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Dongguan day complete logistics Ltd is a certified, legitimate business, strong and experienced logistics companies.

We have a strict transportation organization, improve management, with honest, rigorous practical, positive attitude, high quality and efficiency of transport quality, won the majority of enterprise, customer trust. Scope of business: Dongguan day logistics business long distance nationwide move transport, LTL, finished vehicle logistics, introduction of stowage of logistics, distribution, warehousing and logistics, charge d ' affaires one-stop logistics and freight forwarding services, cargo insurance.

Covers mechanical equipment, electrical equipment, household appliances, electronics, food, pharmaceutical, chemical, building materials, furniture, household goods, logistics services in various sectors such as textiles, high-tech products. At present, the company operating throughout the country, with branches in all major cities in China (slightly). Providing LTL, vehicles, warehouse, in kilobytes, for distribution, insurance and many other businesses. I company through logistics resources of integration has and many roundtrip Guangdong of return transport fleet networking, has various full closed car, and half closed car, and gaolan car, and flatbed truck, and refrigerated car and the various large tonnage drag trailer and the super long, and super wide, and super high car, large logistics fleet, constitute extends of logistics network, to Beijing logistics, and Tianjin logistics, and Shanghai logistics, and Jiangsu logistics, and Zhejiang logistics, and Guangxi logistics, and Fujian logistics, and Hunan logistics, and Jiangxi logistics, and Northeast, to logistics for Center auxiliary shot to country of logistics freight transport network, Formed North of goods transport.

And according to customer requirements, design tailored transport solutions for our customers; as a perfect integration of regional logistics and distribution services, greater reduce logistics costs for customers. Hong Kong, Macao and transportation: specializes in the Pearl River Delta to Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan shipping Express, courier, transport, customs clearance, customs clearance, freight forwarding, logistics, move house, House Office relocation, door-to-door services, including long distance shipping.

Day logistics have years to Hong Kong, Macao and Pearl River Delta logistics and freight forwarding experience, good service, price is reasonable, believe we will offer you the most reasonable of Hong Kong, Macao and logistics and transport services. Strength: the company now has a staff of more than 100 people, is composed of the rich professional experience of transport, love of the Bank, in strict accordance with the ISO9002 quality system standards of modern management and flexible payment terms, will provide you with a full range of transportation services.

Over more than 50 company-owned vehicles, and on this basis and ten domestic fleet to establish partnerships for years, has a length of 2.3 m ~17.5 m, 1~35 tons deadweight, space 3.5~160 m3 enclosed carriages, cars, high hurdles, platform hand truck, refrigerator car and other models for your timely and effective provision of various types of vehicles and resolve your concerns. Customer service: "safe, efficient, service-oriented" is the our company always adhere to the principle of service, the company introduced 24-hour service, orders can arrive in your factory according to customer requirements, all procedures provided to vehicle drivers, arrange vehicle loading and unloading. Goods within the agreed period of time to reach their destinations, tracking of vehicles, feedback in a timely manner, remove your worries.

Your success is our pursuit, welcome with us hand in hand, create brilliant!

Settlement flexible: for different customer, I company may flexible select different settlement way:-a, and goods to payment; b, and loading Shi prepaid part, goods to all paid; c, and with back settlement; d, and advance freight, months knot; e, and other way (talks) which c, and d, and e settlement way General requirements customer monthly has fixed of shipping volume, and can on time paid freight. Contract regulations: our company from the customer's interests, protect the interests of both sides and operational standardization. Reference to national transport regulations worked out a complete contract terms, depending on the situation on both sides for additions, deletions, and achieve a win-win. Reasonable rates: for the different needs of our customers, our company can provide appropriate transportation pricing methods.

B, a, to market fluctuation, fixed price c all year round, according to the quarterly pricing more than three, as selected by the customer, flexibility, welcome contact. Departure every day, door to door service, shipments to regions of the provinces and municipalities throughout the country.

Price, welcome, day logistics for your dedicated service. Contact person: Mr CHENG mobile: 13,316,670,897 Tel: 0769-26260103/0769-89133189 email: website: organisation: logistics Ltd, Dongguan add: Exchange Logistics Center Valley management area, wanjiang district, Dongguan city 17-19 c.Please attention siteurl: the excellent global sites

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Dongguan day logistics Ltd:Dongguan day complete logistics Ltd is a certified, legitimate business, strong and experienced logistics companies. We have a strict transportation organization, improve management, with honest, rigorous practical, positive attitude, high quality and efficiency of transport quality, won the majority of enterprise..

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