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Nanjing Uniquekids is an international high end kindergarten brand belonging to XiShang Education Group built by kids education expert Dr. Xu Jingyuan. It lies in Minmetal Nine Treasure Terrace grand society, adjacent to Fang Mountain. Surrounded by naturally beautiful Fang Mountain and educational atmosphere of University Town, Uniquekids builds its core value of "Respect kids character, Nurture kids nature" to give you a noble kindergarten in which your kids will enjoy international education concepts and embrace globally advanced new courses.

Uniquekids For we know your kids are unique!

Core Values For your kids will be nurtured with our love, accompanied with our professional education team, and become preeminent in happiness.

Goals We will give you global view kids of open curiosities, charming enthusiasm, good health and ingenious intelligence.

Creative Courses.

Core Curricula: 12 study centers - Science Research Center, Arts and Crafts Center, Music Rhythm Center, Mechanical Structuring Center, Folks Games Center, Language and Body Language Center, Mathematic and Logic Center, Opera and Role Play center, etc. Over 100 study centers for kids to choose, to learn, to operate, to feel and to experience. They will learn over 300 key experience by the real time support of teachers.

Individualized Curricula: Diversified optional courses such as Golf, Taekwondo, Soccer, Chess of Go, Piano, Drum, Koto, Storytelling, Dance, etc. They will incite different kids to learn and study by their own favorite choices, and grow into their best by teachers' coaching.

Extended Projects: From time to time we will hold Forest Day, Western Style Dinner Etiquette Day, Laundry Day, Society Experience Day, Traditional Culture Day, etc. These experience will help kids understand the society, learn their lives, and expand their views.

Unique Courses to grow your kids.

Mixture Learning: Flexible courses to encourage kids to interact with each other and make friends. They will learn how to lead, how to follow and how to join. The mixture of different ages will help them learn how to share, how to help and how to take responsibilities.

Per Curriculum per kid: Individual curriculum for all kids by understanding them and their knowledge level. Their difference will be respected and thus they will be taught. Above traditional class study model, we advance in team sharing study and mutual cooperation study.

Grow with your kids: Open curricula model to encourage parents to join routine courses. Parents values are respected and parents involvement have become a stronghold to grow your kids and your family. Parents will see and be part of the growth of the kids.

Unique caring services.

6S Catering & Accommodation: Our services are seriously managed by 6S hotels management model. All linens and supplies for kids living in kindergarten are taken care of by different professional teams, including sorting, replacement, cleaning and sanitizing.

Kindergarten Bus: Scheduled pick up and drop off services using New Energy Bus.

Elegant Etiquette Everywhere: For kids to understand culture and meals, Chinese and Western food styles. Their etiquette will be built fro m within.

Meet your teachers in every class: 3 teachers and 1 nurse.

Full time Foreign teachers of mother language English, with TEFL certificate.

Assistant teachers of CET-6 certificate.

Chinese teachers of different excellent specialty.

Nurses with rich experience.

Education research team of all Ph.D degrees.
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Welcome you to visit our website!
Nanjing Uniquekids is an international high end kindergarten brand belonging to XiShang Education Group built by kids education expert Dr. Xu Jingyuan.

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