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Shang-ma|Shanghai International Marathon

Shanghai East Best and Lansheng Event Management Co., LTD, who is undertaking road races as its core business, is the exclusive organizer of Shanghai International Marathon, Shang-ma Series, and Shang-ma Club. The company aims to achieve breakthroughs in the event organizing and enlarge combined event effect through branding operation, to popularize the spirit of the events through leading citizens into healthy and progressive lifestyle, to make the events more influential through creating fashionable and stylish road race culture and to expand the driving force of the events through forming a creative industrial chain.

How to enter for Shanghai International Marathon (SIM)?

(1) Log on the SIM website to complete registration and enter for SIM through online registration.

(2) Download SIM’s APP to complete registration and enter for SIM. You can scan the QR Code below and then install.

If I have ever registered SIM website or SIM APP before, do I need to register once again?

If you have ever registered SIM website or SIM APP before, you can use your original registration account, and do not have to register again.

What shall I do if I forgot my password after registering SIM website or SIM APP?

You can reset your password by registering with your registered phone number on the SIM website. With the SIM App, you can reset the password through your registered phone number or email.

Can I modify my personal general information after successful registration?

Once submitted, the personal general information, such as name, ID Card No., gender and date of birth, cannot be changed, so you need to check carefully before submitting your general information.

How to know whether my registration is successful or not?

All participants must register online through the SIM official website (both Chinese and English versions are available) or the SIM APP (Chinese version only). After the balloting result is published, the eligible applicants shall pay online through “Alipay” or “Paypal” (US dollars). After the payment, the screen will show successful registration page. The eligible applicants are kindly requested to download and print the Registration Conformation Form at the appointed time.

Athlete Standard Qualification Assessment

According to the latest regulations of “The Organization of Marathon Standards in China”, standard athlete qualification assessments are only available for tournaments and championships which are held by Chinese Athletic Association. 2017 SIM is not listed into the tournaments and championships held by Chinese Athletic Association, and so, the standard athlete qualification assessment will not be arranged by SIM Organizing Committee.

Is it necessary to take physical exam prior to SIM?

The Marathon is an intense, long-distance competition that carries high risk to your health, and requires very high standards for all participants’ health conditions. All participants should receive professional training or be a long-distance runner on a regular basis in addition to being in good health. The Organizing Committee requires each participant of both full and half marathon to provide a physical examination report issued by a registered medical institution to certify that he/she is physically fit to run the race. The Medical Examination Report shall be valid within 1 years (fro m November 12, 2016 until the date of the competition), and the certificate about the relevant marathon performance is invalid.

Do I have to submit Physical Examination Report before I enter for SIM?

You can register first if you have received professional training or are a long-distance runner on a regular basis and in good health. After you register successfully and download the registration confirmation form, you could go to a registered medical institution to take a physical examination. When you pick up the race packet, please submit the registration confirmation form with the certified seal fro m a registered medical institution. The Organizing Committee shall be entitled not to give race packet to those who are off-grade in physical examination.

How to get the invoice of registration fee?

Except for the participants who enter for Shang-ma Charity, other participants can get quota invoice fro m relevant services desks when picking up the race packet.

How to enter for Shang-ma Charity?

Log on Shang-ma Charity website to complete registration and enter for Shang-ma Charity online. The page will be stopped when the quota is full.

Are there any benefits for entering Shang-ma Charity?

(1) Shang-ma Charity Certificate issued by Shanghai Sports Development Foundation;

(2) A front-row starting position;

(3) An exclusive Shang-ma Charity bib number cloth;

(4) Exclusive bag storage vehicle;

(5) Exclusive Shang-ma Charity outfit receiving window;

(6) Exclusive Shang-ma permanent chip;

(7) Exclusive Shang-ma Charity gift packs;

(8) Opportunity to participate in exclusive Shang-ma event.

Full Marathon timing chip deposit

In order to better improve the participants’ event experience, in the principle of mutual trust, the Organizing Committee will not require timing chip deposit. After the race, the participants must go relevant places to return the timing chip, and those who do not join the competition can return the timing chip to the Organizing Committee within 10 days. Otherwise, the competition results will be cancelled and they would be disqualified for participating in 2018 Shanghai International Marathon, Shanghai Marathon Series and Shanghai Marathon SPEEDX Series.

May I apply for withdrawal after successful registration?

(1) After successful registration, the applicant can apply for withdrawal if he/she cannot join the competition for any personal reason. The applicant can submit the application for withdrawal fro m 10:00 am of October 9, 2017 to 5:00 pm of October 15, 2017. The registration fee will be fully refunded. The registration fee will be refunded to the payment account at registration within seven working days after the submittal of withdrawal application. However, withdrawal application is not allowed after October 15, 2017.

(2) Once withdrawal application is submitted, it is not allowed to be taken back, and applicant is not allowed to obtain the applicant quota fro m any other ways.

Except for passports, whether Taiwan Compatriot Entry Permit and similar certification are valid for the participants fro m Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan?

It is OK with passport, Taiwan Compatriot Entry Permit and Reentry Permit, but other certifications are not acceptable.

Where to download Registration Confirmation Form?

Because only online registration for SIM is accepted, we do not provide registration form. The participant, after successful registration, can download Registration Confirmation Form by themselves.

Whether group registration is acceptable?

No, each individual participant has to register for him/her own.

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Shang-ma|Shanghai International Marathon:Shanghai International Marathon sponsored by the China track and field Association, the Shanghai Sports Association, founded in 1996, has held 15 sessions.

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