of social RADIUS, granted by the Justice Department "civilized notary" title, capital spiritual civilization construction Commission was awarded "civilized industry activities in pilot sites in the capital." Telephone: 85,197,666 address: 5th water well Hutong, Dongcheng District, Beijing East, Beijing INN building 1, three-fifths (southwest corner of East second ring road Chaoyang District, overpass) time: Monday to Saturday, 13:30-16:30 morning 9:00-11:30 afternoon sessions (except official holidays)Global Websites:

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1 floor Beijing Fangyuan Notary Office [*.*.*.*] published in 2013/05/23/ 08:29:00
Welcome you to visit our website!
Beijing Fangyuan Notary Office, formerly known as Beijing notary office, founded in 1950, was set up in Beijing's first and largest national certification bodies of the judiciary, with the international civil community and Hong Kong, the notarial profession has a wide range of contacts in various areas of finance, ..

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