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Ancient Mulberry Park in Xuanwu Lake, has been more than 1500 years of history, located in southern the capital, at the foot of purple mountain national scenic area, China's largest Imperial garden Lakes, contemporary surviving Imperial garden in the South, one of the three famous lakes in the South, is the largest park in the city in the South, known as the "Pearl of Jinling". Majestic city wall of the Ming dynasty, elegant jiuhua mountain, surrounded by antique jiming Temple right. For the Royal Garden in the six dynasties, the Ming dynasty as a Yellow Book Library, a Royal sanctuary in 1909, turned into parks, said the continental Park. Xuanwu Lake in a nearly five-mile radius, Wuzhou, Chau Chau Dyke bridge communicates, seamless, mountains and water, mountains, picturesque year-round.

Fish in the Lake, and the cultivation of the flowers, in summer and autumn, water green, Oh pink lotus flowers, which, full Lake fen, charming scenery.   

In Nanjing main city within, one Hou Lake, and name practiced Lake, since Eastern Jin dynasty yilai for resort, Southern dynasties constant said start Yu this, Lake week 40 morning, song yihou waste for Tin, age long historic site Yi mound, but North 13 in only save a pool, Ming early complex open dredging, in the old Chau Xinzhou and the Dragon introduction, and Lotus calyx, Chau, reset Huangshan library Yu Chau Shang, to storage world map of territory and census register.

Water depth of 3 metres, fish in the Lake, and planting flowers, in summer and autumn, water green, pink Lotus is set off, Lake full of fragrant, inviting.   

Historically, the ill-fated Lakes such as the Nanjing Xuanwu Lake are rare; in addition to often forced to change name, Xuanwu Lake suddenly small, sporadic experience, nor other lakes can match. Ancient Mulberry in Xuanwu Lake Park, has more than 1500 years were magmatic intrusions and weak parts of the fault rupture, after weathering and development of Lake, Lake in the history of the much broader than existing.   

Located in South the capital, at the foot of Zhongshan State-level scenic spots, three famous lakes in the South East Lake, is the largest park in the city in the South.   

Majestic city wall of the Ming dynasty, Nanjing, jiuhua mountain in beautiful, quaint jiming temple surrounded by the right, covering an area of 472 HA, of which 368 hectares of water, terrestrial 104 hectares, is a vibrant place of historical sites in the ancient capital of Nanjing, the city's largest cultural and entertainment in rest Park. OASIS dotted with five blocks in the Nanjing Xuanwu Lake, forming five scenic spots. Ring continent into Central Chau, blue waves. Fine Liu Yiyi, Breeze brushed to like smoke and unrolled, it is "smoke ring Chau Liu," said. Among them, the rockery waterfall show the beauty of the gardens, consisting of song Hua Shigang possessions of which great Lake Rock "boy worshipped goddess" is particularly spectacular attractions. Second, cherry Chau Ying Chau in Chau, Central arms, Chau Nakasu is surrounded by water. On Chau planted cherry blossoms, early spring flowers blooming, blossoming, it is called "cherry Chau flowers". Three for Ling Chau, Chau near Zhongshan East, there are "thousands of non-" Zhongshan rosy clouds, "Ling Chau mountain mists" reputation. Four Liang Zhou, Liang Zhou ground for continental in the earliest, most WINS of a continent. The annual Chrysanthemum exhibition, traditional and spectacular, it is "Liang Zhou Autumn Chrysanthemum" in the world. Five Tsui Chau, Cui island scenery and quiet, unique. Long Beach bedroom, green stuff around.   But, cuibai nun, willow, bamboo, constitute "Tsui Chau cloud tree" feature. Xuanwu Lake between Wuzhou, communicates bridge embankment, with its victory. Xuanwu Lake Park water, land transport unique.

Boats on the water, amuse themselves, luxury ferry; with environmentally-friendly electric vehicles on land, ride comfort, wide vision.   

Xuanwu Lake after the impoundment of large, artificial modification of the project has never been stopped, Lake itself, due to their location, environment, or features, which frequently changed its name.   

Xuanwu Lake early of name called "Hou Lake" or "North Lake", named Hou Lake of causes is Xuanwu Lake of location just is located in Zhongshan of yin, on South capital of residents for, mountain back of this block Lake certainly called Hou Lake; as North Lake name of origin, is is because Xuanwu Lake bit dynasties capital of North, named North Lake natural also has it of named basis. In addition, the "East" is the actual meaning of the word "gods of the North", "East Lake" and "North Lake" the difference between the two terms, in fact, not much.   

The "East" is the story of one of the four gods of Chinese mythology, its image is complex of turtles and snakes, Xuanwu and Green Dragon, white tiger, Suzaku together represent the North, four directions, which is in fact the meaning of North Lake Xuanwu Lake. Xuanwu Lake, who has twice been the Holocaust, occurred at a time when the Sui dynasty and the other occurs when during the reign of Emperor Shenzong.  

Sui dynasty went south after Chen, had ordered the South capital razed, Xuanwu Lake head disappeared for more than 200 years in this policy; when Emperor Shenzong, Wang Anshi was transferred to the Jiangning government official, proposed "waste Lake field" idea of city of Nanjing from lingering nightmares of the devastation caused by the rain, until the Yuan dynasty after the completion of the dredging measure only slightly improved. After the Ming Emperor Zhu Yuanzhang's capital Nanjing, much-expanded range of Nanjing city, Xuanwu Lake became the East moat outside the city wall of Nanjing, also narrowed sharply.

In the early Republic of China, Xuanwu Lake was renamed continental Park until after 1950, after the full building, back Xuanwu Lake used to be called again. Address: Nanjing Xuanwu 1th, (210,009) email: Office@xuanwuhu.NET Tel: 86-25-83614286 fax: 86-25-83612509Welcome to Site Url library

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Ancient Mulberry Park in Xuanwu Lake, has been more than 1500 years of history, located in southern the capital, at the foot of purple mountain national scenic area, China's largest Imperial garden Lakes, contemporary surviving Imperial garden in the South, one of the three famous lakes in the South, is the largest p..

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