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JD Online Shopping Mall, Inc. is the largest online direct sales company in China in terms of transaction volume in 2013, with a market share in China of 46.5%, according to iResearch, a third-party market research firm.

Discover over 300,000 products and find the latest promotional offers! FREE SHIPPING across a range of products - High quality, low prices everyday!

We provide consumers an enjoyable online retail experience. Through our content-rich and user-friendly website And mobile applications, we offer a wide sel ection of authentic products at competitive prices which are delivered in a speedy and reliable manner. We also provide an online marketplace platform for third-party sellers as well as a suite of value-added fulfillment and other services.

We offer approximately 31.3 million SKUs across 13 categories of products as of February 28,2014, including computers; mobile handsets and other digital products, home appliances; automobile accessories; clothing and shoes; luxury goods including handbags, watches and jewelry, furniture and household products; cosmetics and other personal care items; food and nutritional supplements; books, e-books, music, movies and other media products; mother and childcare products; toys, sports and fitness equipment; and virtual goods.

As of February 28, 2014, we had 7 fulfillment centers, and a total of 82 warehouses in 34 cities in China. We also operated 1,485 delivery stations and 212 pickup stations in 476 cities across China as of the same date. With over 20,000 professional delivery personnel, we offer customers a series of professional service options such as its 211 Program, Next-Day Delivery, Night Delivery and Three-Hour Delivery, GIS Real-time Tracking, After-sales 100 Minutes, pick up of returned goods with immediate refunds and home appliance installation as part of the company’s commitment to providing outstanding and comprehensive delivery services and an overall end-to-end shopping experience.

We are a technology-driven company and have invested heavily since inception in developing our own robust, scalable and service-oriented technology platform. We will continue to strengthen our technology platform both to enhance internal operational excellence and to support the external services we offer to our suppliers and third-party sellers.


211 Program: For goods that we have in stock at the corresponding fulfillment center or front distribution center, any orders received by the morning deadline (11:00 a.m. in most of the cities) will be delivered on the same day, and any orders received by the evening deadline (11:00 p.m.) will be delivered by 3:00 p.m. on the following day. Our 211 program covered 40 cities across China as of February 28, 2014.

Next-Day Delivery: For goods that we have in stock, orders place before a specified time can be delivered in the next day. We provide next-day delivery to addresses in another 248 cities in addition to the 40 cities covered by 211 program across China as of February 28, 2014.

Three-Hour Delivery: Customers can choose to place orders between 8AM and 8PM and have them delivered within three hours, or to place orders after 8PM and have them delivered before 11AM the next day. This service is currently available in six major cities: Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Wuhan and Shenyang.

Night Delivery: Customers can choose to place orders before 3PM and have them delivered the same day between 7PM and 10PM. This service is currently available in six major cities: Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Wuhan and Shenyang.

As China’s largest online direct sales company, offers a seamless online shopping experience for customers around the globe. This means providing authentic products fro m trusted manufacturers and designers in a timely and reliable fashion.

Mission & Value

Ø Mission: To make life carefree and joyful.

Ø Vision: To become the most trustworthy company in the world.

Ø JD’s core value:

Customer first, Integrity, Teamwork, Passion, Innovation

l Customer first:

n Consumers, Suppliers, Seller Customers

n Achievement, Gratitude, Service

l Integrity: Honesty, Accountability, Commitment

l Teamwork: People Oriented, Cooperation Oriented, Big picture Oriented

l Passion: Be No.1, Enjoy Work, Never Give Up

l Innovation: Be Better, Keep Learning, Accept Setbacks

In May of 2014 listed on the Nasdaq stock exchange, which marked the largest listing of the year on that exchange. In 2014 recorded GMV of $41.9 billion (RMB 260.2 billion) and net revenue of $18.5 billion (RMB 115 billion).

As a technology-driven company, has focused on investing in developing a reliable and scalable platform, which can support the company’s rapid growth and enable it to provide value-added technology services to its partners and customers. excels in a variety of different areas, including e-commerce, logistics, Internet finance, cloud computing and smart technology.

Building on the same foundation of authenticity, reliability and an enjoyable online shopping experience available on, aims to provide consumers outside of China and around the globe a quality e-commerce platform, while working closely with suppliers domestically in China.

Operated by, offers a wide sel ection of authentic, quality Chinese products at competitive price delivered to customers’ doors in a speedy and reliable manner.

Founder’s Profile

Richard Liu is the founder of (NASDAQ:JD), China’s largest online direct sales company, and has been its chairman and CEO since the company’s inception. Mr. Liu has over 15 years of experience in the retail and e-commerce industries.

In June 1998, Mr. Liu started a business in Beijing, primarily engaged in the distribution of magneto-optical products. In January 2004, Mr. Liu launched his first online retail website. He founded the company that eventually became later that year and has guided the company’s development and growth since.

Mr. Liu earned his bachelor's degree insociology fro m Renmin University of China in Beijing and an EMBA degree fro m the China Europe International Business School.

contact us

Business Development Contact


Media Contact

Phone: +86-10-8911-6155

Customer Service

We look forward to assisting you with any of your shopping concerns. If the answer to your question is not in our Help Center, our Customer Service Team is here to help. We will respond to your email within 24 hours.

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