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Clothing man | China fashion people online media in China as the forefront China's biggest industry media, most modern information professionals, the youngest media cluster, clothing man | China fashion people online media in China is a high-buck developments, bringing together Chinese fashion elite, to the era, to the Chinese fashion industry, practicing "industry source" commitments. Innovative format, foster brand, heritage "brought together the whole world connections, disseminate industry information, promoting trade exchange, driving the industry, creating a new article" function, mission and dream.
Welcome to clothing man | China fashion people online media in China, grow with the Chinese garment industry …… more about people of Chinese clothing ……. Site interpretation of Chinese clothing NET belongs to Chinese apparel professionals ' portal, official website of the Federation of Chinese clothing. Website domain names for China people's initials ZGFZR, plain and simple. China clothing people website, as China most with influence, industry first network media, content cover industry all area, and clothing news, and clothing design, and clothing brand, and clothing mix, and clothing wholesale, and clothing talent,, opened interview, and workplace, and clothing people, and clothing information library, and clothing Bookstore, number 10 a content channel, while opened blog, and social network, and Forum, free exchange space, for China clothing enterprise and clothing practitioners provides has a show talent, and full Exchange, and equal competition, and   Apparel online interactive platform that creates opportunity. Company's fashion media brands including Chinese clothing NET, the people magazine of Chinese clothing, Chinese clothing business directory. We will be integrating traditional print and new media of the Internet service to the entire garment industry. Rapid dissemination of information, research and technology, we will share information, industry information, and many other new communication, interactive platform for business cooperation.
For many years, we help tens of millions of garments, and at the same time we are actively building the clothing people to network their homes, mission and organization's call to require us to continue to strengthen themselves, require us to continue to our China fashion people, at the same time, us parties and organizations on our request, efforts to make China apparel network job.   Philosophy 1, knowledge economy, human quality determines a person's future, lifelong learning has become the basic needs of every interested person.   
2, hungry for knowledge, but due to the lack of timely access to education information, many people lost their opportunity to learn advanced.   3, integrated media resource, give full play to advantages in dissemination of information on the Internet, you can make the clothing people given the opportunity to learn more.   
Therefore, Chinese clothing site decided to use the Internet as a link, combined with the traditional media, creating cross-media industry information platform, help each costume-loving, attention to the clothing of people who achieve their dreams.
4, brings together the industry, on the five lakes friends, spreading news to promote exchanges in the industry, promote the development of industries, creating a new article. Contains thought China clothing people website of content standard 1, and most timely of industry information 2, and most effective of learning method 3, and most rich of knowledge resources 4, and most authority of analysis Guide 5, and most full of industry opportunities 6, and most harmony of Exchange platform website structure China clothing people network to "constantly innovation, and service" for purposes, established has information, and opportunities, and brand, and enterprise, and products, and information, and talent, seven a professional database
; For the apparel business and apparel professionals provide a full range of online communication, knowledge-sharing, network marketing, online advertising, e-commerce, recruitment, corporate Internet solutions such as Internet; adopts the international advanced management model to our apparel business and apparel workers with distinct Internet image, its fast, healthy and sustainable!

Site thrust thrust China apparel network-----create excellent costume people to network their homes, services in China's clothing industry, serve the practitioners of Chinese clothing, for the development of garment industry to provide source of power! The customer service platform: service.zgfzr.CN email: operational communications centre email: Editor@zgfzr.CN advertising department email: tysales@zgfzr.CN Department of strategic cooperation-mail: bdty@zgfzr.CN marketing department email: market@zgfzr.CNGlobal Websites:

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Chinese clothing practitioners Portal:Clothing man | China fashion people online media in China as the forefront China's biggest industry media, most modern information professionals, the youngest media cluster, clothing man | China fashion people online media in China is a high-buck developments, bringing together Chinese fashion elite, to the era, to t..

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