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Liaoning huajin chemical (Group) company limited to chemical fertilizers and synthetic resins as a core business, is a trans-regional operation of large chemical enterprises. Company headquarters is located in Liaoning province panjin city, has Liaoning panjin, and Liaoning Huludao, and Xinjiang kuqa three a production base, holdings Liaoning China Kam mastery Chemical Corporation (abbreviation "Liao pass chemical", code 000059), subordinates panjin vinyl limited, and panjin double Hing engineering plastics company, and panjin liaohe rich released thermoelectric limited, and panjin South chemical liaohe catalyst limited, and China Kam plastic products company, child, and branch more than 10 over, Is China's top 500 enterprises and China petrochemical's top enterprises in the world.

Company has total assets of nearly tens of billions Yuan, 10,329 employees. Liaoning huajin chemical industry group are developed on the basis of the liaohe chemical fertilizer plant. Liaohe fertiliser is Shang century 70 generation my first introduced of 13 set large fertilizer device one of, 1976 production yilai, in grasping device up produced and Enterprise upgrade of while, relying on the factory built has Liaoning province maximum of self funds project — panjin vinyl engineering, set up has compound fertilizer factory, and plastic products factory, and thermal power plant, project, and Yu 1994 end of formed Enterprise Group; Shang century 90 generation late, implementation capital operation strategy, to liaohe fertiliser of all operating **ual assets for equity,

Liao Tong Chemical Corporation launched and completed a stock listing, acquisition of jinxi natural gas chemical plant, formed a million-ton holdings listed subsidiaries; completed the buyout of the panjin ethylene and to achieve a "debt-equity swap" has expanded polyolefin production areas, as well as the province's largest chemical companies. Into new century Hou, group to "three modified a strengthening" for guide, to "adjustment transformation, and products upgrade" for focus, completed has liaohe fertilizer to coal top gas transformation, and jinxi fertilizer pre-into transformation, and 80,000 tons aromatic pumping mention project, and ABS raw materials--succinic ene and PBL project, and 60,000 tons methanol project,; achieved has thermal power plant, and catalyst factory of external joint venture cooperation; carried out management reorganization and upgrade activities, deepening personnel, and labor, and The reform of distribution system.

At the same time, Akzo kuqa in Xinjiang chemical fertilizer project in February 2004 to begin construction, ethylene expansion project to 460,000 tons and 300,000 tons methanol project preliminary work is progressing, with northeast wind, the enterprise entered a revitalization of the development of the new era. Looking to the future, huajin group to strong, realize revitalization as a fundamental task of the group, aim to enhance core competencies, to create more efficient, insist on reform, combining reform and strengthening management; the implementation of low-cost investment, resource protection, and talent development strategy, promoting the benefits of high growth. By 2007, the comprehensive benefits of achieve sales revenue of 7.5 billion yuan, 1.2 billion yuan and profits of 300 million Yuan and 1.8 billion yuan in added value, increased more than 50%; per capita sales income and profits for 750,000 yuan and 30,000 yuan, respectively, overall labor productivity reaches above 24%, reduce the debt ratio to below 60%, achieving net assets profit margin more than 7%.

Realization of market losses, production, life assurance, investment capacity and risk resistance capacity was substantially enhanced. II, and research and development manufacturing level Liaoning China Kam chemical group existing main production device 30 sets, which liaohe fertilizer of ammonia, and urea device respectively from United States Kellogg Company and Netherlands Tammy card that company, jinxi fertilizer of ammonia, and urea respectively used United States cloth long company deep cold purification technology and Italy Republika that Sam company ammonia steam reference technology, vinyl device used United States Lu Sam Republika company patent technology, Poly Vinyl device used BP company gas phase flow of bed technology, polypropylene device used Japan three well oil of technology, Styrene and polystyrene Canada LAN WAN Ling company technology, ABS polymer devices using Korea new Lakes of oil's proprietary technology, has the international advanced level of production equipment and technology.

Major manufacturers have passed the authentication of ISO9001 quality and ISO14001 environmental management certification, with a higher level of management. Huajin group has State-level technology center, consists of three of chemical fertilizers, synthetic resins, chemical Research Institute, formed a research, production and marketing services before and after care, working closely with the operational mechanism.

In recent years, the huajin group has developed proprietary technologies, shortening the IM-ABS reaction urine-based compound fertilizer production technology, and achieved good economic benefits; successfully developed the PPB240, P340A, J340, J746 polypropylene products, developed a special flame retardant ABS material, long lasting specialized compound fertilizer and slow-release urea fertilizer, rice and other new products, improve the competitiveness of the value-added products and the market. Third, capacity and product huajin group of existing annual production capacity: 600,000 tons of synthetic ammonia, 1.1 million tons of urea and compound fertilizer on 200,000 tons; 160,000 metric tons of ethylene, polyethylene 130,000 tons, 50,000 tons of polypropylene, 60,000 tons of styrene, 40,000 tons of polystyrene, ABS 50,000 tons of 60,000 tons of methanol, dimethyl carbonate 10,000 tons and 8,400 tons of propylene glycol,

25,000 tons of butadiene; polyethylene films for agricultural use, 15,000 tons of 7,000 tons of PVC profile, PVC Windows and doors of 450,000 m2, woven bags of 25 million. "Hua Jin card" as China famous brand product of urea and national inspection-free product, product quality excellent. "Hua Jin card" has extended slow-release urea fertilizer, increased production, improved quality characteristics.

"Hua Jin card" compound fertilizer in Liaoning province famous brand products, common fertilizers, specialty fertilizer for rice, corn, wheat, soybeans, basal urine high nitrogen, manure nitrogen high sulfur and so on more than 20 varieties. "Hua Jin card" can produce more than more than 50 grades of synthetic resins, widely used in films, monofilaments, pipe, tube, sheet, woven bags, containers, electrical components, such as production, PE HD5070, PE LL0209AA, pp F401 Liaoning province famous brand product.

"Hua Jin card" film products with good light transmittance, high strength, puncture resistance, tear resistance characteristics of PVC profiles doors and Windows are resistant to aging, heat and not be out of shape, sound insulation, green features, product quality, high grade. Four, key development projects according to huajin group construction in panjin, jinxi, overall concept of three major production bases in Xinjiang, next key development projects are: 1, panjin ethylene, fertilizer base improvement developments are mainly based on the adjustment and reconstruction, a 460,000-ton ethylene expansion project is completed. This project is the first bond project, added reconstruction programmes, enlarge the scale by 160,000 tons per year of ethylene to 600,000 tons per year. B ABS expansion is completed and the necessary reconstruction project. ABS shortened response time based on the successful transformation of, supporting to expansion remoulding of PBL and the SAN, the existing transformation of 50,000 tons of ABS to 100,000 tons. Third, the completion of the second phase project of transformation of liaohe chemical fertilizer.

Modification of ammonia Autothermal reformation of first stage has been completed by the end of 2003, the second phase of the project will increase production of 50% modified the liaohe chemical fertilizer, synthetic ammonia production to 450,000 tons per year, increasing production to 720,000 tons of urea per year, while the transformation of 200,000 tons of compound fertilizer plant expansion to 1 million tons/year. 2, jinxi base construction of key projects to complete the 300,000 tons of methanol, finishing products for 200,000 tons of acetic acid, construction of offshore oil and gas in jinxi.

Project investment of 1.3 billion yuan, increasing income of 1.1 billion yuan, profits of 220 million Yuan. 3, fertilizer base construction in Xinjiang, Xinjiang's first put into operation in 2005, based on construction of key completed the second chemical fertilizer project in Xinjiang. Xinjiang in terms of national policies and local resource advantages, using localization technology, in Xinjiang's second set of 300,000 tons of synthetic ammonia and 520,000 tons of urea plant.

A total investment of 1.4 billion yuan, sales income of 582.4 million Yuan, total average annual profits of 140 million Yuan. Communication address: Hongqi Street, panjin city shuangtaizi district of Liaoning province website: zip code: 124,021 Tel: 0427—5855223 fax: 0427— recommend

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North China huajin chemical industry group Corporation:Liaoning huajin chemical (Group) company limited to chemical fertilizers and synthetic resins as a core business, is a trans-regional operation of large chemical enterprises. Company headquarters is located in Liaoning province panjin city, has Liaoning panjin, and Liaoning Huludao, and Xinjiang kuqa three a producti..

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