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"Chinese beauty net" (also known as clothes fashion net) belonging to Yiwu beauty network technology Corporation, located in the Yiwu international trade city, the company was established in early 2009, 2011 in Hangzhou set up a Chinese beauty NET Office; we always adhere to the "professional, focused service" for the purpose of providing quality services for enterprises, and enhance brand value. We changed the pattern of industry websites in the past, seeks to comprehensively pushing brand dealers as well as end customers, using a variety of channels service to our corporate brand image promotion. Website design from start to finish, supported and welcomed by our customers. Chinese beauty net more than 800,000 registered members and dealers more than 1.2 million members, average daily page views, more than 2.6 million passengers, over 70% visitors in the dealer, covering domestic and international customer base. We met with the Alibaba, Baidu ', ' Google ', Journal of the Zhejiang satellite TV, the Qingdao television service channel, the city of Qingdao international arts and crafts, and the times of Chinese fashion, and the clothing Covenant of the garment leader, the textile and apparel magazine and other media to establish friendly relations of cooperation. Is a collection of businesses, brands, dealers, consumers of professional clothing industry investment platform.

Brand image and corporate developments, providing point-to-point dealer recommended service for enterprises, has been successful with agent for marketing and promotion of many enterprises to establish long-term cooperative relations. Our clients are garment enterprises, we target to focus more on apparel distributors and consumers, because only those with more dealers to better serve the enterprise, latest fashion information faster for consumers at home and abroad, they are our source of power in the industry. Excellent after-sales customer we have a professional team focused on providing dealer services, questions and answers about Chinese beauty NET at the same time we also provide a platform for interaction, always pay attention to dealers and consumers of news and opinion. We also have the best team to provide professional technical support, professional art and design, specializing in branding, brand plan, targeted news releases, done to brand with a full range of promotional display.

Choice of a Chinese beauty NET branding, business, strong brand values, enhance the market competitiveness of brand and visibility, bring infinite business opportunities. 2011 our Chinese beauty NET was established in Hangzhou Office, which will provide our customers with more quality, more direct service, we will continue to uphold our strengths, tailored for each customer network marketing solutions, maximize the attributes to reach maximum marketing effect, is the goal of our customer service. For the customer creation profit, progress together with our customers, is our ultimate value!

"Talking in effect, using service certificate" Chinese beauty NET will not of innovation, perfect platform, Chinese beauty NET will be happy to provide you with the best service and the best investment platform, we will use our wisdom and sweat to seek greater breakthrough, looking forward to work with you to create, create new highlights China's clothing industry.

  "China beauty network" main of column including: famous world, and fashion brand, and brand yellow pages, and enterprise news, brand dynamic, brand Conference, fashion reported, and fashion information, and business opportunities, and success story, and pop zone; brand content involved men 's, and ladies ', and leisure, and movement, and underwear, and shirt, and friendly child supplies, and jewelry, and cosmetics, and hair shirt/down, and shoes class, and leather, and skin grass, and home supplies,.

  "Chinese beauty net" visitors covering domestic and international customer base in South China, East China, central China high brand recognition; to clothing, accessories, cosmetics targeting professionals and fashion, attracting a large number of fashion consuming user.
  Chinese beauty NET networking purposes: (1) allow the final consumer to appreciate more domestic brands of clothing, jewelry, cosmetics and not just stay in the only known international brands.
  (2) find well-known brands at home and abroad for the Agent proxy provides a platform for high speed information.
  (3) for fashion famous consumer first speed passed the latest fashion information at home and abroad.
  (4) through quality, innovative design, and scientific marketing, influence and image of the full expansion of domestic brands.

(5) to fashion information dissemination products of enterprises, more small and medium enterprise brand's real charm.

China clothing industry-leading platforms for beauty company headquarters address: xuefeng West Road, Yiwu city, Zhejiang Province, No. 202 (Yiwu Chang insurance) customer service hotline: 0579-85336830 0579-85336830 hotline: 400-680-Blackjack-click remove fax: 0579-85322969 post code: 322,000
Company email: website: Hangzhou branch address:, Hangzhou qiaosi shitang Township hanghai unit 5F, 1088-3 contact our after sales department telephone: 400-680-5508/0579-85336830-8887 media outreach/links Tel: 0579-85336830-8889 online QQ:389452069 enterprises website Tel: 0579-85336830-8888 online QQ:173448436Welcome to Site Url library

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Chinese beauty net (also known as clothes fashion net) belonging to Yiwu beauty network technology Corporation, located in the Yiwu international trade city, the company was established in early 2009, 2011 in Hangzhou set up a Chinese beauty NET Office; we always adhere to the professional, focused service for th..

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