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Jiangsu Huaneng construction engineering group company, founded in 1976, the 128 million yuan of registered capital, total assets of more than 350 million, provincial groups. Company is has electromechanical installed engineering construction total contract a level, and electromechanical equipment installed professional contract a level, and steel engineering professional contract a level, and chemical oil equipment pipeline installed professional contract a level, and thermal power equipment installed professional II level, and boiler installed transformation a level license, and lifting machinery installed maintenance transformation a, level and mast crane installed transformation maintenance b level license, and pressure pipeline GB1 level, and GB2 level, and GC1 level, and GD1 level, and housing construction construction total contract a level, and Municipal public engineering integrated construction enterprises of construction general contract grade. Business covers electrical and mechanical installations, boiler, housing construction, municipal utilities, installation of lifting equipment, steel, chemical and petroleum pipeline, thermal power equipment installation of equipment, and so on. Also has RT, UT, MT, PT lab five 29 inspection eligibility, SMAW, GTAW, SAW welder examination qualifications.

Also have the right to operate independent of foreign contracted projects. Companies from small to large, and because the company has to work hard, honest devotion, hard work leadership and understand the science of good management and technical team elite and excellence of the construction. At present, the company management technicians with 428 people, including senior technical titles, 48 intermediate engineers and 156, level construction engineers and 29, two-level construction engineers 131 people, installation 2,326,880,000 million in company completed in 2010 and 2011 estimates completion of Jian ' an output value of nearly 3 billion yuan.

The business scope of the company throughout the country more than 20 provinces, and further expanded into Spain, and Indonesia, and Thailand, and Viet Nam, Cambodia, Brazil, and Korea, Sri Lanka and other countries. Company has passed GB/T19002-2000 quality management system certification and occupational health and safety management system certification and the GB/T24014-2001 environmental management system certification. In particular, the company reformed, due to the outstanding performance has been rewarded by the provincial Government of Jiangsu. Has named the State administration for industry and Commerce named the defends the contract heavy credit units throughout the country and the Jiangsu provincial people's Government named the provincial of the heavy contract defends the prestige AAA level enterprise. Nearly three years, the company has been China installation Association as national clients satisfactory installation of the enterprise and the national industry quality management excellent enterprise installed. Construction industry association of Jiangsu Province, and has been awarded the "excellent enterprise", "best enterprise", leading building contractor in Jiangsu Province. CCTV of the economy and a half hours, the daily worker, the labor law and the construction times, the Xinhua daily ', ' install ', ' contractor ', such as newspapers, magazines, news media reported the company's deeds. Construction of the research report on the construction reform and development of China (2007) innovation and development type company stories included in the book. In 2010 and 2011, respectively as the national installation industry advanced enterprise.

2010, 2011, the company was awarded the national excellent construction enterprise. Actively guide and encourage employees to own the company, training, retraining and other methods to improve their theoretical level and operational skills and positive social development professionals in the construction industry. At present, the cumulative training welding training centre staff, more than 4,000 people, including foreign culture and more than 3,000 people.

Company's existing six and 527 others, pressure welders, 2,269 people lifter, electrical and other special operations personnel, it is these professionals, provides strong support for the company's rapid development and protection. Enterprise development, inseparable from the scientific management and development of science and technology, and quality brands over the years, the company developed the construction technique of circulating fluidized bed boiler and the installation of waste incineration in circulating fluidized bed boiler technology, 900t gantry crane of integral lifting technology won first prize for scientific and technological achievements of China installation Association respectively in 2011, 260t/ H dry out Coke engineering sets installed technology and Datang international in duolun County of 460,000 tons coal base hydrocarbon burn C3 separation Tower overall lifting technology respectively was China installed technology progress award first and II,; cycle flow of bed boiler construction technology under, and cycle flow of bed garbage burning boiler installed technology under, and 600MW coal-fired power plant flue gas desulfurization installed technology under, and garbage burning thermal power plant equipment installed technology under, respectively is named China installed of Star under. Company development of cycle flow of bed boiler installed workers law under named national workers law first, nuclear power plant pour u type prestressed steel beam overall wearing beam construction workers law under is named national workers law II,, super large gantry crane overall upgrade installed construction workers law was national workers law II level (upgrade version), 12~25MW pumping steam coagulation steam type steam round power unit installed workers law under and 900 tons door type crane overall upgrade construction workers law under is named Jiangsu provincial workers law. Company to undertake the project, an acceptance rate of 100%, excellent rate of more than 96%. Jiangsu Province huachang Chemical Corporation environmental relocation of construction project — high concentration compound fertilizer products in the 2009 national silver medal for quality engineering, and chemical industry with superior quality prize honored by the country. Guizhou water steel gas system energy saving transformation steelmaking converter gas cabinet (80000m³) engineering and Yangzhou Ocean shipyard 2 Taiwan 900t*208m door type crane equipment overall lifting engineering, Shaanxi Yulin base Thai Sun utilization power installed engineering and Wuxi Hui Alliance thermoelectric equipment installed engineering and the Shougang Beijing Tang steel a period II step 260t/h dry out Coke installed engineering respectively was 2009 degrees and 2010 degrees and the 2011 degrees China installed engineering quality award — China Star of the installation. Yulin base Thai sunshine power 2×30MW power plant boiler equipment installation engineering sets and equipment installation engineering of Tianjin green light garbage power plant engineering, was awarded as Jiangsu Province "Yangzi Cup". First 2*350MW installation of flue gas desulfurization project of Huaneng Nantong and sunshine stone installation works of thermal power plant in Jiangsu Province was named the 2009 "zijin Cup" quality works, Shougang jingtang iron and steel limited liability company and of Coke dry quenching in a two step installation of Baoji, Shaanxi jade gully heat installation in the boiler room was named 2010 Jiangsu installation "Yangzi Cup". There are still many, high-quality engineering, engineering was awarded the local. In addition, the "carry Act" lifting technology of 8 items, have been declared national patents, released on March 20, 2009, the State intellectual property office patent technology and the public disclosure of the invention patent application.

On January 6, 2010 and issued four of the utility model patent certificate I and II of the invention patent certificate. In recent years, companies in the lifting, transporting, lifting and 125~600MW coal-fired power plant flue gas desulfurization and 20000~200000m³ gas tank works on the installation has a salient development, made a significant investment in technological equipment. At present, the company extra large bridge crane and gantry crane installation engineering, has the most advanced machines and equipment, lifting capacity maximum, in nearly-ton gantry crane installation engineering, computer remote control, the implementation of integral hoisting. Due to the advanced technology, excellent equipment and, consequently, our large gantry crane installation engineering occupies half of the domestic market. Similarly, gas desulphurization installation occupies a key position in the country.

One day boiler installation and crane Township of — in liyang, this is the shining jewel, build on today.

We will, as always, forge ahead, credit extension and pragmatic philosophy of dedication, high quality brands, warm and thoughtful service for customers at home and abroad to provide quality engineering. Address: liyang city, qingxi Rd 51st, Tel: 0519-87382999 (Office) 87,388,222 (market Department) fax: 0519-87325870 post code: 213,300 company email: Office@jshuaneng.CN website: www.jshuaneng.CNPlease attention siteurl: the excellent global sites

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Jiangsu Huaneng construction engineering group company, founded in 1976, the 128 million yuan of registered capital, total assets of more than 350 million, provincial groups. Company is has electromechanical installed engineering construction total contract a level, and electromechanical equipment installed professio..

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