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The Top Nine best food web in the world(2013)

1, the Safeway Safeway

Safeway Safeway is an American supermarket chain. Safeway stores across Canada and the United States now has more than 1600 stores. Including the 251 safeway store in northern California, of the 279 in southern California and Nevada safeway stores, in 114, Texas Randalls and Tom Thumb stores, as well as in Alaska's 35 Carrs stores. Now we have become a part of the local community life, we provide customers for the majority of the thousands of cheap food daily life, every day for our customers to our store to buy the fresh produce and meat. Safeway store's official website also provides a more healthy life diet and dietary skills. In many major American cities and suburbs we also provide delivery services, * * as long as you stay at home or office, using a safeway store of mobile applications in the offline order will enjoy convenient online shopping services.

2. Betty Crocker, Betty Crocker

Betty Crocker, Betty Crocker is a staple food, dishes, desserts and baking food producers. Betty crocker's "wealth" fortune 500 companies in the United States the General Mills (gis), a famous brand. Betty Crocker products include: Bac - Os, the Betty Crocker Cookbook, Betty Crocker baking mixes, Betty Crocker canned frosting, Bowl Appetit shelf - stable entrees, Betty Crocker Soda Licious (discontinued), Cake and dessert decorating products, Mr. Hamburger Helper and related products, Potato Buds instant mashed potatoes, Suddenly Salad mixes, 'Shake and make pancake mix, Warm Delights microwavable desserts in Betty Crocker website you can find a lot of articles and video cooking and baking, also includes an online interactive question and answer platform.

3, Meijer

Meijer is a grocery chain that has 75 years of history. Now, Meijer, in Michigan, Ohio, indiana, Illinois and Kentucky has more than 190 stores and 60000 employees. Meijer, to provide customers with convenient one-stop shopping experience, greatly saves time and money for customers. Meijer values: 1. Customer: Fred meyer always said: "customers do not need to us, but we need them." In the Meijer we focus more on our customers, in order to meet their various needs. 2, competition, retailing is a need to improve fast paced industry. Meijer is committed to keeping our competition in the market. 3, family: Meijer is a family enterprise. We are committed to strengthening our community service. 4, freshness, Meijer freshness will focus on fresh food, Meijer, spirit of innovation will provide a better service to our customers. 5, safety and health: Meijer provide team members with a safe and healthy environment.

4, Kroger Company The Kroger Company

Kroger Company The Kroger Company is an American, and one of The largest retailers in The world. Kroger company has nearly 340000 employees in 31 states. In 2011, the kroger company has sales of more than $9 billion, kroger company ranked 23rd in the "wealth". We not only on traditional industry continues to grow rapidly in the future, will also be involved in manufacturing, logistics, marketing, finance and human resources and other fields. Kroger and other several big companies joined the 100000 job tasks, to 2020, we will employ more than 100000 service personnel and * *. We held 15 games in 2012 * * recruitment, in order to solve a lot of countries * *. Kroger by "Forbes" magazine's list of America's most generous, kroger company help breast cancer patients, prevention knowledge propaganda and how to prevent breast cancer, to help local schools and community organizations, support obligation activities such as national army retired personnel again obtain employment.

5, Whole Foods, Whole Foods Market

Whole Foods at Whole foodsmarket is a natural and organic food retailers in the United States. Whole foods opened in 1980, had only 19 employees, the company address is located in Austin, Texas. What whole * * don't, he is inside green health food, including does not contain growth hormones and antibiotics in meat and poultry, raw grains and cereals, such as beer and cheese includes other delicious foods, vitamins, and body care products. Whole foods in the United States, Canada and Britain more than 340 retail and retail locations.

6, Publix

Publix is by George w. Jenkins was founded in 1930, is the largest and the fastest growth of supermarket chain. Now, it has grown into the world's top 500 enterprises, with more than 1000 stores in the United States. Publix stores covering the United States of Florida, Georgia, south Carolina, Alabama and Tennessee. Publix company mission is to become the world's largest high-quality food retailer.

7, Red Bull Red Bull GmbH

Red Bull Red  Bull introduced is the world's earliest and most successful one of brands of energy drinks. In 1966, was born in Thailand, red bull vitamin functional drinks so far has more than 40 years of development history. With excellent quality and good reputation, red bull drinks sold worldwide more than 140 countries and regions, firmly global functional drinks industry leading position.

8, King Arthur Flour King Arthur Flour

King Arthur Flour King Arthur Flour was established in Boston in 1790, an American's oldest Flour co., LTD. King Arthur flour for U.S. residents with pure, high quality flour. Now, we are America's largest baking resource center, to provide the best quality of baking products. Contact information: address: 135 US Route 5 South smattering of Vermont telephone: 05055 802 649 3361 802 649 3361, Email: bakers @?, fax: 802 649 3365

9, Worldxml food world

Gourmet recipes estates ( - all kinds of food knowledge base! Gourmet world by hardcore food friend to, share with you wonderful food knowledge. We believe that: only know pay, can harvest.

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The Top Nine best food web in the world(2013):Safeway Safeway is an American supermarket chain. Safeway stores across Canada and the United States now has more than 1600 stores.

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