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Bole auction LLC, Gansu province on June 22, 1998 during the eight-year, the company implemented the People's Republic of China auction law, always follow the "openness, fairness, impartiality and good faith, the highest bid" auction purposes, auctions, auctions in Northwest is committed to fostering awareness, to promote auctions in Northwest China has made great contributions to the development of the industry.

This company is the people's Government of Gansu province confirmed that specifies the property auction company (Gan Zheng letter [, 2002]60), in the People's Republic of China within the scope allowed by laws and policies, self-organization and conduct of the auction, China auction industry association was awarded a grade auction enterprises. Company is now installed in a room three: Office Department, Business Department, art Department, the network; national certified auctioneer 4, national registered agent 3, 5 people for the cultural relics appraisal professional. State registered motor vehicle appraiser 1 and related professionals and a number of distinguished expert advisers formed a strong professional company technical force and the expert advisory team.

Office Automation has been achieved within the enterprise, is the first company to apply for a domain name auction companies (Bole auction: According to the China auction industry association, released July 28, 1999 [1999], document, the company officially became a member of China auction industry association. Are Lanzhou city, Gansu province cultural industry association member, pawn and auction Committee members. Is the cultural agents of Gansu province artists Association.

Company with domestic and foreign customers and peers to establish international Internet information network system, with provincial dimensional information Northwest companies work together to create the first international Internet auction site (Bole auction: www.blpm.CN), opened first online payments in the Northwest "Netcom" System. Company created a second patent auction business. Company followed "public, and fair, and just, and honest credit, and price high who have" of industry guidelines, for national legal, and regulations provides allows range within of various auction, and marked sold, and intermediary service, and business agent, and various identification, and assessment and the international interconnect information network auction, and marked sold transceiver spread, business, company dedicated for buyers and sellers service, perennial accept justice, and administrative law enforcement sector recovery of booty and confiscated items, and debt disputes law mortgage of property; bank loan mortgage items, and pawn industry of full goods products; intellectual property, and Intangible assets, new technologies, new products, fixed assets and current assets of the bankrupt enterprise property rights transfer land use right transfer, auction, real estate; transfer of administrative institutions necessary; telecommunications, without the goods in the transport sector, heritage arts, treasures, collectibles such as a variety of other delegates at auction. Welcome advice and commissioned.

Bole auction limited liability company is willing to work for the community and new friends to provide adequate services to maximize the value of your product and help. Contact Bole auction LLC, Gansu province address: Gansu · Lanzhou West Road No. 460 long Theatre Tel: (0931), 2,336,686 legal representative: Zhang Lequn fax: (0931) postal code: 730,050 auction Web site: www.blpm.CN e-mail: mail.blpm.CNGlobal Websites:

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1 floor Gansu Bole auctions LLC [*.*.*.*] published in 2013/05/20/ 06:00:00
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Gansu Bole auctions LLC:Bole auction LLC, Gansu province on June 22, 1998 during the eight-year, the company implemented the People's Republic of China auction law, always follow the openness, fairness, impartiality and good faith, the highest bid auction purposes, auctions, auctions in Northwest is committed to fostering awareness, to pr..

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