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Happy network is the largest and most popular social networking sites (SNS).

Happy network is committed to providing a fun interactive platform for Chinese users, through happy network users with friends, classmates, colleagues, to stay in closer contact, understanding their dynamics in a timely manner, sharing photos online, diary, mood, easily passed the purest joy of interaction.

Since the team was founded, kaixin has been on the design of products and features bold, innovative means to meet underlying demand and potential demand of Internet users, and constantly strive for better user experience effort makes happy network a convenient and useful community platform.

In the technology sector, kaixin team is committed to independent technology research and development, using the world's leading Internet technology, including advanced sharing interactive network, the data transmission programme, distributed storage solution to meet large complex application users interact with huge amounts of data.

Happy network provides high quality products and services by the user's welcome, 2 years, kaixin has become China's largest and most popular social networking sites (SNS), and continued good development momentum of the Chinese SNS lead. Kaixin information technology company limited was established in March 2008 by Beijing happy person, is the first Office white collar community-oriented social networking site. Happy network to provide customers with dynamic records, includes a journal, photo albums, posted, rich easy to use social tools, social gaming, making it easily with family, friends, classmates, colleagues at interactions maintain closer contact.

3 years since its establishment, the site registered users has exceeded 100 million, have become the leading and most influential real-name social networking site.

Our philosophy of kaixin philosophy: life, enjoy it and live; vision: to help more people happier.

The "happy" contains a two-fold meaning is the meaning of a "good time of our lives", another meaning is "open your heart". 1, good life, enjoy it.

Most important thing in life is to be happy, happy network want all users to be able to live a happy life. 2, open your heart. The world, opened the door.

With a very open mind, and face life positively.

We of products and service kaixin provides of products and service including: photos, and diary, and book review, and film critic, information share platform, short message, and message, and comments, communication means, affairs management, and network hard, and collection, personal tools, vote, and answer, and really words, interactive topic, and friends sale, and race spaces, and buy House sent garden, and fishing, and happy restaurant, interactive component.
Customer service if you are doubtful about the capability in the use or an error, please contact our customer service staff.
Contact phone: 400-6115-001 QQ service: email: if you would like to join happy network of human resources, please indicate in your message subject "position + name" will send your resume to the email address below. E-mail: ad sales if you intend to kaixin to product placement advertising or promotion, please briefly describe your needs and promote your brand, send an email to the following address or you can call the following telephone.
Our staff will provide you with professional advice.

Northern District: East   010-57978360 district: South huadongad@Corp.kaixin001.com021-60848088-8001 district: huananad@Corp.kaixin001.com020-38011727 co
Kaixinwang and if you are interested in marketing, media type, please provide a brief description of your business interest: messages sent to the following address.
Phone: 010-5797-8000 email: business cooperation if you want and kaixin to conduct strategic cooperation, business cooperation, cooperation, cooperation in the field of Internet and mobile wireless products, please contact the business development department.
E-mail: third-party components if you want to make your own users with excellent products to happy network, please send us your product information through the email address below.
E-mail: WebGame cooperation if you want with kaixin joint business best Webgame game, the game information is sent to the mailing address below.
E-mail: public relations if you have demand for media interviews, media name, interview outlines, contacts, messages sent to the following address. Email: Beijing Head Office: 10th Beijing Haidian North Second Street, Tai Peng building 12 PS 100,080 Shanghai Office: Shanghai cross Ocean International Plaza, 1601th, West Nanjing Road, post code: 200,040 Guangzhou Office: Guangzhou Lin Hexi road room yaozhong Plaza, b block, 3-15 post code: route 47, route 302, 510,610 road,
641 East Road, Haidian station.
, 718, Route 26, route 384, 641 road outside road, 740, 740, 751, 808, 913, 944, 982, 983,-9,-9 external, express, express 109 road, 106 Road Express, express 113 road, 110 road, Zhongguancun West station.
209, get off at night, 332 in Haidian Lu Xikou. Driving directions 1.
North third ring auxiliary routes cross the bridge to the North, beisihuan, Haidian bridge turn to the West, East to the second intersection to the South can be reached.
2. West fourth ring road to the North-East direction along the four ring road, take the side road of Haidian bridge, then turn East to the second intersection, just to the South. 3. North ring along the four ring road in Haidian bridge-turn, headed east to the second intersection to the South can be reached.Welcome to Site Url library

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Kaixin:Happy network is the largest and most popular social networking sites (SNS). Happy network is committed to providing a fun interactive platform for Chinese users, through happy network users with friends, classmates, colleagues, to stay in closer contact, understanding their dynamics in a timely manner, sharing pho..

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