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The Shanghai Stock Exchange was founded on November 26, 1990, opened on December 19 of the same year, managed directly vested in the China Securities Regulatory Commission.

  Adhering to "method, and regulatory, and self-discipline, and specification" of bazifangzhen, Shanghai Securities Exchange is committed to created transparent, and open, and security, and efficient of market environment, effective protection investors interests, its main functions including: provides securities transactions of places and facilities; developed securities exchange of business rules; accept listed applications, arrangements securities listed; organization, and oversight securities transactions; on Member, and listed company for regulatory; management and announced market information. SSE consists of Office, and personnel (Organization Department), and General Committee Office (propaganda) discipline Inspection Office, and transactions Management Department, and release listed Department, and company management Department, and Member Department, and bonds Business Department, and International Development Department, and fund business Department, and market wing, and legal department, and investors Ministry of education, and system run Department, and technology development department, and technology planning and services, and information center, and Beijing Center, and financial Department, and Audit Department, and administrative service center (defended Department), and infrastructure work group, 22 a sector,

  And three subordinate agencies, development research center of the Shanghai Stock Exchange, Shanghai Stock communication Co Ltd, SSE information network limited, through their rational division of labour and coordination of operations, effectively assume the role of organizers in securities market. Shangzhengsuo market transactions using electronic bidding, listing all transactions of securities trading are required to declare the bidding through a computer, by the host priority according to price and time priority principle automatically match transactions.

  SSE next-generation trading system peak order processing capacity of 80,000/s, system-Japanese bilateral contract capacity of not less than 120 million, equivalent to a single scale of 1.2 trillion worth of transactions in the market, and parallel scalability. After many years of continuous development, the Shanghai stock market has become the market leader in China's mainland market. At the end of 2011, shangzhengsuo has 931 listed companies, stock number 975, stock market value of $ 14.84 trillion worth. 2011 total equity of 319.969 billion yuan.

  A large number of pillar enterprises, enterprises, basic industry and high-tech enterprises through listing and raise development funds, and change the operating mechanism. After entering the new century, shangzhengsuo shoulders the arduous task of standardizing and developing market, faces good opportunities for further advancing the construction market.

With first-class of hardware facilities and Pudong superior of location advantage and powerful radiation force, with Shanghai economic good development momentum and unique of leading effect, with SOE reform and financial center construction on Shanghai capital markets of active promote, SSE will according to firm confidence, and strengthening regulatory, and keep stability, and specification development of thought, in technology, and regulatory, and talent, and service, aspects more tube align Xia, for construction a specification transparent, and efficient open, and full life vitality of world first-class Exchange opened new of chapter. Contact address: securities building, No. 528 Pudong Nan road, Shanghai zip code: 200,120 Tel: 68,808,888 fax: 68,804,868 e-mail: to Site Url library

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1 floor Shanghai Stock Exchange [*.*.*.*] published in 2013/05/24/ 08:26:00
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The Shanghai Stock Exchange was founded on November 26, 1990, opened on December 19 of the same year, managed directly vested in the China Securities Regulatory Commission.   Adhering to method, and regulatory, and self-discipline, and specification of bazifangzhen, Shanghai Securities Exchange is committed to ..

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