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Red Avenue was founded in 1999, is one of the important global tire rubber chemical material supply and service providers.
With more than ten years of hard work and exploration, Red Avenue group, which is not only the sole agent of global well-known chemical company, has become a comprehensive enterprise that includes marketing, logistics, information interaction, technical support, R&D, and production. In retrospect, three factors have contributed to our growth.
Strength of Industry: The rapid expansion of the rubber and tire industries has enabled us to rise quickly; and the sustainable nature of these industries also provides us with a vast space for continuously pursuing more strategic growth.
Constant Development: We didn’t stop with cross- border trade achievements, but by taking it as the entry point, we have expanded towards the upper industry chain. We have established our industry position through the integration of production, research and sales, which ensures that we will always possess strategic depth against competition.
Proper operation anchor: We insist in discovering and leading domestic or foreign customers’ needs through an international perspective, and also meeting fast growing domestic needs through global supply chain management. It is this deep understanding of both China and international markets that enables Red Avenue’s continuous progress.
Looking into the future, Red Avenue Group will transform itself fro m the startup to the sustainable growth phase. We will continue to adhere to our three growth factors, further develop our strategic position, implement a roadmap for the new phase, and clarify our culture and value. So Red Avenue Group can always move in the right direction while maintain the growth momentum.
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1 floor Red Avenue [*.*.*.*] published in 2018/06/12/ 05:09:00
Welcome you to visit our website!
Red Avenue was founded in 1999, is one of the important global tire rubber chemical material supply and service providers.

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