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Renqiu Aochen International Co., Ltd.

We are a flooring specialist and have worked in the flooring industries for over 10 years. Our product range includes rubber flooring, PVC flooring, and artificial grass just to name a few.

Our moulded product range is extensive and very competitively priced, and we have developed a variety of different moulds for our customers.

We extensively export our products to world-wide including Europe, Asia, Australia, and America.

Our goal is to be the market leader and build long term relationships with our customers.

As a rubber mat manufacturer, we provide playground rubber tile, rubber sheet flooring, swing mat, PVC flooring.

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1 floor Renqiu Aochen International Co., Ltd [*.*.*.*] published in 2018/01/10/ 04:50:00
Welcome you to visit our website!
Renqiu Aochen International Co., Ltd:As a rubber mat manufacturer, we provide playground rubber tile, rubber sheet flooring, swing mat, PVC flooring.

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