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Founded in 2014, KK World has been the community of contents and the platform of original IP in China with its app Kuaikan Comics. The core strategy of KK World at present is “IP + Community”. By July 2019, the user number of KK Comics has exceeded 200 million in total, with over 40 million active users per month, accounting for over half of the comics market.

The mission of KK World is to bring happiness and touch to the woid. The company is committed to cultivate excellent authors and providing affecting and positive contents of high quality for hundreds of millions of users. The company now has 3000 authors and over 3000 works, and has cooperated with more than 200 content providers.

The vision of KK World is to become a super entertainment company in the future. The company has made remarkable progress in commercialization such as IP development, advertising, content payment, games and e-commerce. Among them, the co-produced movie Take My Brother Away, adapted fro m comics, has achieved nearly 400 million box office.

KK World attaches great importance to technology investment and actively explores the frontier technology in content industry. AI technology and big data analysis are used to promote the expansion of content creation capability, improve the distribution efficiency of content industry, and accelerate the integration of content industry and the Internet.

In August 2019, KK World received $125 million investment fro m Tencent, with the cumulative financing reaching nearly ¥2.5 billion.
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Founded in 2014, KK World has been the community of contents and the platform of original IP in China with its app Kuaikan Comics.

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