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The global top 10 industrial product website(2013)

1, LG Electronics, LG Electronics

LG Electronics, LG Electronics is a global electronic products: such as mobile phones, plasma and LCD TV, home appliances, DVD player, home theater systems, and IT products manufacturers.

2, TradeIndia

Tradeindia is an ecommerce site in India. For many businesses to provide various kinds of international and Indian trade commercial information, has tens of thousands of suppliers and buyers of the world's huge database and updated daily information of supply and demand, including 1264 kinds of products directory.

3, W.W. Grainger

Company profile: W.W. Grainger is one of America's industrial supplies, equipment, and repair parts wholesale distributors. W.W. Grainger in 157 countries and regions, with 2.0 enterprises and institutional clients. W.W. Grainger has more than 21446 employees, W.W. Grainger's every day through multiple channels to provide clients with service of 96000 times. W.W. Grainger2011 year sales were $8.1 billion, is a fortune 500 company. Company products: W.W. Grainger has more than 3500 suppliers, to provide customers with more than 1 million categories of products, including: adhesives, electric, fasteners, fleet and car maintenance, heating ventilation and air conditioning engineering, hand tools, hardware, the guard and painting, lighting, material handling, automotive, office furniture and supplies, plumbing, pneumatic and hydraulic, electric tools and metal processing, transmission, pump, raw materials, safety, security, test instrument. Company customer: W.W. Grainger contains multiple areas of the customer, such as infrastructure maintenance, all kinds of scale enterprise and professional institutions. Government clients including government agencies, schools and legal institutions, state and local levels, military facilities, and the United States postal service. Heavy manufacturing clients often involved in petroleum, chemical, wood, metal, rubber and other industries. Light manufacturing customers include furniture, household appliances manufacturers, food and beverage processing equipment and pharmaceutical companies. Retail and wholesale customers include grocery stores, restaurants and local gas station. The contractor customers include contracts for the company's existing facilities maintenance and repair. Business customers include fleet of vehicles maintenance, asset management and clean. Top: chairman, President and chief executive, James Ryan, senior vice President and chief financial officer: Ron Jadin, senior vice President of W.W. Grainger's (American) : Court Carruthers, senior vice President of W.W. Grainger (international) : Mike Pulick, senior vice President of global supply chain: DG "W.W. Grainger's listed on the New York stock exchange and the Chicago stock exchange, stock code for GWW.

4, Uline

Uline is a provide shipping boxes, plastic bags, shipping, storage products, packaging materials distributors in the United States. Uline founded in 1980, Uline H - 101 is the first product carton sizer (still today. Uline today in the United States has more than 3150 employees, Uline in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Allentown, Pennsylvania, Los Angeles, California, Atlanta, Dallas, Texas, Washington, Seattle, Chicago has a distribution center.

5, ThomasNet

ThomasNet is a north American industrial products and services suppliers. ThomasNet, has more than 610000 qualified manufacturers, distributors, MRO supplier and custom manufacturer directory. ThomasNet contains over 1 million kinds of products purchasing. ThomasNet contains millions of 2 d and 3 d CAD model.

6, Otter Box

Otter Otter Box was founded in 1998, the Box is a focus on research and development all kinds of strict and sophisticated consumer electronics to protect shell company. Company executives: founder and * * : curt Richardson, President and chief executive, Brian Thomas.

7, GlobalSpec

GlobalSpec is a in engineering, technology, industry, science and manufacturing professional and industrial marketing provide procurement of the world's leading supplier of digital media solutions. More than 7 million industry members in the use of GlobalSpec, GlobalSpec is in research, product design and procurement process as a trustworthy partner resources. - an online resource engineering, technology, industrial and manufacturing community. Visitors to can browse the products and services suppliers, and consultants, flow control and fluid transmission areas, production and processing equipment, motion and control, and other more information.

8, the National instrument company National Instruments

National Instruments companies in the United States National Instruments for the electronics and telecommunications industry is a supplier of automatic test equipment and software. The national instrument company was established in 1976, is headquartered in Austin, Texas, USA. National instruments companies in the United States in the global more than 40 countries and regions have offices. More than 25000 different companies worldwide use Instruments hardware and software products. Instruments annual r&d spending accounted for 16% of total revenue. Instruments a year 208 with the development of new products, develop a almost every day.

9, Global Industrial Equipment

Is a Global Industrial Equipment provides storage Equipment, material handling, warehousing Equipment, office furniture, packaging supplies, online product catalog and order of Global Industrial supply distributor. Global Industrial Equipment is an affiliated company of Global Industrial Systemax company. Global Industrial Equipment based in Washington, New York harbor in the world. In the past 60 years, Global Industrial Equipment has become the industry leader, with own brand and designer Industrial Equipment and supplies, business all over North America.

10, DirectIndustry

DirectIndustry is a suppliers and buyers around the world to provide industrial equipment, components, and a permanent exhibition of global industrial catalogue website. DirectIndustry is set up in marseille France 17, avenue Andre Roussin - 13016. DirectIndustry is chairman Benoit Thiercelin.

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The global top 10 industrial website(2013):LG Electronics, LG Electronics is a global electronic products: such as mobile phones, plasma and LCD TV, home appliances, DVD player, home theater systems, and IT products manufacturers.

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