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Welcome to VIP(, a website which expert in special offers.

VIPSHOP(,is wholly owned by Guangzhou VIPSHOP Information and Technology co,ltd., A website dedicated to special sale offers. The focus of VIPSHOP is genuine brands, while offering deep discounts and limited time based sales. VIPSHOP members have grown to over 28 million in just 4 years due to it's bright positionin of “web special sales mall”, moreover, it successfully listed on the New York Stock Exchange on March 23, 2012. VIPSHOP has been awarded the No.1 spot on DTT 2012 High Tech and High Increase list, and has been granted the honor to receive the top prize of “The best E-Commerce Company of 2012”.

VIP cooperates with the well known domestic and overseas brand agents and manufacturers, it offers low price, high quality and sought-after brand goods to mainland Chinese consumers. So far, there are over 5 thousand brands collaborate with VIPSHOP, and over 100 brands authorize VIPSHOP to run special sales on it's website. The sale goods include clothing, shoes, beauty goods, luggage, home textiles, leather product, accessories, perfume and so on.

VIP will make great efforts to become a global first-class e-commerce company. It will promote in the south China area to form and interact in developing framework of “thousand year urban business” and “Urban Business Website”, and make great efforts to help the south China area become the International E-commerce hub.

Our Customers:

By the end of 2012, VIP has owned over 28 million registered members. The members are mainly young people, white collar people and brand admirers. Moreover, VIPSHOP has generated specific marketing strategies according to different customer groups.

Brand Partners:

Since our inception in August 2008, we have attracted a broad and diverse group of brands enabling our website to become the online shopping destination of choice for urban, fashion-oriented and value conscious consumers.

Brand Promotion:

We increase brand awareness among existing and potential customers through various marketing and promotional activities such as sponsoring high profile events.

Business Statistics:

We optimize the brand composition and product mix of our daily sales based on our superior knowledge of a product's availability and the needs of our customers. For our brand partners, we plan to help them optimize their new product development, sales and marketing strategies, and inventory management. We intend to provide our brand partners with enhanced features and tools for making better use of customer behavior and transaction analysis and intelligence.

Website Design:

We provide customers with curated descriptions and proprietary photographs of each product shown fro m multiple angles. In addition, our website design offers many user-friendly features that enhance customer experience and convenience.

Contact Us

Guangzhou VIP Information Technology Co.,Ltd
Fax: +86-20-22330164 (Fax only)
Address: 20, Huahai Road, Liwan District, Guangzhou, China
Post Code: 510370

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1 floor VIPSHOP( [*.*.*.*] published in 2014/08/12/ 10:07:00
Welcome you to visit our website!
VIPSHOP(,is wholly owned by Guangzhou VIPSHOP Information and Technology co,ltd., A website dedicated to special sale offers.

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