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Zhongguancun No.1 Primary School, Haidian District, Beijing is located inZHONGGUANCUN Independent Innovation Hi-tech Zone in Beijing. Started in 1949,it keeps growing hand in hand with the new China. It has developed and becomefamous step by step with the effort of the whole teaching staff. In 1998, theBoarding Branch was set up, in 2003, Tianxiu Branch School was built, in 2004,the International Department was set up and in 2010 the Party School was takenover. Consequently, it has developed fro m one site to three sites with morethan one hundred classes, which can accommodate over 5,000 students and has ateaching staff of 300.

It is a beautiful, well facilitated campus, and more importantly, it has aprofessional teaching and administration staff. All these years, leading by theschool mission “make me the best”, inspired by the dream of “to have the bestschool where the teachers and students learn fro m each other and share thevision of Children’s Viewpoint, Capital Character, and InternationalPerspective”, directed by the philosophy of “independent development, activeadaptation and self-bettering”, it has taken a connotation and characteristicsroad.

In the long-term practice of running the school, the school administratorstake it as their most important task to build a satisfying school and struggleto provide high-quality education for the students. It keeps absorbing thelatest information of fundamental education, searching for a new orientation ofdevelopment. The school adjusted the organization structure and set up “A Committeeand Two Institutes", namely the Academic Committee, the Curriculum Instituteand the Teacher Training Institute, and established three centers, namely the CurriculumTeaching and Research Center, the Student-growth Service Center and the ResourceManagement Center.On the basis of long-term independent research onteaching, the school creatively put forward the "Three Changes”, namely teachingmaterials become learning materials, taught becomes communicate, and “catch theball” becomes service games. Practice "The Five-good actionadvocated", a good lesson is to allow students to move, to learn in and interestedin, a good teacher is a good course, a good head teacher is a good school, agood leader is a good team, a good cadre should bring out a good team.

Zhongguancun No.1 PrimarySchool advocates “The Best to AchieveEverybody”. We devote to practice the education idea that is to respect andachieve individual growth aspiration of each life. Everybody can gain fro mgrowth not loss. Every student and teacher has the opportunity to contributeand lead and present his best. Every life has the stage of growing into aunique one. Everybody would like to be partner and help each other indifficulties. Everybody has opportunity to be famous professor or bel-esprit.
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1 floor Zhongguancun No.1 Primary School [*.*.*.*] published in 2019/12/24/ 07:56:00
Welcome you to visit our website!
Zhongguancun No.1 Primary School, Haidian District, Beijing is located inZHONGGUANCUN Independent Innovation Hi-tech Zone in Beijing.

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