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Integrity agribusiness network by the Ministry of Commerce, China International Electronic Commerce Center building contractors, serving farmers ' specialized cooperatives, agri-businesses and rural agents, providing credit file, trade matchmaking, demonstration certificate, merchant shop, promotion of agricultural products, production services such as tracing, designed to shape the brand, promote product sales, to create industry authorities the integrity of agricultural products e-commerce platform. Web site characteristics 1. Planning "new agribusiness index" e-commerce credit evaluation system of agricultural products "new agribusiness index" is based on the characteristics of agricultural circulation industry in our country, launched by the China International Electronic Commerce Center Suite of science ", just and open a third-party e-commerce credit evaluation system of agricultural products.

Index based on agro-businesses of Internet application level, on its basic information public degrees, and identity certification situation, and honors and the certificate information, and Internet active degrees, and customer evaluation, indicators for integrated scoring evaluation, to integrity grade identifies, and index score and CPC coding reflected businesses integrity State, to this established online integrity archives, aimed at for agricultural products transactions main in e-commerce activities in the created more integrity of online atmosphere. 2. the establishment of agricultural product traceability system to strengthen the management of quality and safety of agricultural products and ensure the safety of consumer to realize "from the fields to the dinner table" monitor, China International Electronic Commerce Center reference Japan successful practices of quality management system, developed for agricultural production and operations management "farm produce traceability system", by information measures to improve producers ' self-discipline consciousness and perfect the supervision mechanism of safe production. On production base construction, the introduction of seeds, production inputs, job links, quality inspection, processing, packaging and other information "digitized" management, the establishment of "the status file" system to CPC business product, two-dimensional anti-counterfeit barcode identification technology to carriers, use of network database and query processing technologies such as bar code identification, origin of constructing the integrated production platform to form a "producer → consumer →

Regulator "traceability data links, enabling agricultural products" known roots trace to ". Product description 1) Po Member agribusiness agribusiness agribusiness network Po membership is based on good faith for agriculture-related businesses combined with the online network of membership services.

Businesses with agribusiness Po member services can establish a set of business promotion, marketing products, credit file and other functions in one of the elegant shops, procurement opportunities, artificial joint, many services such as certificate of integrity, shape and brand integrity. 2) awarded the certificate "China e-business honest management demonstration unit" certification services by China International Electronic Commerce Center "new agribusiness index" trustworthiness evaluation system based on authentication and evaluation of agriculture-related enterprises, issued the model certificate services.

Designed to encourage agriculture-related enterprises in developing e-commerce, shape the brand of agricultural products, increase in e-commerce transactions and entity transaction success rates.

3) looking for a buyer, "buyer" integrity agribusiness network relying on hangar 120,000 buyers of high quality agricultural products, the establishment of "integrity buy information query system of agri-business networks" for farmers, agribusiness and other large cooperatives, a broker, planting agricultural products suppliers buy information inquiry service provides multiple packages.

4) agribusiness show, farmers ' cooperatives, agriculture-related enterprises to provide website services for agriculture-related businesses are beautifully designed pages can be customized, sophisticated, and crisp image of show business. 5) agricultural products production traceability label honesty agricultural commercial network agricultural products production traceability label, is by "agricultural products production traceability system" on farmers professional cooperatives, and agricultural products production type enterprise production of agricultural products established electronic "identity archives", and will II dimension code made label posted in agricultural products packaging Shang; consumers purchased products Shi, just phone sweep code or hair SMS, to anytime, anywhere query products source information and quality certification, information,,

And timely reporting of errors, false information.

6) online network Xia phase combined agricultural products promotion activities and wholesale market joint, in a industry a regional agricultural products large listed Zhiji, coordination local business and the agricultural competent sector organization professional cooperatives, and agro-enterprise to wholesale market carried out butt publicity activities, while in new rural commercial network, and integrity agricultural commercial network to topic forms publishing describes local agricultural products listed information and the merchant data, full promotion the area agricultural products of listed sales work.

7) regional agricultural marketing platform construction for agricultural products with strong regional characteristics, proposed jointly with the local commercial administrative departments, combining features, set up provincial or municipal or county level regional agricultural promotional platform, comprehensive promotion of local mingteyouxin of agriculture and agriculture-related businesses. Edit this section of case 1, nearly 240,000 businesses related to agriculture credit agribusiness network established credit file online, 2, the success of lichee and longan in Guangxi (China) product promotion; 3, e-commerce of agricultural products carried out "the good faith management demonstration unit" certification, a number of units were the model certificates; contact information phone: 4006-656-616/010-65121919 fax: 010-65677512You care: w w w. siteurl. o r g

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Integrity Portal:Integrity agribusiness network by the Ministry of Commerce, China International Electronic Commerce Center building contractors, serving farmers ' specialized cooperatives, agri-businesses and rural agents, providing credit file, trade matchmaking, demonstration certificate, merchant shop, promotion of agricultural p..

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