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How to survive in the mobile Internet era?

In recent years, the popularity of mobile phones and other mobile devices, the mobile Internet is to lose ground, eroding the traditional Internet, but also quietly changing the users' surfing habits. Coupled with the current news and information on all aspects are voicing support for the mobile Internet, Mab was once lost too, that traditional Internet era has passed. Do not plunge into the mobile Internet, it will be cruel abandonment, oil, however, the sound of a pessimistic. But stop and think over, in fact, things were not so bad, personal websites still have a chance, but the chance of personal website only in the traditional Internet. Maibu here to talk about their own ideas, and you encourage each other hard to force the webmaster.

First, explore the development trend of mobile Internet. Currently there are two main mobile Internet portal channels: one is the browser, the other is the APP application. Competition fro m the current station is, APP applications will be the main entrance, because the major giants are in force in this respect, rarely to be concerned with the browser entry. Maibu think if the browser as the main entrance, then personal website still has a chance, just like on the computer is a routine. But the APP application as the main entrance the words, personal websites on the game. Because APP application development and promotion of personal websites that stand in front of the two mountains, even after as technology evolves, APP application development may become a fool, but can only use the money to promote APP burning, is a personal website is always not the last step of the ridge. Sadly, in the mobile Internet portal options, the initiative is not in the hands of individual owners, but in the hands of BAT and other giants. So Maibu feel personal website bleak future in the field of mobile Internet, mobile Internet and its face gingerly, but also on the Internet if the traditional hard.

The future of personal websites on the Internet or in the traditional, market segments, we should think more about the direction of development in the traditional Internet. Maibu personal feeling, the current social and other aspects of information will be completely captured the mobile Internet, mobile Internet and sometimes because sometimes when convenient, so personal website development in this direction if it would be a dead end. Then the individual sites where the way out it? This is Maibu would like to explore the focus.

Way it can not be replaced in the mobile Internet market segments, such as graphic design, webmaster resources, office documents, etc., we can carefully think about the field is still quite extensive, there should be what you can do. Many people may know that in addition to preferred web directory currently Mab, the new on-line Mimi workers will be an important focal point of our future, is an office document, essay category. Think innocently, summing up the work you write, Xiejian Tao book, written resignation letter, or find sample contracts, the total can not use the phone now. As long as the office and the like, you still can not do without a computer, without the traditional Internet. While many such sites, the competition is fierce, but do ask what kind of current Internet sites less competitive? So the most important thing is to choose a good direction. There is a joke just like to say, dogs and bears a child born, it can only be a bear; while the cat and bear a child born, he called Panda; therefore bear, his choice is how important direction.

Nonsense, said a long time, Mab here just want to throw a primer, so you have more room for imagination webmaster, stick to their positions, do not be fooled by the surface of the news. To be resistant to the traditional Internet live lonely, arrived to live the mobile Internet temptation. Its Pro Yuan Xian fish as retreat webs. Encourage each other. Encourage each other. (Text / Mab)

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How to survive in the mobile Internet era?:In recent years, the popularity of mobile phones and other mobile devices, the mobile Internet is to lose ground, eroding the traditional Internet, but also quietly changing the users' surfing habits.

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