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Diii helps you manage your notifies easily, and you can add or remove notifies with the batch tool. you can use a custom sound as the notification sound, notify you to do something such as going to sleep, it works nice even your iPhone is locked.


helps you getting all images that appear on webpages. you can use it to track image requests in the webpage, nicely display them in the split view, save or share the sel ected images.


Diii Plan
Diii Plan

helps you manage your countdown plans, you can add reminds at a specified time, such as 5 minute or last 5 minutes, you will get a human voice time report at the time.


Diii can make you enjoy the time:

- Hourly time report for you
- Custom time to make a sound tips
- Featured multi-lingual time report voices
- Silent mode and quick on/off make it easy to manage
- Record your voice to make a voice tips
- Share your time report voice to the world
- Every languages in the world can be used for time report after sel ected by editors

bug report to
contact QQ: 1256273755

What can Diii do?

Diii can notice you with a sound at the time you setted. So you can choose a sound you like, or you can choose a voice that reporting a time. The voice you recorded can be played after you open the notification.
How to play my voice?

a sound which not included by the app, can not be used as the sound of any notifications , the voice you recorded can be played after you open the notification.
Did not received notifications?

you should permit diii to use notification, check the setting of iOS.
Got notification but no sound?

Silent Mode OR your device set to Vibrate mode will make this happened.
Can I join Diii?

You can join us by providing time reporting voice or making a translation of your language. if you are someone famous, users may want your voice for time reporting.
not the sound you sel ected on Apple Watch?

Custom notification sounds on Apple Watch are currently not supported.
How to work with Apple Watch?

About notifications on your Apple Watch
If your iPhone is unlocked, you get notifications on your iPhone, instead of your Apple Watch.
If your iPhone is locked or asleep, and your Apple Watch is unlocked and on your wrist, you get notifications on your Apple Watch.

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Welcome you to visit our website!
Diii tool:Diii helps you manage your notifies easily, and you can add or remove notifies with the batch tool.

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