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Beijing Origin Water Technology Co., Ltd (stock code: 300070,abb: B.O.W.) was founded by Mr. Wen Jianping and other returned oversea experts in 2001. With the registered capital of 549.78 million and net assets of more than 4 billion, it owns 24 branches throughout the country. The main products of B.O.W. are PVDF MF/UF membrane and low pressure RO membrane. In the aspect of membrane technology, the company has over 100 patent technologies. The B.O.W. takes the world's leading membrane water treatment technology which has completely independent intellectual property as the core competitiveness. It is committed to solving the top three water environment problems which are “polluted water, water scarcity and water insecurity”. B.O.W.’s main business area covers the entire water industrial chain: membrane technology R&D and production of complete membrane equipment, treatment of municipal and industrial wastewater, treatment of solid waste and sludge, drinking water treatment, seawater desalination, water engineering construction, water industry investment and financing, and domestic tap water purifying equipments.

Currently, just in the aspect of MBR project, B.O.W. has completed over 1,000 projects, with the total scale of MBR project of over 6million t/d, which can provide over 2 billion tons of high-quality reclaimed water for China every year. B.O.W. participated in Taihu Basin Water System Project, Dianchi District Water System Project, Water System Project of Danjiangkou Conservation Area of Water Supply in South-to-North Water Diversion Project, Beijing Olympics Dragon-Shaped Water System Project, as well as National Grand Theater Water Treatment Project, Gaobeidian Reclaimed Water Plant and other national key water environment treatment projects. It also plays an important role in water environment treatment in new rural construction. B.O.W. has made great contribution to water environment protection in China.

Origin Water is a very important enterprise of good position in water treatment with membrane technology field in China and it ranks the first among the same type of Chinese enterprises. recommend
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1 floor Beijing Origin Water Technology Co., Ltd [*.*.*.*] published in 2014/04/02/ 03:53:00
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Beijing Origin Water Technology Co., Ltd (stock code: 300070,abb: B.O.W.) was founded by Mr. Wen Jianping and other returned oversea experts in 2001.

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