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Zhangzidao Group Co.Ltd (ZONECO), established in 1958, was once honored as “A Red Flag in the Depth of the Yellow Sea,” “Dazhai on the Sea,” “Pearl of Yellow Sea,” “Bank at the Bottom of the Sea” and “Blue-chip on the Sea” successively. After half a century of development, the corporation has become a comprehensive ocean enterprise supported by marine biotechnology and consisting of main industries including plantation of choice rare seafood, mariculture, and fishery resource enhancement and marine food, and related pluralistic industries including cold-chain logistics, ocean recreation, fishery equipment and so on. The group has 710 million registered capital, 4.5 billion total assets, more than 4 thousand employees, more than 40 branch companies, wholly-owned subsidiaries, holding and joint stock Sino-foreign joint venture companies and the group announced its public listing in Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2006 (stock code 002069). As a key leading enterprise of national-level agricultural industrialization, national-level high and new technology enterprise, and the first enterprise in China to achieve MSC fishery-ground authentication, ZONECO always holds the operation principles of “sustainable development, growth with quality,” and “low carbon, ecology and green,” embraces international operation of “global resources, global market, global circulation,” endeavors to create world marine product service provider and devotes “happy family meals” to the consumers.

The biggest modern marine ranching in Asia

Adhering to the ecological concept of “explore the sea as much as possible and protect the sea as long as possible,” the company builds large-scale, standardizing and world-level modern marine ranching in the northern part of the Yellow Sea, which covers a sea area of 1600, and the ecological value and practical results of the marine ranching earn the attention and recognition of the world. Culture and proliferation base of precious marine product, national modern demonstration farm of the seed industry, national multiplication farm of comb shell and domestically leading raising base are built in Dalian, Shandong, Fujian, Korea, Japan, North America and so on. Green and healthy precious marine products with high quality including comb shell, stitch opus japonicas, abalone, conch and sea urchin are given birth to produce, and they are regarded as “Protected Products by the National Geographical Indications” by the State Quality Supervisory Administration.

The twenty-first century is the century of marine economy and centering on the ocean is to center on the future of human beings. Since its establishment in 1858, ZONECO experiences baptism over half a century, its every crossing coagulates the painstaking effort of the people of Zhangzidao and its every process engraves with the devotions of the people of Zhangzidao, no matter fro m “Dazhai on the Sea” to “A Bank at the Bottom of the Sea” or fro m the junk economy of an island to capital market in the competition among numerous barges. ZONECO is an enterprise with vitality, and its symbols are sunshine and ocean. In the process of global economic integration, Zhangzidao Group, regarding “creating respectable and remarkable world marine food enterprise” as its hope, steps on the developing road of “marketization, industrialization, informatization and internationalization,” builds a blue industrial integration chain fro m growing seeding, cultivation, fishing and catching, trading to market selling, and creates “ZONECO pattern” with Chinese fishery features. Oceanographer Themistocles in ancient Greek once predicted in the age of sailing that those who controlled the ocean controlled everything. Bacon who advocated knowledge was power indicated that “those who controlled the ocean has great freedom.”Zhangzidao is the daughter of the ocean, it's conquering, being conquered, challenging, being challenged and so on comes fro m the attitude of the ocean, and the ocean also determines a kind of individualities of forging ahead and being indomitable which is rooted in the bones of the people in Zhangzidao and which is practiced to be the concept of “being brave to be the best and lead people.” Those who has confidence in heart will view the ocean as unbounded. As the leading enterprise in Chinese marine food industry, ZONECO has the responsibility and obligation to think about the common topic marine food industry and marine economic development face by standing on a higher level, adheres to the operating tenet of devoting fresh, natural and high-quality precious marine food to the mass consumers, and push Chinese marine food industry to a higher level where Chinese marine food can compete with the international brands in the same stage via developing with the courage of the ocean, dealing with things with the personality of the ocean and cooperating with the chest of the ocean. History

Contact Us

Investors hotline:0411-82659666 / 39016161
Service hotline:400-655-9988
Address:27th Floor, Dalian Wanda Center, No.6 Gangxing Road, Dalian, P.R.China
Zip code:116001

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Zhangzidao Group Co.Ltd (ZONECO), established in 1958, was once honored as “A Red Flag in the Depth of the Yellow Sea,” “Dazhai on the Sea,” “Pearl of Yellow Sea,” “Bank at the Bottom of the Sea” and

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