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Hebei hengtai pipeline equipment manufacturing company, founded in 1985, Yanshan County, formerly known as the fittings manufacturer, has developed a set of pipes with reforming science and technology research and development, pipeline equipment, pipe fittings, pipe insulation, precision casting, construction machinery manufacturing, international trade as one of the major industry trade group. Hebei hengtai industry and trade group Corporation is owned by branch, under the Hebei hengtai pipe equipment import-export trade limited, Hebei hengtai Thai construction machinery casting limited, Changzhou long time heat preservation anticorrosion engineering limited and Yanshan Bandung pipe technology co., Ltd. Total assets of the Group amounted to 200 million Yuan, and total number of employees up to 660.

Including engineers and technical personnel accounting for 15% of the total number of employees.

Hebei hengtai pipeline equipment manufacturing company is a core member of the Hebei hengtai industry trade group enterprises, as in the famous "pipe base" —— wuli kiln industrial zone, Yanshan County, Cangzhou city, Hebei province, company North to Beijing and Tianjin, East of huanghua port, the traffic is very convenient, covers an area of 286 hectares, registering your copy of 50.08 million Yuan, with a total asset of 270 million Yuan.
Product: 1, high pressure pipe and fittings, including waste heat boilers, industrial boilers, boiler piping fittings; petrochemical, pipeline, fitting in the shop; oil and steam pipelines and fittings; words and cooled water cooled furnace cover in the metallurgical industry, air cooling, constant such as steel plants, medical oxygen equipment industry metal pipe.
2, wear-resistant pipe and fittings, including double metal composite wear-resisting pipe devices, SMD ceramic composite wear-resisting pipe device, self-spread burning composite wear-resisting pipe devices, tortoise shell mesh high temperature composite wear-resisting pipe and other wear-resistant pipe fittings.
3, corrosion-resistant pipe and fittings, including a three-layer polyethylene (3PE) and corrosion-resistant pipes and fittings, single layer/double layer epoxy powder (FBE) and corrosion-resistant pipes and fittings, coal tar enamel (CTE) and corrosion-resistant pipes and fittings, internal corrosion of cement mortar pipes and fittings, heat-resistant glass Flake mortar corrosion, IPN8710 pipe wall corrosion in drinking water pipes and fittings.
4, and insulation pipeline and the accessories, including fiber material (mine rock cotton products, and glass cotton products, and silicate aluminum fiber products), and inorganic material (foam glass products, and silicate calcium products, and composite silicate aluminum magnesium products, and expansion Pearl rock, and foam asbestos products), and organic material (polyurethane quota Europe plastic, and phenolic foam, and rubber plastic sponge, and polyethylene foam EPS, and polystyrene foam (XPS) zainei of various insulation pipeline and the fittings.
5, a variety of hangers, including piping hangers, variable spring hangers, constant spring hangers, constant force disc spring hangers, etc. 6, corrugated pipe, compensator, are stainless steel with high, medium and low pressure bellows, stainless steel bellows expansion joints rectangular expansion joints.
Circular expansion joint, non-metallic expansion joints, metal hose, and so on.

7, mechanical conveying systems and accessories, including TD75 type conveyors, DT ⅱ type, DT (a) type of belt conveyors, DJ, DJ ⅱ type large inclination belt conveyor with corrugated baffle, rollers, idlers, conveyor belts, motors, and other transmission parts. Company: the company has GB/T19001-2008 quality management system certificate; GB/T24001-2004 environment management system certificate; occupational health and safety management system certificate; HSE health, safety and environment management system certificate; API certificate CCS classification society certification certificate certificate for petroleum suppliers network members in EU CE certificate of compulsory certification ; China China electric group group level supplier Member certificate; in the electric cast Group China power equipment limited supplier Member certificate; Chinese people Republic proprietary import and export enterprise certificate; United States ASME.U.S stamp products manufacturing qualification certificate; power station pressure pipeline products manufacturing qualification certificate; Chinese people Republic classification societies social ship with fittings manufacturing factory certificate; Chinese people Republic special device (pressure pipeline components) manufacturing license certificate; Datang in the water material company, and Sinopec, and Dagang oilfield, and

Liaohe oilfield, the Huaneng Power International, State power, such as qualified supplier certificate. Capacity: the company has 480 sets of main production and testing equipment, testing experimental equipment covers from the ambient temperature of the raw materials, parts, semi-finished products to finished product testing, inspection items. 3,500 tons of production equipment, 2000 ton, 1200 tons of large and medium-sized hydraulic press thrust pushed medium-frequency induction machine, large tube Bender, Max thickness for large volume 150mm to IC and TIC+MIC automatic welding machine, welding machine, 10 sets of CNC lathes, large heating furnace and heat treatment furnace, is the high degree of automation of advanced equipment.

Maximum diameter of piping products manufactured by the company of up to 2620mm, up to 160mm maximum wall thickness and its accompanying tooling more than more than 4,000 tons. Technical capability: the company has 9 senior engineers, 17 engineers, Assistant Engineers 35, high-skilled workers 65, intermediate and skilled workers of 275 people, non-destructive testing and physico-chemical officer 38.

With good technical design and production capacity.

Corporate culture: philosophy: forging ahead in unity, efficient, pragmatic innovation, scientific management, high-service philosophy: in good faith close to customers, retain customers to satisfy customers, win-win spirit of enterprise: sincerity, dedication, self-discipline and innovation. Hebei hengtai pipe equipment co, Ltd add: wuli kiln industrial zone, Yanshan County, Cangzhou city, Hebei province sales headquarters: 0317-6289756 Sales Department: 0317-6289656 Sales Department: 0317-6396717 Sales Department: 0317-6393688 sales dept: 0317-6193919 International Trade Department: fax, 0317-5299191:, 0317-6396727 6,193,939, email: hbht088@163.comsite url . org

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Hebei hengtai pipe equipment co, Ltd:Hebei hengtai pipeline equipment manufacturing company, founded in 1985, Yanshan County, formerly known as the fittings manufacturer, has developed a set of pipes with reforming science and technology research and development, pipeline equipment, pipe fittings, pipe insulation, precision casting, construction machine..

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