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Baozun is the famous brand E-commerce business partner, and a leading digital technology and solution company in China.

We are the leading brand E-commerce solutions provider in China, our integrated capabilities encompass all aspects of the E-commerce value chain covering IT solutions, store operations, digital marketing, customer services, warehousing and fulfillment. We help brand exe cute their E-commerce strategies in China by selling their goods directly to customers online or by providing services to assist with their E-commerce operations. Our business ranges fro m China’s largest online shopping platforms – Tmall and, as well as social mobile shopping malls, to brands’ official stores and off-line smart stores. Rooted in the evolving digital business, driven by technology, we dig into each area of supply chains, make customized solutions for brands, and build a communication bridge with customers.

Technology is the essence of future retail, and is, our DNA. By integrating cloud computing, big data, and AI technology, we continuously invest to build a leading e-commerce technology platform.

Baozun was founded at Shanghai, China in year 2006. Over the past ten years, we have branches spread all over Hangzhou, Beijing, Hongkong and Taiwan, with overseas offices located in Japan, Korea and the USA.

Baozun was listed on NASDAQ in May, 2015, marking a new chapter of expansion toward global market. According to 2017 Brand E-commerce Service Industry Report released by iResearch, Baozun has gained dominative market advantage with a market share of 25%, ranking first in the whole industry with a size nearly three times larger than the company ranking second.

Baozun has delivered huge success with brands to localize their digital strategy in China market. With a leading global vision and the localized. recommend
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Baozun|the leading brand E-commerce solutions provider:Baozun is the famous brand E-commerce business partner, and a leading digital technology and solution company in China.

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