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Fenghuang ancient town culture tourism investment company limited official website (, Fenghuang ancient city, is the most comprehensive and authoritative travel information platform.

The Millennium town, cultural town, historic town, holiday destination. On October 14, 2001, the huanglong cave Investment Co Ltd and Phoenix County people's Government formally signed the eight scenic Fenghuang County, Hunan province (dot) contract operation rights transfer, to 936 million Yuan contract stating the amount of access right to operate eight attractions of Fenghuang County for 50 years. Under the contract, management and development of Phoenix's eight scenic (dot) Fenghuang ancient town culture tourism investment company limited operating officially on January 1, 2002. Company registered capital: 30 million Yuan; registered location: xiangxi State Fenghuang County Tuojiang Town; corporate representative: Ye Wenzhi Phoenix City culture tourism investment Corporation took over Fenghuang County eight large scenic (points) yihou, with new of operating concept and management means, relying on funds, and talent advantage, in increased scenic based facilities construction, and improve scenic service quality of while, full played company of brand shaping and market promotion capacity, and Government, and media working together, success planning and hosted has "Phoenix —

China history culture city Beijing press conference ", and" new youth — Phoenix Special Edition ", and" Phoenix City happy of Brigade ", and" from text culture section — Phoenix City Award-winning essay contest ", and" Phoenix City National photography Grand Prix ", and" South wall — in the Han go Invitational ", series of large activities, are can be described as" chess line Earth, world Phoenix ", quickly to improve has Phoenix of visibility and reputation degrees, success to will Phoenix tourism push Shang" express road ". By the end of December 2005, Fenghuang ancient town culture tourism investment Co Ltd marketing investment of 36 million Yuan, total Government transfer of power of management costs, city infrastructure construction costs amounted to 160 million dollars. Good market return on investment: four-year total of 5.73 million tourists trips, total operating income of 99.67 million Yuan, equivalent to taking over the former Phoenix 2001 operating income more than 60 times. 2006 Fenghuang company continues to maintain its high growth, the business has been more powerful momentum, tourists of 3.16 million passengers for the year, revenues exceeded 50 million Yuan. In 2007 is expected to be a tourism revenue of 85 million worth —1 billion.

Fenghuang company became worthy of xiangxitujiazumiaozuzizhizhou enterprises. Phoenix has become the tourism industry a "flagship". 5 years from 2002-2006, over a total of more than 20 party and State leaders came to Phoenix visit, in November 2005, the inscription by Wu Bangguo, Chairman of the Phoenix: "Phoenix beauty in the world". "The world Phoenix" brand has been popular, widely known. Fenghuang 2003—2004 year two years in a row was named China's tourism "ten best", 2004 was declared by many media "China top 50 attractions", and Lijiang, Pingyao, Shanxi and Yunnan as famous as "three ancient city in China." In 2005, he was awarded the Hunan top ten cultural heritage, making Taiwan the "nine most worth to China town" topped, and NHK television with the Lijiang old town is world famous media promotion as "world town". Fenghuang ancient city has been included in the Declaration of the Ministry of culture, 2006 reserve list for world cultural heritage. Fenghuang company Chairman Ye Wenzhi, has won the "second China Design Award", "award for outstanding contribution to tourism", "the ten men of China tourist" and other honorary titles.

Fenghuang ancient City Corporation has also been provincial, State and County grants "best tourism enterprise", "advanced enterprise culture and tourism", "defends the contract heavy credit enterprise", "Advanced private enterprise in employment and social security," "provincial tax credit level a unit" and other titles. Phoenix tourism of fast growth great to promote has local of economic development, tourism industry economic income by 2001 of more than 74.3 million Yuan upgrade to 2005 of 550 million, directly provides more than 18,000 multiple employment post; Phoenix tourism of development not only for Fenghuang County, and xiangxi area of employment and re-employment engineering ordered for up to has active effective of promote role; also led has breeding and planting of development, tourism has became Fenghuang County poverty storming of leading and pillar industry, For the adjustment of agricultural industry structure in Western Hunan to find new ways.

At the same time, through effective protection and rational development, both to protect ecological diversity, and protecting the ecological integrity of national culture, including history, civilization and culture tourism resources and full excavation and display of regaining vitality, shine. Government led, and market operation, and company operating cooperation situation according to Fenghuang County Municipal People's Government competent investment of Deputy County, and County culture tourism industry development led group deputy leader Zhu Yijin describes: Fenghuang County put belongs eight large scenic attractions (equivalent to County tourism resources of half) ownership and right effective separation out, is to through civil capital of inputs and civil wisdom of participation, put scenic of resources advantage, put Government has created of location advantage, put foreign of funds, and talent, and management advantage,

Through the market and interest in these demon integration, bringing the State tax, enterprise efficiency and increased profits for investors, enabling enhanced productivity as a whole. Fenghuang County in 2001 was not yet formed, actually is a Government to receive travel and annual ticket income of less than 1 million Yuan, annual reception costs nearly 2 million Yuan. Fenghuang ancient town tourism company limited operate on pipes in the first year, invested heavily in improving the infrastructure in scenic spots and step up publicity and promotion, company Chairman Ye Wenzhi, using their talents and passions in China tourism interpretation of a "Phoenix miracle". In 2002, after carefully packaged, careful defense of the Phoenix attracted 900,000 foreign tourists visitors achieve the tourism income of 110 million, tourism and hospitality respectively, tourism revenue in 2001 increased by a factor of 5 times. Meanwhile, Phoenix's tourism industry grow, relevant industries are rapidly driving: respectively within the 2002 Phoenix investment tourism businessmen to 16, reaching 760 million yuan in investment; Hotel from early development by the end of the 11 218; more than for a local creating employment-employment opportunities to more than 6,000. Fenghuang ancient town culture tourism investment Corporation paid 100 million yuan of operation right transfer fee and construction funds, is the Fenghuang County Government to improve the tourism infrastructure, strengthening of cultural relics protection, raising the level of operation and management easier.

Speaking of Phoenix City Government and the company's present and future relations, Deputy Magistrate Chu "happily, with the ship spent" eight words were highly summarized.

Because of a close relationship of cooperation, "the marriage of Dragon and Phoenix" "strong woman", Teng Wancui the current Party Secretary of the original Phoenix Phoenix County Red China, Fenghuang County, the County Government leaders attach great importance to tourism, tourism as a pillar industry of the Phoenix building, improving leadership, fruitful work has been done to optimize the tourism environment.

1, and on tourism industry of led way from command gradually to guide **ual changes, from "operating type" Government to "service type" Government changes, increased has in tourism development process in the some functions sector due to focus on local interests, negative to treats Enterprise difficult of problem, failed to full fulfil themselves of duties, slowed tourism enterprise of development speed, discord homonym breaks of treatment efforts, the functions Council full fulfil themselves of duties, and terms, for tourism enterprise operating owners created loose of operating environment.

2, speed up the construction of historical and cultural blocks so that it tried to show the culture of Ming and Qing times flavour; increase the Tuo rivers and streams, the River construction, renovation, and again "beautiful mountains on stilts, sound of water Willow wooden club" cultural conception, efficient mining, lifting Phoenix tourism brand cultural connotations. 3, and increased has involved Brigade industry of regulatory efforts, strengthening has tourism law enforcement team of construction, on travel agency, and guide personnel of management strictly by Hunan province tourism management regulations under implementation, against "zero tour", and "negative tour", cut condition race, and private took high rebate, and disrupt market acts; on hotel accommodation industry appeared of price chaos, and free were mixed of phenomenon take specification management, by tourism management sector handle card as, and prices sector specification price, make some quality lower of operators in interests of more moving Xia appeared of "infringement operating

"," The private rebate "," strong buy strong selling "frauds, such as tourists, effectively curb serious damage the tourism image of Phoenix.

4, and increased has environmental protection, and city health management, and law enforcement efforts, by County County Government led, I Phoenix City company hosted of two items Lee County Limin of hearts engineering, and build city card of image engineering —— da river dredging engineering, and Phoenix City sanitation team formed, and took over work, on light of, and landscaping Phoenix City, and promotion tourism to depth development are up to has active of promote role.

Main content and scale of construction describes Fenghuang ancient town culture tourism investment Co Ltd, to adapt to changes in the tourism market, Phoenix tourism for sustainable, long-term, steady and rapid development, the company will continuously mining the inner variable resources, speeding up of tourism excellence in scenic, diverse, multi-layered process of product development and facility construction, building of historical and cultural city-quality Acura. 1, Liang Dong and odd scenic spot Eco-Park. Project location in odd beam hole, covers an area of 30 acres. After the completion of the Eco-Park will melt mountain, cave, stream, field, landscape and tourism open space, parking in one. Tour of this project not only widen the Qi Liang Dong, also surprising bridge overall layout, planning and construction of the village lay the Foundation.
Entire parking initial investment of about 22 million dollars. 2 commercial Street, South of the great wall and the relevant ancillary facilities construction projects. Tour road along the ramparts near the mountain building, upon completion of the Mall or to meet the needs of visitors to shopping and rest, and properly address the needs of local villagers sell agricultural and sideline products, and employment.
The project is expected to invest 8 million Yuan. 3, Phoenix large virtual landscape performance projects. Construction site in Fenghuang ancient city near the village of Kam ping, covers an area of 50 acres. Investment in this project aims: to natural landscapes for the background of the stage show, with high-tech instruments on Phoenix local customs, myths and legends, history and legends, music resources, and human resources to perform and interpret. "Harmony" effects, after Chinese and foreign tourists to experience the charm of the old town, but also enjoy the Phoenix a lot of folk arts.
This project will become a highlight of the Phoenix tourism brand, is expected to invest 120 million Yuan. 4, yellow silk bridge city land acquisition, demolition, resettlement, Gu Tangcheng recovery and its related infrastructure. The implementation of the project will enable old town yellow silk bridge set to eat, live, travel, shopping and entertainment at the same time. Yellow silk bridge city is situated at the junction of Guizhou and Hunan, close to the airport road, Feng and Ji Huai Express, weather, geography, people and development conditions. Gu Tangcheng after completion due to its strong and unique inner and outer charm of Chinese and foreign tourists, typical of the new rural construction, development of the tourism industry.

The entire project is expected to invest 100 million Yuan. Future development of Fenghuang ancient town culture tourism investment joint-stock company operation and built after five years of development, has entered a virtuous business development track, Fenghuang has become a well-known brand of China tourism. For further improve xiangxi tourism of international visibility, accelerated xiangxi large development strategy implementation process, achieved brand operating to capital operating of strategy transformation, company will preferred select and determines overseas strategy cooperation partners, on company for increased funding spread unit, active seeks overseas listed, make local of resources and international capital butt, build new of voted financing platform, not only to solution tourism development funds of bottleneck problem, more is to evoke parties on xiangxi of concern and again awareness, in protection resources of premise Xia,

By means of scientific rational development and utilization, effectively configure and integrate the tourism resources in Hunan province, Hunan tourism industry through market means the process of integration, effectiveness, mechanism, brand, human resources for tourism development in xiangxi region and Hunan, the development of new business models. Address: Phoenix Road Phoenix County Hunan province Tuojiang Town local taxation Bureau campus zip code: 416,200 area Marketing Department: 0743-3502059 Marketing Department fax: 0743-3224353 customer service department: 0743-3223315 Chief of personnel: 0743-3501065You care: w w w. siteurl. o r g

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