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(Beijing) Pacific underwater world exhibition hall under the Central radio and TV Tower is located in Beijing. Singapore, China joint venture to build, covers an area of about 8,000 square meters, is mainly to show sea creatures, is popular science, watch, entertainment of a modern comprehensive Expo, the Expo the world's advanced equipment, adopt international advanced Aquarium technology, raised the entertainment and leisure industry to a new frontier. Underwater World Expo or China seas of the Pacific Association of marine science education base in Beijing, here you can get fun and rich knowledge of the sea. Library-cabin design at its Caribbean pirate ship fantasy, you are surrounded by the legend, the mysterious "pirate ship". In the vast sea and nature, with pirate assaults to test your ability to master the sea; the cabin light translucent channel, flying swords and animal decorations on the walls.

You will also encounter with pirates in the casual, close.

The Museum ship navigation, touch pool, a Penguin Hall, excellent fish area, Harbour, marine animals play pool, mysterious Elf —— jellyfish Museum, city cinemas, fast-food restaurants and gift shops, and other components. Ship navigation divided into freshwater and marine areas, home to hundreds of rare and beautiful tropical fish and most marine life, dizzying tour will let you. Window you can see the scales of freshwater biota in the world's largest freshwater fish —— great tongue bone fish swimming in the pool. Skills to high-strength of the eel, the discharge of more than 550 volts, laid-back and lonely. Freshwater Centre shows you the touch pool is Japan brocade carp, Koi is a symbol of peace, happiness and beautiful. Japan Koi as "fish", in international peace dealings, Japan Government always treasures Koi as a gift to each other. 1973 and 1984, Japan Prime Minister twice precious Koi will be presented to the leaders of China, the Koi in cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou and garden culture. Since ancient times, China has "carp jumped the Dragon Gate" saying, bamboo imprinted becoming rich and have a successful official career. Roaming Central is the Penguin Pavilion, to show you this Penguin called Penguin Hong Shihuan, also known as Peru penguins. Some visitors will think of penguins live in Antarctica, but real master only emperor penguins, Antarctica, to our Hong Shihuan penguins grew up in Peru and Chile of coastal islands, living in temperate and subtropical areas, wild growing destruction make the penguins on the brink of extinction, has this Penguin in the world only has more than 20,000 of them, is a world-class wildlife. I would like to call on everyone here, protected wild animals love wild animal. Don't look at the penguins shape, short stature, in the library's more than 30 more than the penguins, only 2 to 3 are juvenile penguins, other **s. Distinction is that chest of ** penguins have black arched scallops is formed after 2 hair removal, are juvenile penguins do not have, which is why Hong Shihuan Penguin got its name. The world's smallest Penguin called Penguin white fins. Look closely at the visitor will also find, left side of the room there was a mirror on the wall. Does the Penguin do beauty like the mirror? But because penguins are gregarious animals, see more of the same in the mirror and feel very secure. Introduction to here, tell us all a little common sense. Penguin swimming with wings can't fly, is a flightless bird. In addition, penguin flippers have a metal ring engraved with their name, of course, our cute little penguins have their own name, to keepers of intensive care. Penguin for your presentation here at 10 o'clock every morning and afternoon, at 3 o'clock, is the center of the penguin feeding time, keepers hands will hold fine fish food to everyone, you will watch the penguins compete for fish food to highlight, the visitors will watch with interest. Entering the marine biota, colorful sea anemones, corals, stretched with a gentle touch; honest turtles also quietly welcomes you to visit.
Here lives in and around it, as in nature as comfortable in the ocean, rivers, lakes, and everlasting.

Boutique exhibition for fish exhibited a number of excellent fish for you, for you to enjoy. Main parts of the cross harbour tunnel is the Pacific underwater world, 80 metres in length, divided into 90 degrees, 180 degrees or 270 degrees in three parts. Enters the security trail-later to be of 90 degrees in our cross-harbour tunnel. You can see your right hand there are many fishes swimming. First of all, we can see such a body colour is grey-black fish, called black Kao SCAD. They live in nature carnivorous fish, when they are blocked when hordes of swimming across a body of water of the Sun, is impervious to a thread of light at the bottom. Next we see this slowly swimming large fish called the giant grouper. Although it swims slowly, but when it attacks its prey very quickly. It can eat fish with their long, and are swallowed. In it hunger under the intolerable situation, even small sharks were not spared. We are surprised at the huge groupers are high? But through the acrylic glass before you shrink in kind one-third, so our fish than you will see the expansion of one-third. We see crawling at the bottom of this shark is called a nurse shark, also known as stranded shark. The wild can grow up to 4-6 meters, weight can be up to more than 300 kilograms. Like this nurse sharks in the largest library of tunnel, 2.8 meters long, weighing more than 200 kg. Are we swim body color is gray, dorsal and pelvic fins in the course of the ones for the white shark is known as the oceanic whitetip shark. Floating above the waters of body color is gray, dorsal fins the fin segment called Black Shark black fin shark. We should not think of shark skin is smooth leather, but shark got a thick layer of scales called dermal denticle. When small fish across it around, it scales scratching prey with shield, which smell with which to attack their prey. Shark's teeth are quite sharp when its teeth by as much as 5, 6 platoon, a shark's life, will replace tens of thousands of teeth. After the current row of teeth, the back teeth as substitutes as a substitute. Grow new teeth sharper than in the past. From the appearance point of view, distinguishes it from other fish is the biggest characteristic of the sharks, their Gill cover and no hard, instead, soft like a knife across the branchial. Then slowly through a 180 degree cross-harbour tunnel, as you can see above there are fish there, that we now see in my upper left of this section walks slowly my shape flat fan-shaped fish called dasyatis akajei, also known as "the boss fish". Because it's like a always keeps the boss's face on the back, hence the name "boss" fish. The introduction to tell you a little secret here, its eyes are long on the front, which is not conducive to eating them. But our keeper very carefully, with every feeding dasyatis akajei will put food in their mouth. Now we saw cruising above the waters of a body colour like a Leopard shark called the Leopard shark. It is among sharks swimming posture more beautiful when a. Attitude about why it is so beautiful and charming when it swims? Because it accounted for two-thirds of the body at the end of a long, relatively large swimming tail swinging when, naturally beautiful. Described here, our library among four species of sharks have been presented in the tunnel in front of you, they are all living in a copse of sharks in shallow water. We see this now attracted to the relatively exotic fish called a Remora on the glass, this fish's head for a **er, can be attracted to the large fish and turtles in the stomach or back, taking the name "submarine free traveller". Next to the corner of the tunnel, in front of the dark, please watch your step and begin to get belongings. Very dark here, not because our staff not to use lights, but specifically simulation of deep sea scene. 200 meters below the sea surface is impervious to any light, so here is the total fish resting place, interested visitors can just close your eyes, you will feel dizzy. Then leave here our vision has opened up again, we'll see above him swimming shape round body color to black and white cross in droves of fish, called yan. They are gregarious fish. Because they are very timid personality, so social walks. Then we can look forward to our tour of the nose like a lion body like pomfret fish called lion nose and Pompano. Regional fish color gorgeous, interested visitors can photo at the cross harbour tunnel. The body color is white textured fish is called reticulate Butterfly fish. Body color is white body as "attempt" to fish called herringbone dish of fish. 180-degree tunnels for you here. It's going slowly as these trails we walk into 270 degrees of the cross harbour tunnel. 3 in home aquariums in Beijing, only 270 degrees of the cross harbour tunnel in our library. The thickest piece of acrylic glass in our library are also in the midst of this tunnel, 16 cm thick. In the tunnel, not just head to see fish, even the fish swimming at the foot. I left the exhibition performance area of the pool is my Museum, 7.15 meters deep.

Among the three aquariums in Beijing, also has the deepest water level performance area in our library. In harbour world of main pool among life with four species shark, came to Pacific Harbour world of people will found, obesity of bite mouth shark will timed foraging, while is they body clock of role, and on the is because shark were olfactory to has food of smell, they survival of history up Shang billion years of causes one of is because they beyond unusual of feel system, this makes scientists think they is marine world in the most perfect of predator who, let you enjoy to Eater blood mad shark swallowed small fish of breathtaking scenes. Diving equipment performance, wear divers dive gear at two o'clock in the afternoon, sharp came to the performance area, shows you his dive gear from head to toe namely diving goggles, respirators, cylinder, regulator, dive tables, weight belt and buoyancy flippers.

At the same time we have professional instructors introduce you to diving equipment diving literacy. Marine animal shows, trained sea lions and unsophisticated netted seal will bring more joy to your tour. Talking about this, kids IQ is also a topic of interest to students, right? Currently world Shang about life with 14 species sea lions. sea lions----a fierce of marine mammals, can in water Shang land come and go freely, while it is a is smart of marine mammals, it in a age half to two age Zhijian of IQ equivalent to four or five age of children, are is a learning period, on any things are full curious, and it original of wild also also no habit, therefore this when is sea lions accept training of best times, it of imitation capacity special strong, do a action yihou, five or six years are not forget. After humans long tamed, today more and more sea lions on the stage performances, interpretation of dreams of a different version. Refers to the Pacific under the sea the stars would have to say that from the warm South American sea lion stars pretty lady and Miss Lili. from the age, they begin to accept strict training. Four, five years later, their interpretation of the results has been the audience praise. Library of marine animals more than sea lions and a star, and our harbor seals. The wild environment, social life staple food fish, and fresh crustaceans and squid; there are migratory. Pregnancy for about 11 months, breeding pairs, an extra 1. Beast family groups formed with the Cubs, lactating female seals, violent, very strong care. Do you know? Harbor seals breed on the ice, when ice melts, and Cubs began an independent life in the water. Do not cluster in breeding season, after the animal is born, a family group, breastfeeding after the end of the family farm. Few breeding season pushed back the individual had to be on the beach in the coastal calving. Harbor seals food fish also eat crustaceans and cephalopods. Animals belonging to the national level. growth in the Museum of this seal named —. At a very early age to accept strict, closed the training, which it has acquired a good skill. Salvage life buoy, saved the drowning child, air ball.

Marine animal stars comic performances often cause the audience rolling in the aisles, come here for your entertainment added a taste of science and education. Shining jellyfish Museum bring visitors into the wonderful world of fantasy. Our designers use colorful lights in the background, makes a variety of jellyfish life more spectacular. Jellyfish are important large plankton in the sea. Jellyfish, life is very short average life of only a few months. Jellyfish are invertebrates belonging to a part of coelenterata. Cavity bowel is the most simple structures in the animal, which includes jellyfish, sea anemones, corals, and Hydra. There are over 200 species of jellyfish in oceans around the world, they spread out in waters around the world, whether it's tropical waters, any marking, shallow water, about hundred meters deep in the waters of the temperate seas, even freshwater areas, their trace. Jellyfish existed as early as 650 million years ago, they appeared even earlier than the dinosaurs. The jellyfish vary in shape and size, the largest jellyfish's tentacles can extend about ten meters away. Some belongs to the class Hydrozoa in the classification, some belong to the class scyphozoa, its life history, almost all species have two types, Hydra and jellyfish-type and two between **ual reproduction and a**ual generations, and we often see the jellyfish, that is a **ual Medusa. In order to help visitors continue to enjoy the jellyfish, Center of scientific and technical personnel through artificial reproduction of jellyfish biology is difficult to surmount difficulties, is now more than I can take turns to show the visitors the Museum more than 20 species of jellyfish.

Every tourist in this border are all appreciated the creator gods, however, nothing says how important environmental protection is.

"The city cinema" using virtual reality simulation of modern audio technology combined with six degrees of freedom of movement and spin don't dream of space feel.
Fast-food restaurants apart from the smell of flowers can make your tour break, add a taste.

Gift shop has prepared for tourists of all kinds of marine-related souvenir, all kinds of wild, beautiful, tame sea animals become tourists "plaything", to bring the tourists back to a permanent memorial. Relax entertainment travel forms an essential purpose, Pacific underwater world is a good place for your leisure visit, elegant environment experience, warm and thoughtful service philosophy, fashion and tourism concepts.

Us all with our brand new travel page, you are welcome to visit the Pacific underwater world! Address: West third ring road in Beijing, China Central radio and TV Tower, 11th phone: 86-10-68461197 fax: 86-10-cent postal code: 100,036Please attention siteurl: the excellent global sites

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(Beijing) Pacific underwater world exhibition hall under the Central radio and TV Tower is located in Beijing. Singapore, China joint venture to build, covers an area of about 8,000 square meters, is mainly to show sea creatures, is popular science, watch, entertainment of a modern comprehensive Expo, the Expo the wo..

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