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YesWeibo (micro-dream network technology) focusing on micro-blogging service, providing professional and Enterprise microblogging microblogging marketing operation services; upended the traditional way of marketing, Word of mouth marketing, event planning, entering the era of micro-. Service content micro-Bo marketing fans interactive, and precision advertising put, and activities marketing products publicity, and marketing planning, and advertising promotion activities planning, and activities implementation, and copy creative, and hot marketing, crisis PR and marketing, Enterprise micro-Bo operation Enterprise official micro-Bo, and leaders micro-Bo, and customer service micro-Bo, and products micro-Bo, and market micro-Bo, micro-Bo account registered, and certification, Enterprise micro-Bo fans gathered, and interactive and Exchange Enterprise micro-Bo daily management (micro-Bo publishing, and forward, and comments and topic,) Enterprise micro-Bo content positioning, and activities planning, and activities implementation, and

Copy Enterprise microblogging client services, including creative, advertising, marketing, public relations, corporate branding and Twitter image build and enhance the micro-dream network technology limited company of Shenzhen (hereinafter referred to as YesWeibo) is a professional microblogging business emerging social new media companies on the Internet.

YesWeibo based on the spirit of professional services through professional research, market insight and analysis of effective project management mechanism of creativity and planning, improve customer service, to provide enterprises with effective cooperation promotion, Internet marketing, e-commerce online gaming operations, brand strategy, marketing, public relations planning, micro-blogging application development professional, targeted marketing services such as content. YesWeibo is headquartered in Shenzhen, set up in 2011, is a fast-growth startups. In Hong Kong, Guangzhou has established a branch, headquarters of Tian an Cyber Park, Futian District, Shenzhen now has a staff of more than 50 employees, covers an area of 600 square meters, divided into technical, market, operates three branches.

And will set up sales offices in all major first-tier cities, providing professional Internet marketing services for customers throughout the country.

Our mission is to lead the age of WEB3.0 tide of social media marketing, to build China's leading Internet social media enterprise.

Our corporate values are talent first, customers first, innovation, results-oriented, loving solidarity and modesty.
Fan support we have the advantage of more than 30 million Internet users, Shauna, Yang Mi, Huang Xiaoming, small Shenyang, judge Gao, Yu Quan, Sammi Cheng, Nicky Wu, Pan Changjiang and other celebrities are all fan of our company.

Abundant capital and Internet industry chains in the huge partnership network with the support of our rapid development. Culture of human technology makes our urgent need of talents. Our team is young, vibrant, and we continue to explore building the stage for young people and we work hard together. If you have ideal and ambition, who in the area of social media to make a difference, what are you waiting for? Join our team!

We are open-minded, you are welcome to join! Contact us employment: co: enterprises QQ:800031330 markets customer service address: Shenzhen Tian an science and Technology Park, chegongmiao, Futian District, block b, room 406-408Please attention siteurl: the excellent global sites

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yesweibo is live website

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