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Founded in 1979 by the Beijing Foreign Studies University, the Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press (FLTRP) has since grown into the largest foreign languages publisher and university press in China, ranking 3rd in sales turnover among all the publishing houses in China.

FLTRP started as a language education publisher and has expanded into more subjects and more areas. The formats of our products have extended fro m print to digital and mobile. Our publications range fro m academic and educational works, to humanities and social sciences, natural sciences, and to the mass reading and children’s books. Besides traditional publications, we provide online services, performances and competitions related to learning and reading.

Now we strive to provide all-round educational solutions for individual readers. To make this transition fro m a publisher to an educational service provider, FLTRP keeps in pace with the development of education. We also keep in mind the needs of frontline customers, both institutional and individual, and do our best to provide the right products and services for them.

With a special strength in languages and deep understanding of Chinese and other cultures, FLTRP is well positioned to tell China stories to the world. We actively engage in the promotion of cultural understanding between China and other parts of the world. FLTRP regularly licenses fine works fro m overseas, and actively cooperates with international partners in developing new products for the global market.

We believe "FLTRP" stands for more than just a publishing house. It embodies the trust and expectations of our readers and the dreams of FLTRP staff.

In reading we trust; dedicated are we to passing on knowledge and human civilization.

Education is the gene of our very being. Not contented to provide content only, we continuously share with readers our new understanding of education as well as learning and teaching methodologies.

More than a provider of educational products and services, we act as a bridge connecting Chinese and other cultures, bringing China closer to the rest of the world.

We are proudly committed to our educational and cultural missions, as encouraged by the renowned poet Bing Xin, who once wrote to us:"Your effort makes our planet smaller; your work makes the world greater."

We thank you for being a reader of, an author for, or partner with FLTRP.

If you want to buy our books or become a sales agent or distributor of FLTRP, please contact:

International Sales Manager International Division
Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press
No.19 Xisanhuan Beilu Beijing, China 100089
Tel: 86-10-88819476
Fax: 86-10-88819433

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Welcome you to visit our website!
Founded in 1979 by the Beijing Foreign Studies University, the Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press (FLTRP) has since grown into the largest foreign languages publisher and university press in

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