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In future, Humanity will live in virtual reality
You certainly thought about this question: Will we actually live in a virtual reality of it? Will you know everyone is just a computer game character do?

For a long time, scientists and philosophers have been debating this issue. In recent months, Elon Musk (Elon Musk) and Neil Dege Las Tyson (Neil deGrasse Tyson) have raised the possibility that vision may be much higher than you think.

The TV host Bill Nye (Bill Nye) now also joined the camp. He also noted that due to the complex nature of virtual reality, we may never know the truth.

According to Bill? Nye said, whether we live in a virtual reality, the basic question is "can not find the answer."

"Whoever prepared this virtual program is or what kind of super-entity, they can make this process becomes very intricate, even if your memory is programmed by the virtual machine itself is out of the result."

Therefore, you may never really find out whether we are just a big computer game characters.

Bill? Nye said that as creators of virtual reality and virtual reality have such characteristics, "they can make virtual reality has become extremely complex, we simply no way to tell."

He cited an example: If a person was living in a room, the outside world knew nothing, then the person's thinking on the "do not have the ability to discern the outside world, unless there is a problem where the job." .

Just a few weeks ago, SpaceX Corporation and Tesla CEO Elon of this discussion? Maske has just pointed out that we "may" positive living in a computer simulation program.

Musk in the Code Conference organized by the Conference of Southern California, said that only "one billion" The possibility of us do not live in a virtual reality.

In addition, he also believes that computer game technology has developed to a high level, it is difficult to distinguish between games and reality.

"We may live in a virtual reality, I think that the most favorable evidence as described below," he said at the conference "40 years ago, we invented Pong (a puzzle game similar to pinball tables), which only two games and a triangular composition point, this is our time level. Today, 40 years later, the game has developed very realistic, millions of people simultaneously online, and it is to continue to progress every year . "

"Soon, we will be added to the virtual reality, and augmented reality."

"If there is room for improvement, it is the future of the game will become increasingly unable to distinguish reality and even if it does not matter greatly reduced the pace of development."

"We are now in the development path is to let the game becomes difficult to distinguish between reality and, therefore, only a billionth of a possibility that we live in the 'real basis' (base reality) in."

"Maybe we should want to live in the virtual world of. Otherwise, if you stop the progress of civilization, it may be because there have been some catastrophic event, prevents civilization forward."

Musk believes that in either case, we will build it difficult to distinguish between true and false virtual world, "Otherwise civilization will cease to exist sooner or later."

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In future, Humanity will live in virtual reality:You certainly thought about this question: Will we actually live in a virtual reality of it? Will you know everyone is just a computer game character do?

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