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China Travel Navigation Network - providing travel information, travel accommodations, navigation around the hotel, discount ticket inquiries and other comprehensive tourism knowledge navigation service!

China Travel Tour domain name meanings

URL ( meaning is: 086 on behalf of China, 84 which contains a "represents the most widely used means of transport" means. Tours + navigation mode to establish a new site is to let people travel destination when looking to be more convenient, at the same time be able to find their favorite tourist attractions, and will not, after reaching the attractions as their original beauty, as expected, disappointing and go.

The purpose of China's tourism navigation network

China Travel navigation network online platform dedicated to tourism development, and strive to build China's first online platform for tourism advertising. Given the current attractions line advertising investment, put in enough precision, as well as the characteristics of the slow propagation effects, China Travel homeopathic established navigation network, and has been in a "Chinese tourist attractions first authoritative recommendation platform," the goal of development, so that tourist attractions a small amount of marketing expenses rapid spread across the country can achieve the effect.

China Travel background of the birth navigation network

Domestic tourism is experiencing a tourism and leisure travel two stages of development. Tourism product scarcity and resource dependencies to determine consumer choice of tourists is limited, consumer behavior is passive, scenic and travel agencies in a strong position. In this market environment, product-oriented marketing area is bound to become a dominant choice.

China Travel navigation network ( - make your journey easier!

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China Travel Navigation Network:ChinaTravelNavigationNetwork-providingtravelinformation,travelaccommodations,navigationaroundthehotel,discountticketinquiriesandothercomprehensivetourismknowledgenavigationservice!

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