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Tianzhu mountain station network was started in 1999 planning in China in August 2000 and run. Website belongs to Tianzhu mountain tourism development company limited, station 14 years received provincial, city and County leaders at all levels with great support and help!

Supported by all sectors of society, striving to attention and encouragement of our friends! China Tianzhu mountain network access,http://TZS.CN. translator network name: Tianzhu mountain; General website: Tianzhu mountain. Website positioning is to promote public awareness, the main attractions, the area's image, interactive comprehensive website with visitors.

Station aims to provide our visitors with room and Board travel purchase entertainment-related information and advisory services; followed by scenic when leadership was informed that tourism related laws and regulations to learn advanced experiences refer to; or companions once again directly to tourists offer B2B, B2C business services.

Record number of Tianzhu mountain in China: Anhui ICP 07502573. Website currently first screen total has: Home, and Chief Center, and information center, and tourism resources, and I to to tour, and traffic since driving, and Tianzhu Forum, and contact we 8 a level directory; Chief news, and industry dynamic, and policy regulations, and scenic dynamic, and latest bulletin, and gourmet world, and hotel Hotel, and map guide tour, and boutique tour line, and guide service, and soil special property, and tickets scheduled, and set meals set room, and and other 16 a II level directory. Fast, accurate, and timely for the majority of Internet users to build information publishing, management and business service platform for three. Site network advantage, with images, animation, video, sound and text, all-round display of Tianzhu mountain, outward release Tianzhu mountain policies and related information quickly and accurately, providing the most comprehensive tianzhushan scenic attractions, beautiful scenery and eating tours of entertainment information on the full range of purchase.

Web sites after more than 10 years of research and development, from small to big, from weak to strong, has become fully recommend tienchu scenic area rich in natural landscape, broadcast of a long cultural history, a dark and broad prospects of development of the integrated Web site. 2007 Tianzhu mountain creates 5 a-level tourism zone, to build a Web site in English, Russian, four foreign languages, Japanese, and Korean-language Web site. In 2009, Tianzhu mountain declared world geopark, formation of Tianzhu mountain world geological park in tianzhushan scenic spot in both Chinese and English Web sites and Tianzhu mountain business network. In 2011, the tienchu scenic area official website collection of Tianzhu mountain advertisements over a network activity, site views more than a million people. Next, website also will further for full integration, integration Hou of website, will built set scenery introduced, and pictures show, and video films, and online sales Yu one of portal website, opened phone Internet query, and reservation and into mountain recognition system; expansion e-commerce reservation function, strive to full implementation tourism six elements of fast scheduled, for tourists provides a convenient, and security of tourism channel; perfect scenic and to mountain tourists Zhijian of call system, can first time for tourists for service.

For faster and better serve the cause of Tianzhu mountain tourism development set up a bridge of communication with the world.
Toll free: 400-0556-900 County holiday Office: 0556-8921373 tianzhushan scenic spot Management Committee: 0556-8932218 (fax) Tianzhu mountain tourism development company: 0556-8937108 (fax), qianshan County Tourism Bureau: 0556-8932288 (fax) tienchu scenic area website: 0556-8933106 (fax), qianshan County Tourism Association: 0556-8936668 Ma Zuan area: 0556-8145012 of Tianzhu mountain gate: 0556-8145011 ancestral temple: 0556-8142094 area within the medical station: 0556-8145015 TZS@TZS.CN address: qianshan County in Anhui Tianzhu mountain road, 112th,: 246, recommend

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Welcome you to visit our website!
Tianzhu mountain station network was started in 1999 planning in China in August 2000 and run. Website belongs to Tianzhu mountain tourism development company limited, station 14 years received provincial, city and County leaders at all levels with great support and help! Supported by all sectors of society, strivi..

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