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First, how to download software? 1, please feel free to click on the TXT novel |
TXT e-book downloads on download station, or right mouse button, select "save target as" and then select the download to a folder you want, you can download the software. 2, in order to achieve the fastest download speeds, we recommend users to use "FlashGet [Flashget]" Multithreading download tools.

Usage: right mouse button click on the file you want to download, select use "FlashGet" downloads. Second, the extension of downloaded software.
ASP open with what? 1, I'm here to say, TXT novel | TXT e-book download all software is not on the station to ".

ASP "for extended name of, if you Xia back of is such of is errors has, this problem I in with" network inter-express "Download Shi found has, now many users also has this problem. solution problem: in added new download task Shi inside has a items" heavy named (e) ", you not modified it, such download back of software file name on not errors of has!
Third, why can't I download the software? 1, because the download server at this point burdens heavier, cannot bear any more download users.
Please try the download again or change to a different point for download.
2, you will need to download the software is updated, please return to the introduction page, refresh, and then enter or download it later.

3, if the above methods fail to download, please enter the software notify the Administrator page and click on the relevant link.
Four, how to extract the download package?
1, please ensure that you download the full, the file should be written on the talk page of the same size. 2, [TXT novel |
TXT e-book download site] lots of software are in ZIP or RAR format files, you can download version WinRAR3.0 installed above, unzip software to unzip ... ISO file with virtual CD drive to open!

3, software provided by the website, such as when you need to extract the password does not indicate the total: Newasp.NET 4, on the volume file to extract: first of all download volume file to the same folder, locate the ***.part01.rar double-click the extracted.
Five, why I downloaded software is not installed correctly or use?

1, software installation, usage questions, please go directly to the introduction page of the software, we provide a contact Email address or home page of the author of the software.
Six, why after downloading some software prompts a virus or Trojan? 1, [TXT novel |
TXT e-book download site] ensure all downloadable resources available within the station (software) is provided "as is", this site has not made any changes. 2, some software such as "QQ password detective", "Internet thief", the function of the software itself is the Trojan software, antivirus firewall alert is normal, so the user downloads, think twice before using. While [TXT novel |
TXT e-book download site] also does not assume the user from the use of these downloads for any form of loss or damage caused by himself and others.

3, note: after you download the software, for the first time with HIV! packages too many webmasters not checked, please take care of yourself! thank you! The station was founded in June 2003, is a specifically designed for the size of the site to provide technical resources and services website, has now opened a software downloads, technical articles, technical forums, columns, daily traffic of more than 300,000, and maintain a stable growth trend, access user group is a Web site design and production staff.
And has the characteristics of high-skilled, high quality, high consumption.
Notes: 1. the advertising does not provide trial payments to accounts first and then start running ads.
2. this site is not responsible for advertising pictures production, please bring your own picture!
3. advertising rates will occasionally do appropriate adjustments are subject to prices indicated on the day.
4. the above advertised price is measured in 1 month, month put on the appropriate discount delivery date not more than 3 months.
5. site for individual Web sites, advertising does not invoice!
6. this site does not accept **, **, in violation of the law, such as political ads! 7. ad expiration renewal 5 days in advance, the existing advertising site to receive scheduled scheduled payment confirmation, verbal contract is invalid!Please attention siteurl: the excellent global sites

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1 floor TXT novel download [*.*.*.*] published in 2013/05/24/ 07:39:00
Welcome you to visit our website!
TXT novel download:First, how to download software? 1, please feel free to click on the TXT novel | TXT e-book downloads on download station, or right mouse button, select save target as and then select the download to a folder you want, you can download the software. 2, in order to achieve the fastest download speeds, we recomme..

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