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Renren formerly xiaonei, founded in 2005, is China's largest SNS network of real-name system platform.

Through everyone's real relationships, meet all kinds of users on social networking, information, entertainment, and a wide range of communication needs.

Renren is a foreign-owned company, in December 2010, "oak Pacific interactive" was renamed "all companies". Renren is the oak group with a known Campus Web will be renamed to. August 4, 2009, of its famous xiaonei changed its name to all networks, everyone in the community can come here, out of the campus within this scope. Network for the entire Chinese Internet users to provide services for all of SNS social networking site, to people of different identities provide an interactive communication platform, improve the efficiency of communication between users, by providing a blog, save the photo album, music video stations, such as internal and external features such as shared resources to build a feature-rich and efficient user interaction platform. On May 4, 2011, all networks in the United States listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

On September 27, 2011, renren Announces wholly-owned acquired 56 Web video site for $ 80 million. LOGO consists of two abstract herringbone deformation, Derrick-meaning everyone's human ring into ring, while both individual words happening intersection.

Shared by the graphics and domain name are grouped into a new logo, symbolizes the renren is a person to person communication, sharing platforms, sharing real, communication happiness. All sites (renren. com), formerly xiaonei, founded in May 1999.
On March 15, 2000, all website's parent companies in Hong Kong all media holdings CEO Chen Yizhou people network. Limited company (renrenMediaHoldingLtd) purchased a Hong Kong listed company group limited (code 0059) 82% shares, changed its name to all media limited (renrenMediaLtd), a reverse merger. News Corp for 230 million dollars shares for all media, 14% owned, United States history, the oldest venture capital firm J.H.WhitneyCo. holding 21% shares. γ€€γ€€

May 22, all the media at the Hong Kong main board listed, then acquired the miracle network, 360 panoramic network and hire network in three sites. In 2000, all user traffic on Web sites is very limited and slow growth, limits the growth of advertising revenue, very little advertising revenue on rising costs, is more a bucket. And, because of its overall audience is unclear, too broad, users who don't have much size, its commercial value is greatly diminished. On February 16, 2001 by the controlling shareholder, sold a controlling stake Hong Kong stock code 0059 "all media" during the suspension. γ€€γ€€This day is less than two years from first got its first venture capital. In February 2005, renren is again oak Chen Zhou gave a life, completes a cycle of 6 years. Castle Peak still, just changed, 6 years later, the network environment, as well as Internet users rely on non-year comparable to the network; 6 years later, the living stand out among the demands of the Internet. On May 18, 2006, Renren. Com with "native, the newly discovered" cut into "living information" pull up a new battle Horn. When the profitability of the WEB2.0 has generally started when challenged, Internet predators high profile resurrection of oak Pacific interactive group network, its ambitions have been self-evident. And almost silent, renren, with distinctive yellow cur Hyatt LOGO already in 33 cities across the country, and then start. It is regrettable that, after half a year, due to slow development, network at the end of March 2007 to break dishes again. In July 2009, the oak group with a famous xiaonei to changed its name to all networks. On August 4, 2009, thousand rubber group in xiaonei publishing message, "to to xiaonei brings a more long-term, and more broad of development prospects, we needs leave on school within brand of attachment of love, to active of, and brave of created a more great, more with ductility of new brand, a general user minds in the of to love brand", will its famous of xiaonei changed its name for everyone network. The most practical reasons, because of keen on Campus Web at that time after many students graduate and go out into the world and realize that they are not in school, yet every day in landing xiaonei, so are not adapted. At the same time, Oak Group in order to create a more extensive social networking site, decided to changed its name to Campus Web network, everyone here in the community.

Within this range across the campus. December 2005 within xiaonei was founded in March 2007, the school become the opening of overseas universities SNS website in November 2007 the school officially opened in March 2008 on-campus mobile white-collar workers, high school networks officially opened in April 2008, Oak completed China's Internet industry largest financing, financing a total of $ 430 million in October 2008, the school officially released "bean" open payment system platform in December 2008 Xiaonei new LOGO new position return to essence July 2009 SNS xiaonei opening August 2009 xiaonei was renamed renren APP platform in October 2009, all through all connections with a number of excellent websites full connection all by December 2009 launched the world's first SNS mobile open platform everyone is network launched in March 2010 May 2010 on-campus recruitment platform API open platform launched a beta version in June 2010 for the first " Schools hope primary school "officially completed November 2010 all network launched five heavyweight products September 2011 all net $ 80 million acquisition of 56 NETsite url . org

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All networks:Renren formerly xiaonei, founded in 2005, is China's largest SNS network of real-name system platform. Through everyone's real relationships, meet all kinds of users on social networking, information, entertainment, and a wide range of communication needs. Renren is a foreign-owned company, in December 2010, oak ..

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