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"Qianchengwuyou" (Nasdaq:JOBS) is the country's first set of multi-media resources of professional human resources services. Its collection of traditional media and Internet media and advanced information technology, coupled with an experienced team of professional consultants, including recruitment, executive search, training, evaluation and personnel outsourcing, considerate and professional human resources services, now including Hong Kong and 27 cities across the country with service agencies, and establish cooperation relations with headhunting stage headhunters in Shandong province.

In September 2004, qianchengwuyou became the first in the United States NASDAQ-listed Chinese enterprises human resources service, raising more than 80 million dollars marks a new milestone in the development of the qianchengwuyou. Qianchengwuyou (51job) was established in 1998, site goal has two parts: is committed to providing proactive are white-collar workers and professionals to provide better opportunities for career development. At the same time, Web site dedicated to enterprise search, recruiting the best people.

At present, qianchengwuyou has become China's leadership position in professional recruitment Web site. 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Changsha 51 Avenue Asia times, 15/f, room, Room 1505, 15/F, Cyber Times, No.456 Wu Yi Road,Changsha ZIP Code/Postal Code:410011 phone/Phone:+86-731-8458 7308,+86-731-8458 fax/Fax:+86-731-8458 7,318 recruitment services/ Recruiting personnel outsourcing/Hr training/ address Chengdu Chengdu/Address Chengdu martyrs ' Shrine West 91st street, room 21, Oasis Hotel Room 2107, 21/F, Green Land Hotel, No.91 Zhonglieci West Street, Chengdu postal code/Postal Code:610016 Tel/Phone:+86-28-8661 fax/Fax:+86-28-8662 6,978 service/Recruiting HR outsourcing/Hr training/Address/ Chongqing Chongqing address: Zhongshan 131th road, yuzhong district, Chongqing Chongqing Hilton Business Center, room 1701, Kheng LEONG, Room 1701, Hilton Chongqing, No.131 Zhong Shan San Road,Yu Zhong District, Chongqing postal code/Postal Code:400015 Tel/Phone:+86-23-8903 fax/Fax:+86-23-8903 9,469/Recruiting HR outsourcing/Hr Outsourcing recruitment service: training/ Dalian Dalian address: Wuyi road, Dalian software Park, No. 267, 17th, building 202, room d Room 202D, Building 17, Software Park, NO.267 Wuyi Road,Dalian ZIP Code/Postal Code:116023 Tel/Phone:+86-411-8378 fax/Fax:+86-411-8378 7,977/Recruiting personnel recruitment services outsourcing/Hr training/Training:training.beijing@ Dongguan in Dongguan address: Dongguan city road in 2nd Room Room Hongxi B305, B305, HongXi Center, No.2 Tiyu Road, Dongguan postal code/Postal Code:523000 Tel/Phone:+86-769-2281 fax/Fax:+86-769-2281 2,360 recruitment services/ Recruiting personnel outsourcing/Hr training/ Fuzhou Fuzhou address: 71st 32, guomao Plaza, Wusi Road, Fuzhou, 32/F, International Trade Plaza, No.71 Wusi Road, Fuzhou postal code/Postal Code:350001/Recruiting Tel/Phone:+86-0591-8330 fax/Fax:+86-0591-8330 8,099 recruitment services HR outsourcing/Hr training/Address/ Guangzhou Guangzhou address: 140-148 tiyu Dong Road Guangzhou Nanfang securities building, room 1401, Room1401, Nanfang Securities Building, No.140-148 Tiyu East Road, Guangzhou 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/Address Tianjin Tianjin address: South Road, Heping District, Tianjin 11, Michael purchased international building, 11th 01-03,11F,Maigo International Building, No 11, Southern Road, Heping District, Tianjin, China ZIP/Postal Code:300021 Tel/Phone:+86-22-5866 fax/Fax:+86-22-5866 1818 1996/Hr training/Training/Recruiting personnel recruitment services outsourcing: Wuhan Wuhan address: No. 686 Jiefang road, Hankou, Wuhan World Trade Tower, room 4201-4204, Room 4201-4204, The World Trade Plaza, No.686 Jie Fang Road, Wuhan postal code/Postal Code:430022 Email: phone/Phone:+86-27-8551 fax/Fax:+86-27-8544 0128/Recruiting personnel recruitment services outsourcing/Hr training/Training:training.wuhan@ Xian Xian address: City West huancheng South Road, Room 402-403 mansion, 140th, Han Guang Plaza, No.140 Huan Cheng South Road, Xian ZIP/Postal Code:710068 phone/Phone:+86-29-8841 6,622 fax/Fax:+ 86-29-8842 7,260 recruitment services outsourcing/Hr training/ personnel/Address Zhengzhou Zhengzhou address: Bauhinia in Zhengzhou international trade building, room 1612-1613, Room of Gold Hill Road 60th 1612-1613, 16/F, Jinchengguomao Plaza, No.60 Zijingshan Road, Zhengzhou post code/Postal Code:450000 Tel/Phone:+86-371-6661 fax/Fax:+86-371-6661 9,797 recruitment services /Recruiting HR outsourcing/Hr Hongkong/ Hong Kong Office training/Phone:+852-2907 7,878 fax/Fax:+852-2907 7883 Email: hongkong@51job.comYou care: w w w. siteurl. o r g

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Qianchengwuyou (Nasdaq:JOBS) is the country's first set of multi-media resources of professional human resources services. Its collection of traditional media and Internet media and advanced information technology, coupled with an experienced team of professional consultants, including recruitment, executive search..

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