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Changbai mountain peace travel service limited liability company is located in Jilin province, protected pools North of the Development Management Committee, is going a long way to White Mountain, tour business has unique advantages in tourist resources, geographic advantages and advantages of human resources.

I was approved by the China National Tourism Administration, administration for Commerce and industry registered a company with independent legal status of comprehensive domestic travel agencies.

Adhering to the "standardized, family-oriented and efficient" business philosophy, the introduction of unique tours with local characteristics in Changbai mountain, view pool, spa bath, hot spring eggs, slippery snow quality tourist projects such as peace.

We actively advocate "wants to play to have fun," has always maintained that our travel enthusiasts with the most comfortable service. Lofty Changbai mountain not only has a wealth of natural resources, and has world-class natural scenery, natural landscape is mainly constituted by the vertical landscape of mountains and volcanic landscape. Changbai mountain terrain is steep, difficult terrain, and bordering the Pacific Ocean, under the control of the East Asian monsoon, and form a unique natural environment. As the height increment, significant changes in the climate, soil, biological, from mountain to mountain showing the 4 types of temperate and boreal landscape. This landscape, such as on the level, thousands of kilometers from South to North. Just down from the mountain to the top of Changbai mountain, a vertical distance of six kilometers. Volcanic features is a unique natural landscape, it consists of volcanic cones, plateaus, crater Lakes, mineral springs, waterfalls, fault and other volcanic features. Formed by vertical landscapes and volcanic features numerous landscapes in Changbai Mountains, such as the "long Bai Linhai", "16 qifeng," "glaciers", "pond" and "Changbai waterfall", "air", "warm springs," "wonders of the white Brook "," Long-Bai Lengquan "," pond bath bow pool "," deer hoof "," milky way, "or" little pond "," Hustler crossing "," gold spring "," Wang Chi "," rime

"," Mountain Garden "," long white cloud "," beasts of bath. " Changbai Mountains in Jilin province, South-Eastern, e 127°42 "55" ~128°16 "48" North latitude 41°41 "49" ~42°25 "18" Strip between. Changbai is the main river of Songhua River and Tumen River, cradle of the Yalu River in Northeast China. Changbai mountain is one of China's three great treasure house of natural resources, are also important species gene bank in the world.

Jilin Changbai mountain nature reserve in 1980, joined the United Nations, "the man and the biosphere" network of protected areas as the world's outstanding natural, ecological and environmental protection one of the best reserve, known as the "natural museum", "species Bank".

Changbai Mountains —— mountains covered with snow in winter and summer, looking white four exceptions, so day landrace of the Qing · of Liu Jianfeng lofty majestic, mountain pregnancy shows.

Since ancient times, she to the wonders of the otherworldly, magical property of the fascinating legends and great big, produced in the famous mountains of the forest, known for amazing.

This peaks majestic fly spring, waterfalls, Rocky, ultimately, give visitors to show an image of a "incredibly mountain water, water from the mountain show" spectacular pictures.

Round yellow circular, under the golden light of Changbai Mountains.

In an instant, a a picture of a magnificent landscape between heaven and Earth.

About Changbai —— Changbai eruption since the 16th century to the present, three times, which is more than 300 years! About in 2 million years Qian, suddenly a sound bang, rolling smoke in here churning diffuse, Earth trembling, volcano outbreak has, crust Xia of high pressure gas broke crust, with red of stones and dust straight into the roller coaster, hot of magma like a article Dragon, along volcano slopes around walks, swallowed has around of all, until Dragon of rage subsided has, magma and lava slag sliding to crater, on shaping out this in the unique of steep peak cliff, and spray bulk of those pine thick of volcano floating stone stacked up, is rain constantly scour,

Again was sharp and Lee, grotesque peak forest, of course, crater into tianchi Lake, on which this strange landscape, is by no means divine magic, but nature has witnessed the power of fire and water.

Changbai Mountains in countless.

Tianchi Lake, but is surrounded by the most famous peak 16 —— North Peak of Changbai mountain top, by a gang on the East, 200 miles away at this peak, cloud cover around is that there is a constant of the changbaishan Jiang Gang records.

Bai Yunfeng, Changbai Mountains, looking from a distance, light wind, the Group era, all do fade, but cloud peak and the lock mist mystery, stood beside the tianchi, then lifted up view white clouds, cloud peak pool terrace, like sharp swords, line the sky.

Wenfeng, also called beak peak, locals call it "Holy bird's peak".

Jade peaks are white, formed by jade white pumice rock, overlooking the peak, all white, snow stone difficile, to summer time, peak in the Sun's shining, snow-capped, set off under clear blue pond is the "qifeng overhanging snow white, silver sparkle," "pond map peaks, wave ripples."

Astro peak, is a Blue Blue Lake at the foot, ring stand with sharp edges edges on four sides and odd-shaped monsters floating around in the course of the white clouds reflected in water, there is a "day on the horizon, mountain top I peak" feeling.

,, Buddha, white Buddha, see, three-dimensional people composed of Halo, formed has side huge of flashing with of circle, strange of is, ornamental Buddha of people, figure clear of touying in Halo Central, you moving he moving, you stopped he also stopped, is said to, only MT and Tarzan is Buddha, but the wide-open Church of Buddhism infinity, Buddha finally also put Buddha brushed gave to has long white, long white and gift Tim has a layer thick of God color.

Has mountain on has water, here of mountain is odd mountain, water is God water, landscape dependent, water mountain connected, was said, this has two Warren water, a unit sky, a unit from to and health, Tin Shui and to water phase thaw, on formed has Songhua River, and Yalu River, and Tumen River Sanjiang of source, source water Pentium feixie, wearing Gorge split Valley, mighty, flows through miles, like Changbai mountain sweet of milk, moisturizing with vast of Kanto earth.

Changbaishan tianchi —— top pool five peaks around, water, green water clear, corrugated ripple, pool-free grass of the Qing · of Wu Mu.

Mirror mosaic as a magnificent piece of jade in the midst of the group, legend, this is from the Jade mirror of the sky fell to Earth, is a temple on West Queen Mother of two daughters, who have this piece of jade mirror us, results, reflected in the mirror sister sister pretty, sister of desperation thrown into the desolate Summit of the Jade mirror, became the tianchi. Tianchi is in China Supreme maximum most deep of Crater Lake, due to it mosaic in, altitude 2,194 m of peak in the, so, over climate changeable, every now and then cloud cross fog around, drizzle mist, Tibetan State hide attitude, portrait difficult see, every now and then fog bulk Sunrise, crisp, silver wave glitter, Crest shadow all, huguang mountain shadow, acquired a, is said to, West Queen Mother of big daughter, put yujing threw Xia room Shi, jade mirror hit to has yuzhufeng Shang, smashed of jade mirror big of on became has tianchi, small of became small tianchi, and round pool, and

Wang Chi and Mandarin Duck Lake pool, more than size of more than 10 pools, which is commonly known as the little Lake tianchi in the Changbai, which comfort into a breezy win, small little pond, Lake blue calm of Betula ermanii forests around reflecting pools, pool has trees, a pool in the forest, peaks steep, stone pull out, constitute a fascinating landscape painting.

This not Lushan falls —— suspected is Dragon Pool spray snow, like horizon hanging drop white remember chants under but than Lushan falls seems to more spectacular, tianchi around of peak screen, is Tin Shui split a Nick, Tin Shui from here flying and Xie, straight fell to bottom, issued sunken torpedo as of rumble bang, aroused has several Zhang high of white waves, waterfall fog diffuse has whole bottom, this is "horizon best" of Changbai falls.

Ladder Creek falls, is the source of the Yalu River, the spring feixie on the rock, after three rounds of the drop, forming three-tiered cataract of the trough, looking like a piece of white silk and shook free in the sky, she with a South-North Changbai waterfall, echoes, the landscape is spectacular. Changbai mountain total 18 waterfall, these waterfall size varies, in Sunshine Xia, Pearl vertical jade pendant, in rays in the, spray Jin Pocui, some sound as drumming, some rings as Admiralty, they kept to flowing with, singing with, with station nature of melody, tells with long white that Boda of feelings, long white not only is block waterfall mountain, is block Spring Hill, and Spa, and cold spring dotted, Spa group warm of spring put rock, gravel James dye have colorful, Golden of, and Po blue of, and Yin red of, and green of, although not spent, is brightly,,

The colourful the Changbai spa water temperatures up to 80 degrees, hot meals, hot dish, boiled eggs, and the spring water contains many mineral elements, refreshing, illnesses, health and many other effects. Was said, Lijiang River rocks cover world, is not known, creator to it that God wonderful force, put long white of rocks shaping have more charm flying, vivid, as Mirage, fun startle, each block odd stone, are has a intoxicating of legend, immersive, as fell into has a myth as of world, spent is better auspicious of symbol, here of spent beauty, and grass God, and fruit fresh, picked Xia a beam spent, beauty spill chest between, chewing a strains grass, spring swing hearts, devour a one fruit, State of mind leisurely, summer season, Changbai mountain Shang of flowers competing bloom

, Decorate with layer Layer mountain, scientists were to they dubbed, one by one most sweet of Changbai fame, long Bai Jinlian, and white crystal blue, and white cuckoo, are is white mother of Darling, white mother of proud, long white has knife axe is not into, still keep this disc ancient chaos early open of original state, except natural of steep barrier outside, also has human on it of protection, can said, it no little pollution, is a sacred of pure land.
The fall, hanging on the Hill full of Pearl Onyx, one by one, a string, a lumpy, black, yellow, green, purple, red, colored mountains filled with colored fruit. Long white from mountain Xia to tianchi, vertical height only 3-kilometer, but, is contains has from temperate to boreal of four a natural vegetation landscape, various of trees, and flowers, and fungi Moss, and lichens, in here are can found suitable individual growth of hotbed, can said, here is tree of world, and spent of world, and bacteria of world, from peak down see, first is Alpine Moss original landscape with, and said red carpet landscape with, trees in here cannot survival, here just low plant and Moss, and lichens of Kingdom, Betula ermanii forest landscape with,

Should have upright growth of Betula ermanii, into the snow and wind strike me like this.

Changbai mountain is the home of the beauty pine, incarnations of the legend that is white Princess and symbol of the hero.

Exotic landscapes in Changbai Mountains, changing climate, fertile soil and lush forests, creates natural reproduction and living environment for wild animals, there are more than 500 kinds of wild animals, like tigers, Sable, the Chinese merganser, Golden Eagles, landrace Rana, salamandrella keyserlingii are precious and rare animals. Winter like ruthless of tyrant —— only white very spectacular, nestled towering sunlight cold, annually left has hooded snow, bright partial Yi months see Xia Zhang Yuanjun under annually are early to to Changbai mountain to waste, however, long white has a Deputy upright, eventually, winter also have pay expensive of cost, gave to Changbai mountain a block silver inlay jade masonry of Crystal cents Ko, overlooking this silver makeup white of Changbai mountain, peaks as the silvery sight of snow and ice covered land of Swan dancers, hand in hand to in tianchi Shang wave and dance, Swan Lake,

A Swan Lake ice sculpture painting.
Until spring, Earth already snow Xiao ice thaw, here of group only slowly de to white of dance skirt, put jade skirt a round threw into tianchi in, then earned Rob with pulled up a continuously from white yarn, put himself that black of, and yellow of, and white of carcass, wrapped was concrete superstructure was crushed graceful na, and ladylike generous, and lovely, baishan snow wall, pure, like a site site huge of mural, set world all biological Yu mural Shang, flower, and birds, and ran horse, and most, and snake song Dragon disc, and Joan branch jade branch, vivid lifelike of various air, will makes people constitute unlimited of reverie.

The Alpine Tundra in the winter, so soundly to sleep like an overworked mother, went as white as cotton, thin blanket by Jade, however, she did not forget her crambo, bilberry, Alpine poppies, thousands of descendants of plants in my arms, go into hibernation.

The pond in winter. Ancient has "winter not freezes summer not duckweed" of said —— mountains white, year-round snow, far and looked of if Pearl Gong Yujue, near and depending on of as Yao Lin Qi tree, name to Changbai polling non-virtual language on instructions from days pass Chi under actually, a into winter, pool surface on product full has thick thick of snow and ice, sunlight a as, flashing with points points Golden, blue of Po mirror into has white ghost of silver disc, released gorgeous of light, visible, ancient winter fundamental no to had long day pool,

Winter of Changbai falls like from silver disc Yu bucket in falls out, gently to fall into the Jade bottle silver pot in, waterfall sound does not like summer as drums sing, but in white of ice curtain in bomb with intoxicating of light music, summer of water mist is are thaw Yu snow among, water, and fog, and snow into Isshiki, Crystal bright, light exclusively to, over are in fans courtyards and, this is long baishan of snow, exorcism Shi, heap silver fell jade, on shop stack out a Cheng re-forming pop music, known collectively as Jie Jie of art world.

Night breeze, pear trees open to the new millennium.

At this time now, again walked into Changbai mountain of original forest, snow willow, and yushu, and Joan spent, and everywhere is ice sculpture jade cut of art treasures, clarity as Pearl agate, carved as Jasper glass, elegant shop sprinkled of silver column, exquisite crystal of jade spent, round clusters clusters, branch branch all roads lead to, shuangshuang NET NET, no dust no scale, furry, Golden, pine big pussy, not stained is and move forward.

Whether doing imaginary dream of illusory magic, You Ge at spirit mountain, Jo Guest, walked into this shape in a magnificent snow scene, gradually becoming quiet, and the fans, as if into a romantic poem, a romantic painting.

Changbai Mountains, a great mountain, there are used and the spirit of the soul of China, mountains, water, essence, soul will melt in the mankind's diligence and wisdom, commonly contains, gather, recycling more attractive. Today's Chinese people, in particular people in the Northeast, also with gratitude and reverence of Changbai Mountains.

Pulse is a part of Changbai mountain area's ecological barrier that is developed in the area of agriculture and the industrial cradle, is relying on living environment of people thrive for generations.
Tel: 0433-5591059 fax: 0433-5757299 mobile: 13204335937 Changbai mountain peace travel service address: Baihe Forest Bureau of Antu County, Jilin province zip code log yards: 133,613 technical support telephone: 13,704,469,501 travel service QQ:835954545 Email:cbstianchi@163.comGlobal Websites:

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Tianchi in Changbai mountain tourism:Changbai mountain peace travel service limited liability company is located in Jilin province, protected pools North of the Development Management Committee, is going a long way to White Mountain, tour business has unique advantages in tourist resources, geographic advantages and advantages of human resources. I was..

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