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Huaqiao University, famous overseas Chinese institutions of higher learning in China, was founded in 1960, the campuses are located in the famous hometown of overseas Chinese of Fujian province, Quanzhou and Xiamen.

School directly subordinate to the head of the overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council. Huaqiao University is a national key University. In 1983, the Act file of the CPC Central Committee on further provide good views in Jinan University and overseas Chinese University, Huaqiao University, "as the country focused on fostering University".

**, Jia Qinglin, XI Jinping, Li Changchun and other Central and provincial leaders several times to overseas universities make an important instructions. Huaqiao University "and facing the Hong Kong, Macao and overseas-oriented" as the guiding principle for running a school, the implementation of responsibility system.

National leader, Liao Chengzhi, ye Fei, himself served as the first, former principal, Deputy Minister of education, well-known Philology Vyse Avenue has served as Executive Vice President of overseas Chinese University, the incumbent President for Chinese education expert, Professor and doctoral tutor Jia Yimin. Huaqiao University Board system introduced is the new China's first University.

School Board by overseas Chinese and compatriots from Hong Kong and overseas, returned overseas Chinese and other celebrities, experts, leaders from all sectors, wishes to spring, Hu, Jia, Chen Mingyi, song defu, Chairman of the Board, she served as the overseas Chinese University. School has 26 a College, 81 a Institute, and by, and Center; 3 a level discipline Dr degree authorized points, 18 a II level discipline Dr degree authorized points; has neo, and workers learn, and economics, and management, and law, and literature, and philosophy, and history learn, and Agronomy, and pedagogy, and art learn 11 a discipline categories, formed Polytechnic combined, and arts and science penetration, and workers tube phase Chai, and coordination development of discipline system. Existing 21 a level discipline master degree authorized points, 103 a II level discipline master degree authorized points, 70 a undergraduate professional; has business management master (MBA), and legal master (JM), and public management master (MPA), and financial master (MF), and tourism management master (MTA), and architecture master (M.Arch), and engineering management master (MEM), and engineering master (ME), 8 species master professional degree authorized points. Schools have 3 post-doctoral mobile stations (mechanical engineering, civil engineering, applied economics), 1 national key disciplines (Econometrics), 11 provincial or ministerial key disciplines.

Engineering Center for a 3, 3 key laboratories in universities, provincial lab demonstration Center 9. School teachers is strong, full-time teachers in 1246, in which senior title of 528 people, 42% of total full-time teachers; PhD teachers there were 501 people, 40.21% of total full-time teachers.

Existing double-engaged academician 1, "National Science Fund for distinguished young scholars" winners 1, State "baiqianwan talent project" candidate 2, Ministry of education, "Changjiang scholars and innovative research team program" innovation team 1, Ministry of education, "new century talent support programme" the 11 new recruits. Overseas Chinese University was national college students ' cultural quality education base. School is dominated by the excellent traditional Chinese culture, promoting quality education, forming a "distinct from both inside and outside, and in accordance with their aptitude" characteristics of teaching, "a dollar-led blend, diverse" campus culture, with "focus Foundation, broadening specialty, increased capacity, better quality" for the talent training goal, strive to create professional basic theories of a solid, innovative spirit and practical ability, Meet the need of economic and social development inside and outside advanced specialists. In recent years, the Chinese College students ' success in the domestic competitions, student men's basketball team in the Chinese University Basketball Association (CUBA) won seven times in 13 races a champion.

China undergraduate mathematical contest in modeling, structural design contest for students throughout the country, the national industrial design contest for students, national undergraduate electronic design contest and other contests, China Team has won awards. Huaqiao University is an important country for overseas Chinese education bases. Schools from 35 countries and regions, Hong Kong, Macao and other overseas Chinese to foreign students, more than 4,000 employees, is one of the largest number of foreign students of the National University.

Since the school training various talents from home and abroad a total of nearly 150,000 people, they lived has become a backbone of the economic construction and social development. Schools actively carry out the full range of Chinese language education, in the United States, and Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines and other countries, Hong Kong and Macau S.A.R. offices, advantages in overseas Chinese education in building brands, has made a profound impact. Thailand Princess Sirindhorn, speaker of the House of representatives many times inspection of overseas Chinese University.

Schools active in the academic and educational exchanges and cooperation, has cooperated with more than 80 overseas universities and educational institutions have signed bilateral agreements or established academic exchange and cooperation relations.

In future, the Chinese University will unswervingly take the road of intensive development, prosperity from characteristics, consolidation of the road, the road of strengthening schools with talents, improving the quality of talents and the overall level of running, is committed to building a strong foundation, distinctive, famous high-level universities at home and abroad. Quanzhou campus, contact address: No. 269 North Road, Quanzhou city, Fujian province zip: 362,021 Tel: 0595-22691947 Xiamen campus address: Jimei No. 668, Jimei district, Xiamen, Fujian, China 361,021 Tel: 0592-6160000Please attention siteurl: the excellent global sites

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Huaqiao University, famous overseas Chinese institutions of higher learning in China, was founded in 1960, the campuses are located in the famous hometown of overseas Chinese of Fujian province, Quanzhou and Xiamen. School directly subordinate to the head of the overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council...

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