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RBTA Robot Automation Technology Co., Ltd. is a company dedicated to providing high-end factory automation technology solutions, equipments and services to customers in the field of salt, food, beverage and wine, pharmaceuticals, daily chemicals, home appliance, 3C, machine building, automobile and so on.
RBTA's products and solutions include visual systems, automated assembly systems, automated test systems, automated packaging systems, and industrial robotic base applications, all based on industry international design standards and delivery standards.
The R & D and program teams in Netherlands and China are responsible for providing professional, rapid technical advice and program design to their clients; and implementing the projects in Shunde city of China.
The RBTA's team has many years of domestic and overseas experiences in European and American well-known robotics and automation technology companies, including but not limited to the German BOSCH Group, the Swiss ABB Robot, the German SIEMENS Group and so on; the team has served many well-known customers at home and abroad with rich experiences in intelligent manufacturing.
The research and development of international vision and experience, high cost performance and perfect after-sales service are the core competitive ability of RBTA. RBTA always ensures that the most reasonable technical solutions are provided to customers, and strictly implements the standard of quality delivery on time, provides quality products and services of international quality and speed of China.
Now the company has a number of patented technology and software copyright. The company has received a number of honors, including but not limited to: China Federation of Returned Technology Innovation Award (Buyou), and many other best supplier awards.

We believe that creating value for customers is the basis for the development of our company, and we should adhere to the values of first and long-term benefits, and contribute to the intelligent manufacturing of customers at home and abroad.

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1 floor RBTA Robot Automation Technology Co., Ltd [*.*.*.*] published in 2019/06/17/ 03:54:00
Welcome you to visit our website!
RBTA Robot Automation Technology Co., Ltd. is a company dedicated to providing high-end factory automation technology solutions.

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