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Seven stars collection network is a collection of investment professional website, coin shop major acquisition management, linking money, gold and silver coins, commemorative, 123th Edition of renminbi and commemorative coins. Seven main wholesale gift collection network collection gift luxury gift seven networks the most comprehensive collection of favorite gift website, one of the most powerful gift wholesale outlets!

Relying on advantages of gift industry Chamber of Commerce resources, all the products are supplied directly by the manufacturer, thus very preferential price! Products quality absolute guarantee, long-term wholesale retail various collection products: wealth world, stamps coins collection book, gold and silver commemorative coins, and medal, gift, Olympics commemorative coins, Beijing Olympic souvenirs, Olympic gift, business gift, Conference gift, memorial gift, collection gift, Yuan collection,, gold and silver commemorative coins, stamps, coat of arms, Panda gold, gold silver, cultural revolution stamps, gold and silver paintings and the various crafts wait. Adhere to the "integrity to win" principle, all goods high quality at low price, with many large companies, government agencies and organizations and national gift distributor (hype) has long-standing business ties, is currently the largest wholesale and retail enterprises and strength of large gifts!

Wholesale gifts guaranteed minimum prices, welcome new and old customers to buy.

1, what is the subject of our favorite Gifts Gift?

A cultural collection, value added, attribute collections, such as stamps, coins, coin series, gold and silver coins, military figurines, collectibles, has a cultural connotation and collection and the value of investment.
2, what kind of group you service? Including enterprise or institution, Corporation, school, Bank, government agencies, such as telecommunications, insurance companies, real estate companies, securities firms, government agencies, and industry Summit, financial institutions, customers are currently served; State radio and television, the State-owned assets Commission, Baosteel, Sinopec, founder group, China Mobile, Samsung, Microsoft, the big banks, Fortune 500 companies, and so on. And includes more than 600 companies from around gift companies and broker-dealers, building shopping malls counters gift supplies; my company's gift has been leading.
Provincial-level leadership, group model specified, presented, VIP, Mayor; 3, company gifts what is the general price range?

Price-between 1 billion yuan from 100 Yuan, product range currently has more than 2000 kinds of stock for you to choose.

4 What payment methods? According to the two sides to negotiate, some down payment deposit.

General construction, agriculture, transport, industry and commerce, China Merchants Bank, postal remittance (see method of payment).
5, payment is required with your contacts?

After you remittance, please, as soon as possible by telephone, facsimile or QQ, E-mail, messaging and other ways to contact us, your remittance amount time, the remitting bank, remittances, the sender's name, so that we may audit and provide you a related business.

6, we already have a favorite gift collection, but not in your website, see, you can be at more affordable price for you?

Specific product please tell us, we will do our best, and at more affordable prices for you, you can call contact.

7 we are foreign clients, delivery convenient for you?

The fastest 24 hours to reach the following cities/regions: Beijing, Heilongjiang, Shanxi, Hebei, Henan, Fujian, Guangdong, Hubei, Hunan, Jiangsu, Liaoning, Shandong, Shanghai, Sichuan, Shaanxi, Zhejiang, Chongqing, Jilin, Tianjin, Hong Kong,; 2-3 days in other urban areas, please inquire.
8, why our products are so cheap? Recently, a lot of customers with the same problem!

Is our site for certain why so cheap, even thousands of or tens of thousands of cheap, asked if we were fake!

Here I would like to explain to our customers: 1. we are a network sales, so lower costs than other models sold.
2. gifts for many years and my company factory and Head Office has a very good business, sources are factory direct supply, there are other dealers in the middle.

3. the products which the company promise: products sold on this website must not counterfeit goods, stamps, coins, banknotes for authenticity. If there are fake goods, with a penalty ten. never break my word.
Honesty. the faith based development company performance. Have other questions, please call: 010-82231178,13120131561 QQ:1197332953 email: qxtzsc@163.comYou care: w w w. siteurl. o r g

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Welcome you to visit our website!
Seven stars collection network is a collection of investment professional website, coin shop major acquisition management, linking money, gold and silver coins, commemorative, 123th Edition of renminbi and commemorative coins. Seven main wholesale gift collection network collection gift luxury gift sev..

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