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Shenzhen consumption online (Web site: http://www.szxf.NET network real name: Shenzhen consumption, and Shenzhen consumption network), is Shenzhen longitudinal Peng computer software technology limited subordinates of Shenzhen consumption industry portal website, was founded Yu 2004, currently main column including: consumption, and activist, and gourmet, and play, and shopping, and discount, and real estate, and car, and digital, and appliances, and fashion, and emotional, and education, and convenience, and community, and yellow pages, and magazine, and map, and blog, and album, and podcast, and circle,, information rich practical And Shenzhen public awareness of consumer information, Shenzhen enterprises to promote products and services, delivery of choice for online advertising portal. Shenzhen online consumer information guide the consumption trend and dissemination of Shenzhen Shenzhen as its mission, aims to provide our consumer and Enterprise businesses with an integrated platform of Exchange and interaction, is mounted in a restaurant, hotel, leisure, entertainment, shopping, health, education, electronics, digital, communication, electronics, automotive, real estate and other industries a bridge between businesses and consumers. Consumer online based in Shenzhen Special economic zone of Shenzhen, radiation throughout the actual land, the site covers all aspects of consumer information and business services. Spend online is the opening of the restaurant, hotel, leisure, entertainment, shopping, health, education, home appliances, digital, communication, electronics, automobiles, real estate services, such as a perfect complement.

Enterprise by Shenzhen businesses online can showcase their own features and brand, published commercial information, more extensive and effective to have their products and services with cheap or even free of charge targeted publishing; and consumers can easily and quickly find the goods and services they need. Shenzhen line since its 2004 opening, after three years of development, has become the local Shenzhen's largest industrial consumer portal.

Current world ranking up to 30,000 (still rising fast, in 2007 is expected to exceed 5,000), Google PR value of 5, the daily average PV (page views) of more than 250,000, is one of the Shenzhen ten most traffic website. Spend online the following eight advantages that make your heart: 1, unique geographical advantage as the forefront of China's reform and opening up, Shenzhen City, a prosperous economy, the fast development of the industry, every year a large number of migrant workers, entrepreneurs came here to study, work, entrepreneurship. Shenzhen also has rich tourism resources, each year attracts many domestic and foreign tourists to sightseeing.

Opening of this as an opportunity to spend online to serve the Shenzhen Tourism to promote Shenzhen cuisine, tourism, service industries such as hotels, shopping malls, so the majority of Shenzhen residents and tourists from home and abroad "tour in Shenzhen, restaurants, play in Shenzhen, bought in Shenzhen". 2, a comprehensive information service we have eight years of experience in Internet information services, information service is our greatest strength. Through continuous efforts, Shenzhen online database has included almost all consumer information industry in Shenzhen. Our service goal is to enable all consumers of information can be found on our website the consumer information they need and want a personal advisor to per user. Consumption online in order to really make the people in Shenzhen, in the latter half of 2005, "q on a" platform, designated to receive users all kinds of advice, the platform opens so far has received more than 8,000 letters and reply message, the main problem with "social security, household, health care, education, tourism," and other aspects, currently spend online "questions answered" Platform has become extremely high visibility of a brand column.

Such comprehensive information service will spend online to win a huge user base, and become the Foundation for healthy development and protection.

3, and website of authoritative advantage Shenzhen consumption online as Shenzhen local of consumption industry portal website, daily will received large of consumption complaints or activist information, to meet consumers needs, real do for consumers out, we specifically opened has consumption activist column, and reported material platform, community within also opened has complaints section, to collection consumers of information, netizens in here publishing has themselves of complaints activist information Hou, we will has professional lawyer for its obligations answers. 4, a powerful propaganda advantage spend online on the publicity and promotion and food across the country, tourism, hotel, shopping and other consumer industry cooperation and links to your Web site, and mass mailings, online advertising, resources, exchange of information and other forms of transfer of information to a large number of potential customers.

In real life with the press, radio, TV and other traditional media, consumer awareness-raising and promotion of enterprise businesses! 5, access to highly specific crowd advantage to visit the site of the vast majority of users are young people in Shenzhen and pursue the atmosphere of business travellers as well as tourists from home and abroad, mostly ages 20-50 years of age, an identity to national civil services, the IT industry, mostly businessmen, white-collar workers, with strong consumption capacity and better interpersonal communication capacity.

Savvy how can you miss the opportunities contained in? 6, consumer e-commerce advantages we offer our individual users with more convenience and save time and money, more fashionable consumption patterns. Through the efforts, consumers can enjoy ordering through our website, water reservation, booking, room booking, booking air tickets, car and other business services.

Spend online trying to get e-commerce into the millions, not only becomes your personal adviser, and you want to be a great help to your life. 7, and enterprise and Enterprise Zhijian of e-commerce we-oriented General catering, and hotel, and leisure, and entertainment, and shopping, and medical, and education, and appliances, and digital, and communications, and electronic, and car, and real estate, consumption industry enterprise, for its provides various of as information publishing, and page space, and database space, and Enterprise post office, and search engine, and website promotion, and information maintenance ……, service, while for the industry businesses Enterprise provides has free of online transactions platform, to b to b

As the main business mode of information service of enterprise supply and demand will become the industry's most advanced network platform. 8, successful Internet pioneer advantage we have eight years of experience in Web development and operations, Shenzhen, Shenzhen window of the first portal site is our typical success story. After eight years of development, the company has gathered a group of Shenzhen's most powerful network programmer, Web art, network administrator, master of the e-commerce, your organization will receive service of the highest quality on the Internet.

With strong technical force of construction and maintenance team, around the editing team in Shenzhen, and rich media experience, coupled with the extensive and consumer industries in Shenzhen's many partners, to consumer service industries of Shenzhen's development and prosperity played a good role in promoting.

Above eight-point advantage, we are going to a higher level of real-time online information and interactive services provided to development goals, we will be dedicated to dissemination of Shenzhen information, Shenzhen famous brand through the media to the world on the Internet! Shenzhen vertical longitudinal Technologies Ltd Shenzhen Peng Peng computer software computer software technology company is Shenzhen window of the partners for many years, assume the Shenzhen window of the maintenance work has been almost eight years, longitudinal Peng of Shenzhen window of the computer software technology through years of Shenzhen's maintenance work, has formed a complete and sound maintenance of management processes and systems. Shenzhen longitudinal Peng computer software technology limited employees has rich of maintenance work experience, I company has excellent edit maintenance personnel 20 name, one-second has in Shenzhen longitudinal Peng computer software technology limited three years above maintenance work experience, 70% employees has in Shenzhen longitudinal Peng computer software technology limited two years above maintenance work experience, has sensitive of news tactile, has unique of information organization capacity, has innovation of site, and topic planning capacity, Longitudinal Peng of Shenzhen software technologies Ltd have formed a professional management team.

Shenzhen longitudinal Peng computer software technology company maintenance personnel working in multi-year planning, maintenance, Windows of Shenzhen, has a striking, unique editing style of harmony, understanding and the working relationship. General Manager Chen Hailong, pen name of thin bamboo, columnist, thin bamboo Sina, Sohu, youth reference, Kady NET columnist, works as a media reprint, at the same time have a good cooperation relationship with many of the media, with many media practitioners have a good personal relationship. Since early 2005, editor of Glamour magazine, Glamour magazine in late 2005 has become a window of Shenzhen brand column, at the same time as lead authors of the Glamour magazine, Glamour Magazine contributing more than 30 scientific papers.

Also, to charming weekly column selection, classic English listening the song nearly 40, for Glamour magazine to improve originality and make a positive contribution. From 1998 to the end of 2000, during the Xin Ying source technology limited, as head of the Shenzhen window of the maintenance project, began to participate in the planning of Shenzhen window of the maintenance. From the 2000 longitudinal Peng computer since the company was founded in Shenzhen, has served as the company Chairman and General Manager to fully participate in the planning of Shenzhen's window of maintenance work. Including aspect ratio information, sports world, glamour, Glamour magazine, computer network in Shenzhen (digital) world, fashion, travel, flea markets, personal finance, city training, communities, chat rooms, digital photo albums, greeting cards, Bagua mountain, Guangdong Telecom chinavnet game channels, and so on.

To 2001 to date, Shenzhen, Shenzhen window of the Alexa ranking has always been maintained at a local big three forefront Web site. Contact vertical Eagle computer software technology limited advertising hotline: 0755-83046371 24-hour customer service: 0755-21266059 service email: (send an email please replace # with @) business QQ:75595757 297,759, recommend

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Spend online:Shenzhen consumption online (Web site: http://www.szxf.NET network real name: Shenzhen consumption, and Shenzhen consumption network), is Shenzhen longitudinal Peng computer software technology limited subordinates of Shenzhen consumption industry portal website, was founded Yu 2004, currently main column including: ..

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