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Talk About the future of Directindustry Web Guide

Directindustry Web Guide is one of the earliest Internet website form hao123 site navigation is one of the cases, the famous hao123, 2345, YAHOO, home of 0460, 360 Web sites, etc.; From the site navigation, YAHOO can see site navigation page yet.

Traditional site navigation are added in the static page link to the site, tools, etc., can quickly after the user is set to the home page to find the target site. This kind of simple, fast spread of url stand to be more and more webmasters as drain traffic means, coupled with rogue software, the Internet home page like a revolving door of transformation.

Although the traditional site navigation has been accepted by a great number of Internet users, but also has many disadvantages:

1, page long browsing difficult

2, service single

3, lack of impartiality

4, serious homogeneity

5, link pages difficult locked safe, and some promotion way is Trojan and mandatory installation of navigation.

Common disadvantages

A: between empty column or page content

2: the wrong link or empty

3: think that the more rich content, the better, lead to too much spam.

4: too many pop-up window/pop-up links, let the user.

5: too passionate about animation or small function, a colorful let users unable to browse.

Six: forcing users to collect or set as home page

Seven: completely in accordance with the law of the search engine to design columns and content, and lose the theme of the site.

Url stand standard:

1, web design, concise, beautiful, stable site, access speed.

2, included the url carefully chosen, only included excellent sites, wide coverage, with convenient at all levels need to users.

3, included the url can not have the reactionary, __, __ inappropriate content or inappropriate content such as website links.

4, the site itself must not contain any viruses, trojans, pop-up plug-in or malicious change others computer Settings.

5, in a regular inspection, maintenance website links all effectively, and to comply with the content of the website service goals.

6, users don't like rogue way shall be used for promotion.

7, web design to adapt to the needs of the development of the Internet, especially the mobile Internet, mobile Internet population growing to the requirement of site navigation. This area is the main site navigation as far as possible according to the wap standard, less images such as dynamic pages.

8, meet the requirements for mobile phone browser window, and the design of mobile phone user friendly website page.

Essential points:

1, the site navigation website, you must have a good domain name, easy to remember.

2 let other webmasters have made landfall, setting up own website interface;

3, provide free content, and the content must be comprehensive;

4, provide diversified user experience.

5, simple interface, because the audience is mostly primary Internet users;

Advantage of development:

That year to master new wealth dream hao123 site navigation website with "simple" created a miracle in China's Internet resources integration, also let site navigation website are all the rage, and imitate hao123 navigation websites abound, instant online computer desktop. Compared to 2011 development environment, personal site navigation website development, not only to face quality content homogeneity, still faces a large portal even browser clients rob. In 2012 the Internet environment, site navigation website development also has three advantages can grasp:

1. The browser client and actually prefer search engine products all over the content and the search direction, range is very wide, but professional degree is not enough, so can make use of this site navigation website, create a professional site navigation website.

2. Although China already has a number of mature Internet users, but in China's 500 million Internet users still have a lot of primary users, such as the site navigation guided into the Internet.

3. Although browser client provides the user with a better user experience, but the site navigation data analysis are mostly based on the user access past record, if there is no access to records for a keyword, then to turn to search product, so the client browser to navigate site, with the impact of but not fatal, seize the loopholes, to create the most professional navigation website, development still exist.

A prominent Chinese navigation website:

1) good 123


The first domestic navigation site, is also the biggest ever traffic station

(2) 360 security site navigation


Internet safety fro m 360 began to follow 360 browser, at the top of the page have a joke

(3) of baidu's url


Simple and reliable access to the Internet navigation

Page is the most simple! Just like in the baidu home page, but only baidu search engine

(4) 114 site navigation


The most practical home page on the Internet

Connected to the 115 browser, interface is mixed and disorderly, not site navigation and information such as news

(5) 369 site


Practical site, surf the web, fro m the beginning of the 369 logo eyes will turn with the mouse position, provide only baidu and Google search engine

These are one of the more well-known station, address not listed one by one, don't know to go look for baidu.

6. The 0430 global library website

The international version of the web site:

The best global station site, site includes hundreds of countries, very practical comprehensive, suitable for people of studying abroad.

Navigation on the 7, 1616

My personalized home page Memo, horoscope, theme Settings page

Today qq site of

Practical site of soso search engine, is associated with tencent

Pet-name ruby Google 265 Internet navigation

Most Chinese people use the computer home page logo it echoes the 368! Closely contact with Google

Attending invite you get to the Internet navigation


China's best mobile phones url site on the Internet, fro m 10 to start!

The most suitable for mobile phone use on mobile devices such as site navigation station.

Navigation station promotion way

In 1999-2004

Website promotion properties: word of mouth, the accumulation of popularity

In 2005-2009

Properties of website promotion: bundling plug-in

Bundling plug-in although let it gained popularity promotion within a short period of time, but it also bring about many negative impacts, bundling plug-in model in the promotion of basic has failed, because several of the security software, including 360 of its intervention is considerable.

In 2007-2010

Website promotion properties: the system package

By itself with the system, in the process of its installation, bring their own modified ie home page

In 2008-2011

Properties: vertical portal website promotion and take software support

Through their own websites or develop their own software to spread the site navigation.

In 2012,

By well-known words to intercept, 43122 site navigation, for example, the site through the AD words like "hao123" to attract users to click on, and then jump to the behavior of the web site.

The development of web site navigation

Single site navigation must be solved in the future service, set up the images of impartiality, compared with the increasingly powerful search engine, provides its unable to provide differentiated services, to get rid of industry predicament in the future.

(1) improve the participation degree of the Internet users to sites.

(2) to form a more open platform website collection and evaluation.

Truly open directory, it should be fro m the site included, as well as a brief introduction of the site itself determine should be discussed by Internet users themselves. Such not only can be more accurate expression and classification, the function of the website can also be in front of the __ Internet information, simplify the online information processing time, better adapt to the development of the Internet in the future. Internet site navigation, insist on the summary of each web site have Internet users to write, and is produced by netizens vote and, in terms of openness made more open than open dmoz directory democratic mechanism, provides a diverse service model and search engine.

(3) the site navigation to innovation.

The world of anything that is not a layer of constant, hidebound, stuck in the past, all to be eliminated. Site navigation in addition to strengthen efforts in convenient and practical aspects, I think you should also comply with the trend, add new functions and application of the two in combination with practical and entertainment. Such as adding online bookmarking function, online to listen to pop songs, equity finance and economics view, humor, the latest news, all kinds of topics and so on. Abroad has been visual navigation at site, and domestic and such site, domestic site navigation launched visual site navigation page. Although visual site navigation website just started, but I believe that this website will soon appear! Site navigation station tomorrow don't is the website of the people to become low technology content.

China has a population of more than 1.3 billion Internet users only about 1/10, 1616, set net, hao123 site navigation sites such as doing, their views are very big, with the influx of new Internet users, formed a sizeable primary Internet market because they have just contact the computer, almost don't use the keyboard, typing speed is slow, so special needs a little can browse the website with the mouse. Site navigation with a convenient and practical, reasonable classification, content lot, less concise advertising etc, welcome in a few years ago, still have the market in the future.

Because site navigation "grassroots" netizens relatively more, also visited the site navigation site compared to other sites, more advertising revenue. Because of the grassroots, to distinguish between advertising and content, easy to contact new things, so the site navigation website advertising value is very high. This is like a school, after off the graduates ushered in the new, in cultivating students is one of the most profitable segment. There is a good income, can use some of the money, buy extension services, continued to expand the site users.

Site navigation, included new stations, audit is strict, but one thing can not be ignored, is the need to include the website add he stood on the link. As everybody knows, link had played a decisive role on rankings, because you want site navigation, included, to add their links, so that led to the site navigation will have a large number of outside the chain, so as to get a better position in the relevant search. Included links will also bring a lot of traffic to the site navigation, if 1000 included site each site every day over 10 IP, it will have 10000 new IP arrived here.

Site navigation can also like sohu website matrix, usually adsense under more than one site, there will be two, or more, when the site navigation, your other website of matrix flow is always in a circle of dantian, ensure that the user is not lost.

Because the site navigation do not need to buy the copyright, also do not need, such as movies, music consuming bandwidth of the server, at ordinary times you just need to add and review some websites, maintenance cost is low.

The rapid development of search engine, and the site navigation repellency, combined with the already successful site navigation has a mature development strategy, strong capital, so new start site navigation, it is difficult to seize more market don't blindly follow suit to make such site.

The present situation of the site navigation

The Internet has been the site navigation and low technology content, so that the emergence of a large number of homogeneous imitator and site navigation itself also increased because of the Internet users use the Internet, and the search engine's power and slowly lost historical stage is considered, with the hao123 and 265 have baidu and Google bought by the fact that more and more people think that there is the bottleneck of terminal to site navigation, eventually may also be portal or the fate of the search features.

Site navigation is also more and more service single, lack of impartiality, severe homogeneity and so on a series of problems of its own, the site navigation pattern basic formed a few doors like:

(1) to hao123, 2345, 0460, the home of the site, such as 265 site attached to search or established portal site navigation.

(2) to 360 security website, 114 la, invite you to get to the Internet navigation independent operation of the site navigation, etc.

(3) to baidu website daquan, sogou site navigation and search engine yahoo sites of itself under the system of site service web site navigation.

(4) by the navigation of circulating on the Internet source, appropriate modifications, into their own.

(5) layout in his personality.

(6) is given priority to with leather vertical search site navigation navigation website, is service in all areas of vertical navigation website.

The purpose of the site navigation

Whole-hearted service, good faith first, quality for the truly let the users name their own site navigation fro m the heart.

The classification of site navigation

Comprehensive site navigation: this kind of site navigation is a popular site navigation, included the url for most Internet users to use.

Representative has: hao123 site, site navigation, 2345 114 site navigation, 0460 family of websites, etc.

Industry site navigation: is a kind of industry division of site navigation, only included one or more related web site, is suitable for the personnel engaged in a certain industry, also according to the national economy industry classification catalogue of site navigation.

Local site navigation: unlike industry site navigation such site navigation is not divided according to industry but according to area, detailed included a local website url.

Global site navigation: sites worldwide, covering a wider.

Representative has: global websites library (0430. com).

Personality site navigation: a personal ideas or has a flexible customization capabilities by the user's web site navigation.

Representative has: dongdong url, etc

Visual site navigation: a alternates with pictures and text site navigation, is also a trend of future site navigation website.

Representative has: optimal navigation, mykeshi, home of the logo, etc.

Vertical site navigation: a certain industry sites, such as financial, business, shopping, high-end users, etc.

Scientific research and academic site navigation: an intellectual property, patent, disciplines, scientific research as a whole, for developers to build web site navigation, is also a unique site navigation field.

Multilayer three-dimensional visualization site navigation: show the Chinese website is only a window, don't drop down, no advertising, Internet users the most commonly used web site to the iconic LOGO image or animation display in the central area, divided into around 60 categories, each categories as a layer, with multi-layer visualization. Users need not click or enter text, namely on the classification of light around move the mouse to display the LOGO under the category of common web sites or animation, is stereo and dynamic website interactivity.

Site navigation market is facing reshuffle, vertical navigation website arises at the historic moment.

With the vigorous development of the network, the site navigation market has become increasingly mature and prosperous, as web sites and information retrieval tools, site navigation have become the main entrance of Chinese Internet users access to the Internet, its importance cannot be small peep. Since the predominantly hao123 site home site navigation after success, the market value of the navigation sites began to be found by people and recognition, has attracted more and more people imitate and follow suit, the site navigation net quantity big increase, facing the industry reshuffle.

Site navigation in the rapid development of the market at the same time, yinde countless companies follow suit bow in homage, many well-known enterprises have to enter the field of navigation, such as introducing sogou sohu site navigation, 360 launched 360 security site navigation, tencent QQ launched QQ site navigation, taobao launched a new site navigation, etc., many small and medium-sized site navigation also have sprung up. Each big companies break into increasing number, web site, increase market competitiveness, make of the growing problem of site navigation market, navigation market competition intensifying, and navigation at full access to a piece of the red sea, the traditional pattern of integrated navigation at encounter severe challenges.

Comprehensive site navigation bureau is imminent, combined with the traditional but complex of integrated navigation, have been unable to meet the personalized needs of users, the user demand for personalized site navigation has become more and more urgent, vertical navigation website is for the specific requirements of a particular area or the crowd of professional web site navigation.

Once upon a time, the success of the 123 made webmasters of crowding up, only to get a slice of this action. Gradually, however, people gradually found that copy website is very simple, can copy the successful experience of others is not so simple. Web site launched easily, has become a big problem which can be promoted. Therefore, site navigation station, success is only hao123, 1616, 114, la, 265339, etc. The Hao123 and 1616, 114 la although late, but its success is obvious, because 114 la is the influence of wind rain forest with software, promote the binding, this also is a kind of release of resources.

Since the popularization, comprehensive site navigation station can't development, webmasters and started a new thinking and exploration. Navigation navigation, should help users to improve their knowledge level, it can reflect the real value of the station. Integrated navigation station is not like a universal navigation lay particular stress on the characteristics of the service life is difficult to development, but it can do this - a subject professional station was born. Better arrangement on the content level, so the user in order to learn better and more professional knowledge, through your station, you can easily know how to increase their professional knowledge.

With the development of Internet, web site navigation station is also gradually evolved to the station by integrated navigation station evolved into the classification of fine professional field. Integrated navigation station has said or done, basic professional navigation station is also full of vitality, reveal the vitality. Its classification system compared with traditional comprehensive site navigation station, made some adjustment, that is a good area and position the site the combination of the properties and content, more convenient one type of user, help them to better understanding the profession knowledge, improve their ability.

In this kind of fixed profit model, development under the condition of fixed, site navigation station along with the development of the Internet is also in development, to apply to more Internet population. Here, my a little heart, for your reference.

A website development and profit separately. To avoid the immediate interests, ignore the further development of the site. Because the website successful decisions in the hands of users, rather than the interests of the people for you.

2. Have their own characteristics, highlight the characteristics of their own. Don't just imitate others' successful experience, because since it is experience that has been in the past, when you use the experience of others, others have had more experience of realizing leap-forward development.

The first three. The user experience. Actually this is a summary of former 2. Integrated navigation station or professional website, website user experience is the parent of success. Often to the identity of the user to look at the website, efforts to promote website potential value.

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Talk About the future of Directindustry Web Guide:Directindustry Web Guide is one of the earliest Internet website form hao123 site navigation is one of the cases, the famous hao123, 2345, YAHOO, home of 0460, 360 Web sites, etc.

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